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i saw a shadow person feb 2012

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posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 02:15 AM

Originally posted by JustSlowlyBackAway
It's rather hard to do double blind, controlled studies of these things in a laboratory setting, no?

Yes, it is. But we have apparently been able to do certain experiments that induce such surreal experiences in a person's brain, and we have been able to study people with clear mental illnesses, and we know that drugs can either induce or remove such experiences that what random people experience in their homes can be explained medically.
I must admit that science doesn't have an opinion on what you or someone else have experienced in your home, as it was not a scientific study. However, the scientific records show that there is no need for an explanation outside of medicine. It is very much wishful thinking that such well-known experiences that can be explained in medicine is something "unnatural" in some instances, and in all other cases not, even if the experience could be regarded the same.

As far as my family members go, you only have my word that there is no history of mental illness that I'm aware of, even back 3 generations.

I don't doubt your words.
Mental illnesses are usually discovered and/or addressed only if there is a reason. That is, if no one's having any bigger trouble with everyday life, regardless of that person having a mental illness or not, he/she will probabl not get diagnosed.
Also, not all people who do experience these thing are diagnosed with something, but the fact that there's several who have admitted seeing things among family-members does indicate that they might share a genetic reason for doing so. It being an "illness" or not doesn't really matter in this case. Unless the experiences are so scary that it affects them afterwards.

My daughter and sister have never displayed weird behavior. My daughter, however has always had a kind of sense of events about to happen. She laughs about it, but it's really interesting. Not deja vu, but premonitions.

Long story, but she has 'predicted' dumb stuff seconds before it happens. My father, also, would always say, "There's going to be a loud noise." And 4 or 5 seconds later there would be. He did that all my life. So, maybe that is familial. The events are always confirmed ahead of time by them announcing them. It happened happens frequently enough.

I've had such strong feelings myself, expressed them, seen it happen and left my friends in awe.
I can't explain nor remember all of them, and have a few theories on a couple of them.

My husband is an empath, and that is interesting. Again, many times he tells me what he is getting, and then it is confirmed later as being true.

Could you explain to me what it means to have the title "Empath". I have no idea on such things. Sounds interesting though.

I've seen objects move on their own. I have no explanations for how or why. But it just happened in plain view.

Many objects do "move on their own". And many appear to do so. And it is possible to hallucinate, which isn't completely out of the question in this specific case. But I can't really comment on such a vague description. But I do acknowledge this as a reason for you to believe in these things.

There is more. But space doesn't allow, and i don't want to derail the thread. I just wanted to say that science measures what it can, but there are no tools as yet that can measure psi.

And what makes you think that this 'psi' exists?

Experiments have been designed to measure the effects, but how does one measure something that is as amorphous as sensing?

Could you give me an example of such a repeatable experiment?

I believe that most of this so-called sixth sense sensing cannot be measured, but only experienced and felt. Our brains receive information and have to make sense of it somehow. Pareidolia can only go so far to explain the resulting impressions.

There are many things within yourself that you cannot explain. You cannot analyze every single thought you have in your head and try to understand how you came into that conclusion. A lot of the things we do are subconscious. That doesn't mean there is another "sense".

All we know is that this is a very commonly reported event, and all the people who see them can't be lumped into drugged or delusional categories. Neither my daughter nor my sister are either of those things.

You do know that people that suffer from schizophrenia alone is roughly 1% of the population? That is a lot of people. People with "just" hallucinations is more than that. So yes, a lot of people can actually be lumped into "drugged or delusional" categories.

We have to be pretty arrogant to believe that science has all the answers.

Correct. But thankfully at least scientists don't believe that. That would end the curiousity and learning that drives science.

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