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The Anonymen [2014WC]

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posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 01:52 AM
Jim Hu- lead singer of "The Anonymen." His band has taken the world by storm in the past year. Originating in San Francisco, Hu is the most prominent of a new group of young song writers that include a mix of conspiratorial and inspirational lyrics in their music.

-From Time's Most Influential 2014.

"The way humans talk about God is similar to the way ants might talk about humans. A curse is getting stepped on, a blessing is the crumb of a sandwich escaping a bite." Jim Hu loved talking with fans backstage before a show. The young girls around him looked in admiration at his charming Asian face and easy grin. He could have any of them, but he refused to womanize.

One of them spoke up, "So you don't believe in God? You believe in, like, aliens or something?"

"Huh, belief. What a thing. Two years ago I believed in the apocalypse. Two years before that I believed white people were evil. What I believe today will surely be replaced by a new set of things just as quickly. I don't think belief is as important as perception and interpretation, and belief may even hinder those processes."

"Jim! Guys! It's time to hit the stage!" Yelled the manager.

Steady drums, a rapid keyboard riff, a slow progression from C to D to G on guitar, and a bass line to wrap around the rhythm of Jim's opening rhymes from the hit song "Symphony."

"I want to be the best, that's not a sin to me.
Simple, symmetry, a symbol in a symphony.
Sympathy to simulate, synthesize and synchronize.
Simple, symmetry, a symbol in a symphony.
Pimpin' me! They're pimpin' me!
The teacher and the ministry.
The feature of the imagery,
A creature wants to finish me."

Out in the expanse of the crowd, an inconspicuous man watched intently. He came with no mission, which was unusual. He always had a mission. But he couldn't come here with a mission. It was a risk being here at all. He'd sent dozens of operatives after Hu and all of them came back with their memories wiped. Those in his organization knew him only as the captain, he had no name. None of them did. The organization itself didn't have a name. For years they had referred to themselves jokingly as the anonymen, and now this punk took their word and used it for his band. Did he know about their existence? Did he know they were after him? He could be getting protection without knowledge. But it was a heck of a coincidence, especially considering the men he'd lost trying to come to a conclusion.

A coincidence! What a silly concept that is, thought the captain. He had to get out of this concert mob scene. On his way out, he was ambushed.

"Sir! Sir! Can we take a moment of your time?" Damn, thought the captain, I'm surrounded. It was one of the increasing number of young activist groups who were demanding a bigger role in government and trying to unravel the impossible ball of thread that was the power structure on Earth. "Sir, we'd like you to sign our petition to support the cause of increasing direct democracy in the United States. In the last year we've come a long way, but the people are getting restless. Protest is turning violent! In August alone there were over a thousand riot related deaths in America. The government must act now. This election is crucial."

In the past, the captain would have tampered with their mentalities. Erase self esteem, or inflate the ego. To an untrained mind, either normally results in severe regression. But he couldn't risk anything this close to Hu, or anywhere in the new environment for that matter.

More of his agents were going missing or returning incapacitated than ever before. The captain feigned a coughing fit and shoved his way through.

He returned to his car. He knew what he had to do. The original Anonymen - not the band, the world wide military, science, economic, and mass psychology organization - had a lot of buddies from the sky. That's what they liked to call them. Buddies from the sky. For millenia their buddies had given them technology in exchange for access to .01% of the human population to use for experimental purpose.

Usually, the captain would contact a middle level sky buddy. But now, he needed to talk to the lead master buddy. He took the emergency button out of the secret compartment and pressed it. It had been a long time since he'd used this button. The captain had been alive for thousands of years, and there was no real emergency since a small meteor caused a tsunami 7,000 years ago. That event would forever be remembered as the flood.

The communication device chimed in, but it wasn't who he was expecting. It was not the lead master sky buddy. It was his secretary, on a recorded message.

"Captain, we regret to inform you that we no longer control the section of space which contains Earth. We can no longer assist you. The lead master has been defeated along with the majority of his support by a powerful force from an unknown star system."

The captain hung up in disgust. He still had a few billion in a bank account that should hold up for a while, but he knew his organization was finished. Hu and his liberating lyrics, these youth activist movements. The trend seemed irreversible. These kids didn't know the half of it, but the captains experience had led him to the conclusion that it's not what they know but the way they think. Eventually this popular idealism would catch up to the captain and kill him by the force of collective attitude.

The secretive Anonymen of old were to be replaced by a singing band.

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