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The Return of the Son of God and the Bloody Apple

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posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 07:18 PM
"I don't care if you're the Son of God or not. Get out of the way you bum, or you'll get a taste of my boot", a young man said. This was about the nicest comment Jesus had heard all morning. Things hadn't gone so well since his return. This was such a strange place he had come back to.

Jesus had been at his Father's side for the last two thousand years, but hadn't really paid much attention to what was happening on Earth for quite some time. The changes on the planet were so drastic that there was little that resembled the land he knew from he previous journeys. The only thing that remained a constant was that people were cruel and cared little for his words.

He had been walking up and down the streets for the last few days trying to gather believers and looking to renew the circle of twelve that would carry his message to the masses. So far, all he'd found was an old lady that begged him for loose change, people that just dismissed him, and one gentleman that though that he was also the Son of God.

The buildings that arose beside him were of such great heights that Jesus thought they could have only been created from the Father Himself. The humans of which he was now a part of again surely could not create such wonders. They looked like miles of glass and stone rising from the surface, and melting into the sky overhead.

Before returning to Earth, Father had told him that his task this time was not an easy one. The message that he had tried so hard to convey in his previous incarnation had been distorted until little of it's original truth remained. The world he returned to looked at the stories and words of Jesus as a fairy tale. Those that still honored him for his truth, were more lost than the sheep of the land. Those words in their "Bibles" only confusing them, when they should have given comfort.

Jesus wasn't really surprised in this. The last time he had looked down upon mankind, the remnants of his life were being used to mislead and manipulate by kings and priest. After seeing that, he decided that it would be for the best to avoid knowing what was happening on Earth until he returned. It was simply heartbreaking to see his life turned into a tool for power.

"Excuse me sir," a young boy said as he approached Jesus' side. "Do you know how to get to Highland Street?"

"The road to the High Land is through me child", Jesus spoke with love to the boy.

The boy ran from him screaming about a crazy man that was walking down the street.

Jesus withheld a tear. This wasn't going to be easy. How could he convince an entire world that he was there for their salvation, when he couldn't even speak to a child without fear and doubt entering the child's mind? The Father had placed him here without any gifts that would help show them all that he was indeed the Son of God, and the only one that could save them. Whatever he was to do, it was going to have to be something magnificent to get everyone's attention.

He had already read through this "Bible" since returning. He knew what the people of the Earth thought was to happen upon his return. It was amazing the things that they believed.

Deep within the pit, Satan smiled his evil grin. Long had he awaited the return of the Son to his realm. It was he that conspired to alter Jesus' words so that they no longer held truth for the people of Earth. His plan was working perfectly. Soon Jesus would no longer be known as the Son of God.

Back on Earth, Jesus came upon a vacant lot that several homeless people had claimed as their domain. Walking into the middle of them, he began telling them who he was and why he had returned. A large man with a long, unkept beard looked up at him from the fire he was tending. "The Son of God are you? You're about the fifth one I've met this week. You got anything to drink to ease the pains of this old man? The last few Sons of God were all out."

Jesus looked deeply into the man's bloodshot eyes. "My blood is the wine of our Father. Drink of me and you will find his glory." An evil grin appeared on the face of the old man. "I like wine", he snarled as he reached into his pocket to produce a large knife. Before Jesus could back away, the knife plunged into his thigh. Laughing loudly, the old man pulled the knife from Jesus' leg, and reared back for another strike, but before he could, Jesus retreated, limping heavily.

As soon as he felt safe again, Jesus sat down beside a lone tree to catch his breath. He was astonished by what had just transpired. How could these people not look into his eyes and see who he was? Why had the Father placed him here on Earth again with no powers to prove his identity. "Have you forsaken me again my Father?", Jesus called out. "Why am I here if I cannot do you will?"

Doubt began to enter the mind of Jesus. Was he indeed the Son of God, or was he just another false prophet such as these people he encountered have stated? The Father never talked to him when he was in human form, so there was no way of knowing. Well, there was one. He had to go talk to Father in person, but the only way to do this was through death.

"If you hear these words, and my identity is true, I beg of you Father, speak to me and guide me to your will", Jesus cried aloud only to hear nothing but the wind in return.

There was a strong vine growing up the trunk of the tree that Jesus sat beside. He pulled at the vine until he had it's entire length in his hands. Climbing slowly up the tree, and taking the vine with him, Jesus felt betrayed. The Father didn't care enough to help him. The people he was here to help could care less about his presence. This was a waste of time.

Tying one end of the vine around a sturdy limb, and the other around his neck, Jesus jumped from the tree, stopping inches from the ground. Blood from the wound in his leg dripped onto the dirt below. Jesus was on his way to speak with the Father.

Watching from not too far away, the old man with the unkept beard laughed harder than he ever had before. It had been a while since he pulled a good one on the Son of God. Satan was proud of himself. His disguises had worked perfectly. Jesus had never realized that it was Satan that placed the doubt in his mind, and now Satan had the world to himself once again. Jesus would not return for another two thousand years, and that was more than enough time to come up with an even better plan to rid himself of the Son of time, hopefully forever.

Satan walked up beside the lifeless body of Jesus and smiled. Reaching up into the tree, he plucked a ripe apple from a low branch. He took a bite, tossed the rest into the pool of blood beneath the feet of Jesus, and then walked away.

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