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Zombie Rises [2014WC]

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posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 11:23 AM
It's been awhile and I hope you enjoy the story

Zombie Rising [2014wc]

It’s cold, it’s dark and I’m down wind and I’m in decrepit earthly shelter made of dirt and stone.
These damn things are relentless and who new they could smell the dirt off your face, I often ask myself why in the world it had to be zombies?

It’s been years and I must have killed a few hundred or so, even our loved ones had succumbed to the bullet to the head. You’re always left without a choice when you’re faced with hard decisions and some times you have to look them in the eyes when they are still human enough to know you have to take their lives.
The only company I have are my thoughts and I have to guess what happened but I have a good idea what they did,” Depopulation!”

I think it’s been only a couple years or so but it feels a lot longer, seems they never got control of the situation because it’s every where.

The pockets of survivors I meet along the way are far worse and they protect their resources well. No one cares anymore and the ones that do care are not around long enough to share what they got. Bullets are hard to come by and I don’t like to use them anyway because it brings a lot of unwanted attention to you’re self.
I have a fine collection of swords and daggers I found in my journeys and it seems a lot of people discarded for a bullet and a gun.

Around the time it started happening I saw a video of two men on the ground and one man was eating the others face, they chalked it off as people doing some kind of new drug. You often heard stories of people waking up in morgues and so on; people just don’t wake up from the dead after a few days.

I remember reading some stuff on a conspiracy site and I think it was above top secret, anyway they had some new age folks on their and they where talking about ascension and how man was going to become a fifth or forth dimensional being. I just never thought they would leave their bodies walking around like this, I sometimes wonder if this is what they where talking about.
What ever happened the zombies have taken over and the cities have burned to the ground. The hordes of the undead are like moths to flame, only the flame is your flesh and they just don’t flutter around you.

I must make way up north where air is cold and winter freezes the lifeless bodies and it’s easy to decapitate them when they are frozen. I’m not going to take any chances when spring thaw comes around.

“I just heard something, sounds like it came from the forest just over the hill and I have to be still and not make a sound”. “Oh my God this can’t be”
“The wolves, the wolves have turned also” “I’m a sitting duck inside this cave and come to think of it there are bones everywhere” “this must have been their den”. “Fudge”

The end

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posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 08:43 PM
reply to post by WarriorOfLight96

I just knew someone would take the zombie slant for this month's contest. Good story, although you need to punk up on your grammar and punctuation a bit.

Best of luck in the contest, and just remember, you can enter as many times as you like!

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