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Population Control [2014WC]

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posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 11:50 PM
My birthday was four days ago. What does it matter now?

The governments of the world had railed at us for years that the earth could not sustain the predicted population growth. I never bought the hype. I felt that the earth could hold its own. Every little bit, a famine, or plague came along and cut the population a piece here, a piece there. But they thought they knew best.

They tried with wars, escalating them on a regular basis. They would cut the population in the war torn areas, alright. But they destroyed the terrain and the infrastructure. That defeated their plans to utilize the area assets.

They tried with pandemics, mostly the flu. They had a bit of success with this also. But their plans of disbursal failed because the population got suspicious and wouldn't take their "flu shots".

They got the bright idea to use weather and earth manipulation. Their knowledge had advanced to a point where they were sure they could influence these to such an extent that they could eliminate whole areas of population with death, destruction and fear, driving the surviving populace into smaller and smaller enclaves. This was a successful endeavor.

In March of 2011, their greatest success to date took almost 16,000 lives. A 9.0 earthquake. The unintended, or perhaps uncalculated side effect of the disaster was the destruction of the Fukishima nuclear plant. For all intents and purposes, this single event was the beginning of the end.

Not content with the obvious health effects the released radiation was having on the Pacific rim. They continued their manipulations. Their earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes and floods were quite effective in destroying whole segments of the population of the earth. Joplin, Missouri, USA; Indonesia; China; the Gulf coastal areas and more. They struck with regularity and a total disregard for the results.

When they triggered the New Madrid fault in the USA, they bit off more than they could chew. The destruction must have made them dance and sing. It was epic. Almost 35 million people died in the initial aftermath. What with the surface damage on both sides of the Mississippi, and the collapse of the New Madrid basin, that was bad enough. But when the Gulf waters proceded north and the Great Lakes waters descended south, most who survived the earthquake, drowned.

There was structural damage all the way to the Atlantic ocean. At least 20 nuclear power plants were adversely effected. Maybe more. The radiation leaks were from minor to off the charts. Those people nearest the plants never had a chance in most cases. And even this wasn't the worst of it.

Because, you see, they were always working on a new angle to eliminate a large percentage of the population. Alot of us knew about the Georgia Guidestones and the huge cache of coffins. We suspected that they would levy some disaster on us here in the US. We never thought they would unleash the means to their own destruction. But they did.

Three weeks after the quake, the riots began. Mostly in the remaining large cities of the East Coast. The disruption in the deliveries of food, fuel and just about everything else, had people feeling the pinch. Most were not prepared for anything of this magnitude. Instead of turning to the government for help, as had been the case so many times in the past, they turned to revolution.

Yes, it seems the fears of those in charge had come to fruition. The gun carrying masses decided to make a change in their government. It wasn't just the gun owners, it was almost everyone from grannies to youths. The line had been crossed.

So what did the government do? Did they acquiesce and let the people take over? Of course not, they unleashed the worst plague they had ever developed on the masses. That little virus which they kept for a rainy day that had a 97% kill rate. And it took no prisoners. Revolters and politicians alike fell within one week of disbursal.

But the US did not contain this plague. Of course not. The jet stream saw to it that the whole earth partook of their gift.

I don't know how long it took, of course. The news was blacked out quickly, and then, well, then there wasn't really anyone to tell us, and very few of us to listen. I truly thought we would all just die.

But then, blessing of blessings, the deaths stopped. That was about six months ago. March 2014. So much destruction in three years. What is left of mankind has been driven back almost to the stone age. Almost.

It is rare to find a survivor you don't know these days. Those of us who survived, looked. We had lost our own families, for the most part. Very rarely you would find two people from the same family together, but that was definitely the exception. We have begun joining together, searching the empty houses and buildings for usable things. We have started a barter group. But for the most part, we stay to ourselves.

You see, the one thing all this taught us is, it is better to live alone. You just can't trust humanity.

posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 02:13 PM
This is what happens when you write your story late at night when you are tired and everyone else is asleep. lol

Please, readers, read just one more story.

posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 12:29 PM
Oh those poorly sneaky elites. They make such big plans but get caught up in their own tangled webs of deception. I believe another one of their plans was Affirmative Action, and oddly enough that one was their undoing. Some secondary school dropout scribe they hired cheaply mis-transcribed their master plan and none of their underlings dared question it. It seems their handbook for plans How To Run The World ended up with the typo How To Ruin The World. They all just went along with that and your story sums up what took place because of it. It was a very top-down organization and deserved to fail.

Anyway, that leaves a lot of space in the world now, got rid of almost all of the bad apples - though unfortunately a lot of good ones too. No more Mom, hotdogs, and apple pie America. I expect your victory garden is doing nicely, and I know your bushcrafting skills are on fire!. Well done!

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posted on Sep, 10 2012 @ 08:44 AM
reply to post by Erongaricuaro

Thank you, Eron. You have definitely gotten the gist of the story, lol.

I think that my knowledge and skills would be very helpful if I only made that 3%.


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