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Conference Call: Dr. Paul is Willing, Seeking Indications of His Support for Third Party Run.

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posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 11:59 PM

Originally posted by navy_vet_stg3

Originally posted by Jeremiah65
I do not understand your position at all. If you were not supporting RP for what he stood for...then why were you? ...Romney doesn't stand for anything that Ron did so...why cop an attitude if Ron feels compelled to continue to keep the Constitution and Liberty movement have me extremely confused. If he endorses Gary Johnson, that is a good thing. If Jim Gray steps aside and lets Ron have the Libertarian VP candidacy...that's a freaking awesome thing! How can you support the guy then and not now? Are you just trapped in the Republican thing or what?

It's pretty simple. I wanted Ron Paul with the best chance to win. I'm NOT going to vote LP again, as I have done so for the past 3 elections. I can vote principal all day long, and be marched into a g-damn freight car to a gas chamber, saying "Hey, at least I voted for Ron Paul", or I can at least try and slow the hell that is Obama.

Like the Libertarian Party, I was born in 1972. In my entire LIFETIME, I have ONE LESS electoral vote than the LP has received....TOTAL! Yes, they've only received ONE electoral vote in their entire history. SOURCE And you think that Ron Paul has a chance in hell? Seriously? And, don't give me this "If everyone feels the way you do, then he won't." crap. I'm tired of it, and spent the last 12 years voting LP, and look what we've got...Bush..then Obama. No thanks!

I would love Ron Paul to WIN, but he has about as much chance as you or I. So, that leaves Obama or Romney. I'd rather nail my "you know what" to a burning building than see another 4 years under Obama. You may agree, disagree, whatever, but that's my opinion. Perhaps if the LP could get more than 1% of the total vote, I may be more willing to take a chance again.

good points you bring up, I'd just like to state that Ron Paul actually has the name recognition to win third party (if we take into consideration that the general elections actually turn out to be fair, which is hardly the case). In any case, I'd love for Ron to be at the top of the LP ticket as well because he would instantly poll into the national debates (that is if they don't change the threshold percentage to keep him out). Although he probably wouldn't win because he wouldn't be able to make it on a few states' ballot, even GJ is being challenged on his ballots in several states by the Romney campaign (yes, I know...dirty).

In the end, do you really want to vote for a cheater and advocate election fraud? because I don't...can't bring myself to do it. We can write in Ron Paul here in California so I'll probably be doing that (Obama is going to destroy Romney here anyways). I don't know how your state works, if you live in a swing state or not. Anyways, if you guys want to be able to do write-ins in your state, better call your secretary of state and make sure its possible before you do it.

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