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Putting an end to the ‘Problem Tree’ - My Solution!

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posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 10:14 PM
Something I’ve come to notice… As problems pop into existence, our reaction to them seems not to be making any impact on the deep lying roots from which they arise. Though we do make impact, we make it only on the symptoms of the problem - the upper branches of the "problem tree". And all the while the problem tree continues to grow and develop ever bigger, while each passing year bearing an increasingly foul tasting batch of disgusting problems to be shoved down our throats and made to swallow.

So clearly the solution to all problems is a simple one. We must rip this wretched problem tree out from its very roots, and hang it out in the hot sun from whence it will slowly wither and die – finally to be exposed for just a petty weed that managed to fool us all.

I think most of us can agree we've let this weed grow on for far too long, its roots reaching deep down into the abyss and far out of reach.

Now let's get real. I do believe many of us have come to this same conclusion, and though my way of articulating it may be very different, the idea is all the same. But to progress my point even further, let's stick with the original analogy.

What if we go beyond the roots, and find the seed? What if we go beyond the seed, and find the foundations – or habitat – from which this seed can grow? What if we break down and analyze this habitat and find the very building blocks from which the foundation was made?

Just bear with me ladies and gentlemen, for if we dig right down to the core of any matter, all that is left to find is ourselves! And at last, we have moved passed the symptoms of the physical, and deeper down we now move into the realm of the mind, the rich breeding grounds from which all our perceptions manifest. And yet still it is only when we've come to fully dissect the human mind, that we can finally put an end to our uselessness and start seeing real tangible solutions that will impact us at all possible levels of our existence.

Now don't get me wrong, I myself am still hopelessly out of reach of achieving a level from which I can offer the complete solution, and I still think humans in general have a long way to go before overcoming much of our petty problems. But to our credit we have now reached a point where those of us who at least see small glimpses to the ultimate solution, are better able to articulate their piece of the puzzle – to plant their seed so to speak – onto the internet, the human mind’s collective garden, for the world to see. And where, if the conditions are just right, perhaps foundations can be laid and a habitat can be designed from which these ideas can sprout their roots deep down into existence from which it may grow into something truly worthy enough so as to outgrow and replace the enormous problems overshadowing us today.


posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 10:14 PM
So now bear with me as I attempt to steer this train of thought into a real and practical solution.

Politics – the very mention of the word summons feeling and pictures of disgust, lies, deceit and misuse of power… and yet these remain merely symptoms of an ever underlying problem. So what monstrosity comes bearing these foul tasting fruits you might ask? Corruption – an inherent feature of the human condition, one that thrives under the right habitat. Put a human mind in a position of power, and here lay the building blocks that give form to the foundations of corruption.

So how on Earth can we possibly keep something so elemental in human nature from afflicting our politics – in which we most definitely need in order to sustain our collective growth?

Well to be honest ladies and gentlemen, in a day and age where entire societies have been built upon a massive web of corruption, I don’t even know if it’s possible, without some sort of cataclysmic event that would wipe the slate so clean as to allow us a chance to start over and risk making the same mistakes. But there is no doubt in my mind, if we can keep separated – even to a degree more than as current – the collaboration of power and the human mind, within politics, then we will have made a real difference – a difference that before long, we’ll be able to see and touch.

This realization offers many solutions, one that I shall now place onto this train of thought so that it may progress ever onwards to whatever distance is deemed worthy.

Drain out the power gained from the profession of politics and instead, make it a sacrifice of power in order to give to the profession of politics.

It should be as much a sacrifice as that of the volunteers who choose to become a soldier in order to protect and ensure the safety of their people.

The only way I can see this being done in politics is for the politician to have to sacrifice all they have and ever will have – money, physical assets, properties, et cetera – so that they can devote their lives to the betterment of the people. For is this not a thing worth sacrificing for? To help ensure the continual advancement of the human race; to progress passed the age old and petty problems born out of corruption, and move as one into the future, a future free from lies and deceit; from corruption of power?

Take away the building blocks of power – the hope to acquire bigger and better material possessions – and replace them instead with the necessities to survive and a means to devote themselves and their wisdom – no exceptions – to their country… and what you’re left with is an environment where corruption is severely hampered in its ability to survive, for without power, corruption will suffocate.

All the sudden there are less Mitt Romney’s or Obama’s getting into politics, and many more Ron Paul’s getting into a higher position of politics. All the sudden the word “politics” summons instead feelings and pictures of inspiration – a wise old council full of good honest men and women willing to sacrifice aspirations of the ego, for your benefit. Get my drift?

We don’t even have to look to changing or fixing the specifics within the way we’re governed… I think the founding fathers gave us a pretty good canvas to start from, and in all likelihood the system would work just fine and fix itself where it’s been damaged or in need of a tune up; so long as the potential for corruption be removed from the system, as much as it can. Somehow though, we need to drive this point across and put pressure on our leaders and those who aspire to become leaders, to make it happen. I’m hoping with the power of the internet and its ability to spread ideas in viral fashion, it can be done.

But more importantly I feel it’s up to us, the general populous, to start looking from whence our problems originated – because it’s only from where they are born that the right solutions will be found.

Thanks for your attention!

Please feel free to add your contribution to this train; you just never know how it might alter our course and where it’ll take us.

posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 11:13 PM
No matter what, start with the money. Weaken the hold of the dollar.

That should make an excellent start.


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