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A Comedic Look Over The Last Two Years. [2014WC]

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posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 09:19 PM
"Hello all and welcome to a brand new episode of We Are Screwed TV. I am your host Magic Mushroom Mike and tonight we are going to take a look back over the last two years and see just what has happened. It is now September first 2014, so we will start by going back to September first, 2012. Political season was in full gear and both canidates had campaigns in full swing as seen here. We all remember the rediculous campaign posters now don't we?

"Oh yes folks, they were at each other pretty good there for a while until the problems began. First it was the affair between Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama that hit the headlines."
"Which made the President very angry."
"He even carried that anger with him on the campaign trail as seen here."
"Then soon after Bills tell all book hit the store shelves."
"Because of the knowledge Bill revealed concerning the affair in his book, Michelle Obama went on a rampage."
"She then used her anger and created the doll that ended her husbands political career."
"After that Mitt Romney just sat back and smiled and continued to stay in the lead. Even with statements that otherwise should have held him back."
"Still, many people came out to cry foul over the whole situation. George W stopped by to remind everyone about some things."
"Even our friends from the Galactic Rebellion chimed in with their advice."
"But, nobody listened and Romney was elected and just how many wars are we in now? is it three or four? In January of 2013 they came out with the announcment of the war on clowns and just how they would fight that war."
"Then came the war with Iran. Most thought the war with Iran would be an easy victory but as we found out the soldiers were more interested in playing practical jokes than actually fighting the enemy."
"Soon America was defeated and the Iraqi Navy volunteered to escort the US out of the Gulf."
"Soon after the troops arrived home the squirrel wars broke out in North America."
"It was a vicious war that raged on for almost a year until the Jedi Squirrels arrived and queled the violence."
"With the ending of that war came a brief period of peace until this new war began just this week. Times are surely staying interesting and next weeks show we will discuss this new war and the ramifications it may hold for our nation. Until then, Stay Frosy."


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