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Want to see how your food, air, and water is becoming contaminated? Dont get angry, be more aware an

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posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 08:39 PM
I know this has been posted a few times. I want everyone new and old members to be more aware or re aware of whats happening behind the scenes with out or permission. There is great scientific research and experiments being developed under the scenes. We are slowly being controlled and manipulated in a way that's very well thought out by the higher ups so that we continue with our daily life's and dont make much of a fuss about whats happening. If you are unaware of Geo engineering then you may be a good example of those who are manipulated through the media and experimental purposes, but that can be changed right?

I did not create this thread to enrage or alarm anyone but to just make the unaware, aware. Don't believe me? Type Geo engineering in Google search, the proof is out there, for those who wish to search and seek the truth. Still dont believe or care to know the truth, then carry on with daily life as if its still free. We only live once or do we ?
Please watch the videos in this thread and respond once you have watched at least the first video so that you are a bit informed. Take care!

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posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 05:38 AM

Originally posted by unknown32
I know this has been posted a few times.

Please watch the videos in this thread and respond once you have watched at least the first video so that you are a bit informed.
Where is the reasonable description of the content of the video? That's especially needed when the first video you want us to watch is 72 minutes long. I looked up geo engineering and it's apparently got something to do with moderating global warming? Shouldn't that be in Fragile Earth?

15k.) Video links/embeds: You will not embed or Post a link to a video without a reasonable description of its content and why it interests you, is germane to the topics discussed on the Websites or the topic of an existing thread should you post it in a reply to an existing thread.

posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 11:08 AM
reply to post by unknown32

OP --

The "Chemtrail spraying plane" filmed at the Latrobe, Pennsylvania airport is NOT a plane with nozzles that spray, but is really a plane with nozzles that "suck in" the air for the purpose of testing that air. Obviously, the guy who made that video in your OP is trying to fool us into believing it is a chemical sprayer, probably in order to sell his "cloudbuster".

The plane is operated by the Brookhaven National Laboratory, and is used to to conduct a wide variety of climate change studies. Again, those are air intakes, NOT spray nozzles.

Brookhaven Scientists Sample the Skies

...From July 20 to August 15, 2004, the DOE team launched regional air-sampling flights from Latrobe Airport, located about 25 miles east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their aircraft, a G-1 Gulfstream operated by PNNL, carried research-grade instruments developed at both BNL and PNNL. Measurements gathered by additional ground-based instruments, which were deployed by ANL and PNNL scientists, provided complementary data...
[color emphasis mine]

Here are more articles more about that aircraft, and some of the various stidies it has been involved in:

Gulfstream G-1 Aircraft New England Air Quality Study

Air Quality Study Focuses on New England

Carbonaceous Aerosols and Radiative Effects Study (CARES)

Brookhaven Scientists Take Off for Southeastern Pacific Climate Study


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posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 11:13 AM
I don't wish to belittle your concern, but the first three videos you linked to are all well known to either contain rubbish information, ie WITWATS2, or be misrepresented such as the stupidly "secret" cloud seeding video (yawn).

If you want people to be aware try putting up some real information, or, If that's not possible, at least give us a Bugs Bunny cartoon.
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posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 04:33 PM
reply to post by unknown32

About your videos,maybe this will help...

And for geoengineering can you provide a little bit more info as to what they are doing in the way of geoengineering?

I ask because you seem to think that it is happening yet we have this...

Through a variety of computer simulations used for reporting to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the team investigated a scenario where an increase in the world’s atmospheric carbon dioxide levels was balanced by a “dimming” of the sun.

Across all four models tested, the team showed that geoengineering could lead to adverse effects on the Earth’s climate, including a reduction in global rainfall. They therefore concluded that geoengineering could not be a substitute for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

To understand different components of the Earth’s systems, Schmidt agrees that a few experiments are necessary. “I’m not generally against small-scale field experiments if they help us understand processes in nature,” says Schmidt. “But they should obviously be benign, and we should be very careful.” However, small-scale field tests are also limited, Schmidt believes, with climate simulations possibly being the only way to fully grasp the long-term and large-scale climate effects of geoengineering.

So now I have to wonder, are they doing geoengineering in large scale operations or are they still trying to run models and use simulations to understamd the effects of large scale geoenginering?

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