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Beauty Blue [2014WC]

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posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 08:29 PM
From what I have learned it started in Tonga at exactly midnight. It was September 11th, 2014.

-Thirteen years of endless war.

-Started to gain control of a precious commodity.

-Ever continued because man cannot claim ownership of anything but their own actions.

-Somewhere, something or someone decided it was time for a change.

She walked into the middle of the city center in Nuku'alofa. Every person on that island was instantaneously drawn to her presence. As she continued up a staircase leading to a statue of Christ, a crowd of intoxicated populace grew around her. Indeed every set of human eyes on the Tonga islands was looking in her direction, no matter the distance. When she reached the top of the steps, stood at the feet of Christ and turned around to face the crowd, there was a collective exhale from all who bore her witness, the final breath of the people of Tonga.

The woman began to raise her hands from her sides, palms up. Her eyes appeared to glow a faint blue. No one was able to breathe as her hands continued in this accentuated arc, slowly passing the height of her shoulders. As her arms came to form a V from her body her hair began to rise around her. Flowing as if she were submerged in water. A momentary pause in her arms, eyes now a flaming blue, then she clapped above her head. All survivors report the same thing; a brilliant flash of the most amazing blue light. Not one sound to accompany it, no boom, no thunder and they were gone; everyone save the children.

After that I heard she appeared in Sydney. More people there, more children. This is the first report we have where she appeared differently to different people. To some she was olive skinned with raven hair. To others she was fair skinned with blonde or even white hair. The one thing that always remained the same was THE glowing blue eyes. It is believed she was first sighted near Rose Bay.

Again she walked through the city, gathering followers the whole way. No one spoke or acted in any normal fashion. Everyone intoxicated by the feeling that seemed to flow from her. I have heard that, though she walked with no haste, the stars never moved in the sky. Time seemed to stand still. She climbed the steps in front of the Sydney Opera House. It is believed that there were warnings in the city, before she arrived, of her intentions. But as she raised her arms above her head not one of the million plus onlookers gathered around the bay had an inclination to try to stop her. Clap. Flash. Gone. Save the children.

My father was 11 at the time. He lived in Denver. Word of the woman had first hit the internet after Sydney. As she worked her way around the world more reports came in. No matter how prepared the militaries of the world thought they were, not one single person anywhere ever raised a weapon in the womans direction.

The internet is also to thank for the name given to the woman. An eight year old French girl named VĂ©ronique Moreau posted an update on her facebook after she witnessed her family disappear. She said she was sorry but she couldn't do this alone. She said that she was not hypnotized by the woman and that she was not a good woman. She said that she would not be abandoned by "Beauty Blue". Later They found her body lying in her mothers bed, the bottle of pills still in her hand.

My father would often tell me stories of how the world attempted to prepare for this womans coming. As she continued to reap the adults of the planet it became clear that no one in the immediate are of where she appeared would be able to resist. North Korea was the first to attempt an attack before she arrived on their soil. As soon as a report came in that she had been sighted in Japan, North Korea wasted no time in launching an attack. They launched all of their Nuclear ICBM's at Japan in an attempt to stop the woman before she reached their country. All evidence shows that Japan did not even attempt to raise their missile defense shield. The warheads struck their targets and over a hundred million Japanese were incinerated in a nuclear fire.

The woman however was not affected. As the dust settled, a brilliant flash of blue light and the survivors of the nuclear attack were gone. The only thing the North Koreans accomplished was ensure that no Japaneses children would survive to see the new world.

When she arrived in North Korea there was no sign of any malice. She walked through the center of Pyongyang and climbed the steps of the city center plaza. Clap. Flash. Gone. No emotion in the act...just gone.

We have come to realize that there is no difference in genocide with malice and genocide with indifference.

As the US watched the rest of the world being cleansed the Government abandoned their people. An order came down from the President that all military on US soil were to be activated and stationed at their local bases, though those in charge knew there would be nothing any soldier could do. After giving an order that would separate thousands of families, the government of our former county hid like rats on a sinking ship. Taking themselves and their own families to the fallout bunkers, buried thousands of feet under the soil, that were intended to save them from some physical cataclysm.

It made no difference where they hid. By the time the woman arrived on the east coast, most reports have the first sighting at Jamestown and many of our people had come accept their fate. My father told me of how his father sat him down on the couch in their home and just stared at him. After a few moments a report came over their shortwave radio that the east coast had been reaped. Every adult from Maine to Florida was gone. My father's father turned to him and began to explain what he needed to do after he was gone.

"The world is yours now son.....the sins of your predecessors are being wiped away. Avoid the darkness within you, and others. Go out into the neighborhood and gather your friends. Some will refuse to go, but after the reaping they will have no choice. Make your way into the mountains, there is a town there called Salida. Just outside this town you will find the house in this picture. This was your grandfathers property. You go there and start anew. I have given you many of my skills of survival, and what you don't know you will learn with experience. Teach others, never ask for anything in return. Let the joy of helping others be your only reward." He picked up my father and gave him the biggest hug and kiss he could imagine. With tears in his eyes he set my father down and said "Go now son, gather your supplies and prepare for the road. Beauty Blue approaches."

My father did as he was told. After the reaping he went and gathered all the children that would listen and that had not killed themselves. He said that in the aftermath the silence of the reaping faded, giving way to the anguished cries of thousands of lost children. A sound so loud that the stars themselves shook. It would last for days, many children sobbing until their final breath. After a week of gathering survivors and supplies my father lead his group into the mountains. As he met more and more children he came to a startling revelation. No one among them was over twelve, not a single teen age child. It appeared Beauty Blue left behind only the pre-pubescent. As the group walked they stopped in any town they came across and gathered more of the lost children. They would also bury those who were unable to bear the weight of their loss.

It took one hundred and thirty seven days to reach the property outside of Salida. The group had grown to over three thousand children.

This place became known as the western sanctuary. It is now my responsibility. The citizens selecting me to lead after my fathers passing. We have re-established some of the former infrastructure of the world. We now again have contact with our brothers and sisters across the oceans. And indeed we are one now. One religion. One cause. One Future. We are the children of Blue. True there are some who dissent on the fringes, but they are slowly being crushed.

posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 04:31 AM
reply to post by coven83

Someone's been practicing.

Very well written, very engrossing story my friend.


posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 03:58 PM
reply to post by 74Templar

Thank you friend. The story is all mine but the formatting I have to give credit to my editor. My formatting skills are still lacking.

I like your entries as well, especially the second one.

posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 09:13 PM
reply to post by coven83

Keep working at it. Writing is like any skill, it improves with practice.

Looking forward to seeing more from you this month.

posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 11:16 PM
reply to post by 74Templar

Careful what you wish for. I am working on the next one now and it is a bit long. I hope you will take the time to read it.

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