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Coming Out Of The Cave, And Going Home. [2014WC]

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posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 07:14 PM
The man awoke to a bright beam of sunlight raining down upon his face. He looked about the wall of the cave at his marks and noticed where the sunlight shone. It was on the section labeled September. The air had begun to cool and fall was beginning to explode all around in the forest. He sat there looking at the light; wondering just how long he would have to live alone.

It had been two years since he had left civilization and found this cave amongst the national forest. This cave was now his home, for all he had known in his previous life was gone for all he knew. He had not received a radio signal in over a year and a half. He recalls the day communications ceased and the sky lit up like fire. The memory now seared into his mind like a raw meat over a hot fire.

The sun had given her fury. She reached out and touched the Earth with a blazing arm of fire. He had awoken to a buzzing sound coming from the sky. It was six months after he had left civilization in the rear view mirror. As he walked outside the cave he was almost blinded by the light. There were awesome colors dancing in the sky as the Earth’s atmosphere battled the suns angry waves. Sparks began to emanate from any electronic devise he had. He had to remove his watch as it sparked and burned on his wrist. Within moments mankind was sent back into the dark ages.

He ran inside to check his radios. He found them smoldering and fuming black smoke from within their hearts. He could feel the vibrations on his skin and the hairs on the back of his neck stood tall. It lasted for several hours and when darkness arrived Mother Earth put on the greatest light show in human history. He watched with wonder as the sky danced above his head. He could hear the wolves in the forest howling in amazement. This world would soon be returned to nature for all of life to share.

As he looks upon the September skies he can’t help but wonder just how the world was doing. He had not had contact with another human since he came to the forest. He knew things had to be bad. He had not seen an aircraft in over a year and a half now. His weather was good, his air was clean, and the environment around him was thriving. He wondered how many escaped like him. He wondered how many caves were being occupied by survivors around the world. He wondered how many believed the warnings from the alternative news sites as he had. He chuckled in the fact that the conspiracy nuts had it right all along.

With his environment around him thriving; he felt it was time to search for answers. He had rebuilt the radios but had not turned them on out of fear of what he may hear. He had sat many nights just staring at them yet has never had the courage to power them up. He decided he would set up the solar panel and plug them in and see what he can find out. As he powers them up he hears the distinctive hiss of white noise. His stomach churned as he reached up to change the dials. The first few stations he got nothing. These were federal emergency broadcast systems. It wasn’t until he hit the local channels that he heard anything at all. Finally he found a station coming in loud and clear and was amazed at what he heard.

It was the first human voice he had heard in almost two years. It was positive, upbeat, and extremely relieving. The news was upbeat and god also. There were still people alive out there. Civilization was still living on. He listened for hours without moving a muscle. Apparently radio communications had recently been restored and television service would return within another year or so. Power grids were now obsolete as everyone now had access to free energy. An entire revolution had taken place without his knowledge.

There was no more dark cabal ruling over the planet. There was no more big government. Communities had taken responsibility for things once handled by big government. Members of the dark cabal had been rounded up and hung in the streets for their crimes against humanity. No longer did people starve and go without the necessities of life. Those who were poor were now living comfortably amongst everyone else. Corporations were destroyed and their headquarters burned to the ground. All trade is now local with the exception of imported luxuries. The world was truly free and was in fact thriving.

Reports were that all volcanic and tectonic activity had leveled out and the Earth was becoming a paradise from pole to pole. Weather was calm across the planet and flora and fauna were flourishing in their newly stabilized climates. He had already noticed the increased air quality and the purity of the natural water systems around him and was relieved to hear that it was happening everywhere. He decided that it was now time to leave his cave behind and return to his community he once called home.

As he climbed into his hammock that night he looked at the sunset with a renewed sense of hope. Tomorrow his journey would begin. The anticipation was almost too much for him and he had a hard time getting to sleep. Soon the sun would rise upon this new world that he had just rediscovered and it would be time to go home.

posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 09:19 PM
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