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Whispers beyond the dark veil[2014WC]

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posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 05:57 PM
Whispers beyond the dark veil

  The idea of the future has always scared me. Many times all I encountered was total blackness at the thought. To stare at the face of the unknown, and to walk through it willingly, with full knowledge, that success would be based on faith and faith alone. The uncertainty and the risk involved would prevent me from trying to even think about it. Unfortunately, revelations through dreams; sometimes forces us to come out of that shell.

   About a year ago, I had this dream. it was so vivid, I felt it as if I was actually there. It was this dream that made me think about what the future holds; not just for me, but humanity as a whole, but this dream was not the only thing that prompted me to think beyond the box. Over the years, there were times I had visions, visions of a great eye in the sky. In addition, this eye would haunt me, as I would begin to see it more often as 2012 grew near, but it was this one dream that changed my perception, since it did carry a hidden message.

   It all started one night when I was very drowsy. I had not slept much during the days before. My head was into the books, and education on many levels, including spirituality. I was focusing on trying to find my true self. That one moment of enlightenment that would somehow break the shell that held me imprisoned. Little did I know that this dream would grant me a possible key to humanity’s future and possibly even evolution.

   I saw myself inside what seemed to be a library. The rows of bookshelves, and the thousands of books gave me that impression. I then gazed at the glass made ceiling, which was about fifty feet from where I was standing. Through that, I could see a crimson sky along with some strange cloud formations of the likes I had never seen. My eyes wandered around as I observed some people walking around; un-phased as they held open books in their grasps. The day seemed like any other, but this would soon change.

  Out of nowhere, I observed a beam of light pass by my face. My eyes followed the beam as it impacted the bookshelves behind me. I turned to see burnt pages scattered throughout the air. I looked to my front once more to seek the source, and to my surprise, I saw a grey ET holding what I would describe as a lasgun; looking at me with eyes intending to kill.

   The strange being fired another shot at me and I quickly ducked for cover. I crawled myself behind a bookshelf as the smell of burnt paper snuck its way up my nostrils. The being kept firing multiple shots at my direction as I sat back against a bookshelf, with my arms vainly trying to cover my head from falling debris and shattered glass.

 At this moment, I thought I was done for. I had no weapons and I did not know how many greys there were. However, something happened a moment later as I heard a thunderous blast coming from the east wall of the library. I stared on with curiosity as the dust settled, and witnessed a giant being with red skin enter through the large opening. I observed how its black claws gripped unto other people and began to devour them in cold blood. Its jagged teeth sunk into the flesh as blood sprayed throughout the library.

  The tall being stood for a moment, while its baldhead smashed through the ceiling. The beast stared down at the now dispersed crowed as they ran for their lives. The loud screams through the library were expressions of horror. Some of people escaped through the very hole the being had created. Others were not so lucky to escape the jaws of the hungry beast. I knew that I had to get out of there, and I began to crawl my way, unnoticed by the horror, but as I did, I had forgotten about the grey that was trying to kill me earlier, and to my luck, I found myself face to face with the same grey from earlier.

  Before I reacted, and prepared for another struggle, the grey placed a finger over his lips, and then pointed at the exit, hidden behind one of the shelves. I nodded in agreement, as I took this as a gesture of momentary peace, since the grey itself was crawling for cover.

“I Guess the monstrosity was a common enemy of the greys too,” I thought, as we both made our way towards the red door while the being behind us continued in its rampage. “But why?”

  As we reached the exit, the grey led me down the hall of what seemed like a mall. I observed my surroundings as I caught glimpses of bordered up windows of the closed off stores. I then followed the grey out of the mall.

 Outside, the city was burning and I could hear gunfire throughout the vicinity. I looked up at the sky and I saw jets, and choppers fly by as they engaged strange objects hovering nearby. My eyes shifted down the street and saw many corpses freshly laid in their pool of blood. The sound of a thunderous roar caught my attention as I turned once more towards the sky and saw these beings in strange clothing, fly down from the heavens and greet me in the process.

   My first impression of these beings was similar to watching the justice league, as they did have supernatural powers but looked very much human. One of them spoke to me telepathically, and I understood that they were there to help and I was reassured that everything would be all right. I followed the group briefly and halted my step as they entered the library. Through a blurred window, I could see strange lights, flicker from the inside; accompanied by large roars of rage that erupted from what I assumed was from the beast. It was here where my vision faded to black and I found myself inside a pitch-black room.

   In this room, strange monitors hovered around me; rotating clockwise as they displayed scenes of people, I never met. The monitors also displayed other events, such as war, crimes and mistreatment of others. The monitors began to float further away from me as I saw it formed into a mosaic collage. What I saw here shocked me to my core as it formed into the monstrous beings face. It was here that I knew that the being represented the ego of humanity as a whole.

   The next thing I knew was that I was back at the mall and the fight was over. The beings I saw earlier had come out of the library. One of them held onto something covered in a white cloth. It then walked up to me, and offered me to take it. I looked down and saw a baby girl, in his arms, but I could not help but feel fear. I looked up in confusion at the being as it sent me a mental image of the beast. Then it sent me a mental image of me. That is when I knew for certain, that this baby was the remains of the beast.

    At first I rejected taking the baby, while the being kept insisting to me to take her. Something drew me into the baby’s eyes, and I witnessed its innocent gaze. I could not resist the overwhelming guilt that washed over me, and I ultimately caved in. When I did, the dream ended.

   No one knows what the future truly holds, but one thing I do know, everything always happens for a reason. Everything has a purpose. Perhaps this justice league was actually angels in disguise. I never quite understood exactly why the grey was trying to kill me, but I can take a wild guess. We humans can become the ultimate Gods, but we can also become the ultimate devil. It is we, whom lead this world into annihilation, as we believe we do not have a choice.


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posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 05:58 PM
 We do have a choice, and that choice is to make the right choices, not only for us, but also for the planet as a whole. It is a responsibility that none of us truly wants to accept, but desire for the entire world. The moment we stop fighting for each other, however, is the moment we lose our humanity.


(Story was based on a real dream I had. )
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posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 07:05 PM
Very interesting dream.have you had any similar?

posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 07:40 PM
reply to post by Dissobey

Ive had many, including a sleep paralisis that involved a ventriloquist doll. (I think I posted about it in a thread somewhere on ats,not sure where.) I've also had weird experiences during dreaming, including a physical impact to my lower back. I still felt the throbbing pain even after I woke up. The weird thing is, everyone else in this house were asleep at the time. Noone had entered my room least noone I could plainly see.

Haven't thought about that much though

posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 05:58 PM
reply to post by RisenAngel77

Dreams are a very strange thing.And the brain too.The brain can cause physical pain after a dream,like if you dream that you are suffocating you wake up catching your breath. It is weird how dreams often mean stuff,not only for us but for other people 2 people having the same dream. IMO we are all connected somehow.(quite irrelevant sorry :$)

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 10:01 AM
reply to post by Dissobey

Our dreams are windows to enlightenment.
if physical pain could be caused by dreams, then how do we know the world we live in is not a dream itself?

Really makes you question what reality truly is.

Thanks for posting

Interesting thoughts indeed.

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