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‘US to Iran: In case of Israeli strike, don’t fire on our bases’

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posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 09:22 PM
US to Iran...."Don't attack us ok because it will be our allies not us. So seriously dont shoot at us."

Iran to the U.S......"NUTS.."

Sadly to say.

posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 09:31 PM

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posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 09:31 PM

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posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 09:36 PM
At first I felt some relief after reading this, but as many have said what will we (US) do if Israel is getting retaliated against and in bad shape.

Hopefully this news will take Israel down a notch and they will curb that mad dog attitude.

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 08:05 AM
I think it is pretty smart for both Israel and the US.
If the US plays the victim and later joins the war it will camouflage the previous preemptive strike of Israel, Iran will still be the boogieman. An eventual false flag will make the attack even more juicier.
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posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 08:36 AM
reply to post by TheOneElectric

Now I would like to give a benevolent piece of advice to American politicians who always stood up to defend and support the Zionist regime. So far, this regime has created countless problems for you. It has presented a hateful image of you to the regional peoples, and it has made you look like an accomplice in the crimes of the usurping Zionists. The material and moral costs borne by the American government and people on account of this are staggering, and if this continues, the costs might become even heavier in the future. Think about the Islamic Republic's proposal of a referendum and with a courageous decision, rescue yourselves from the current impossible situation. Undoubtedly, the people of the region and all free-thinkers across the world will welcome this measure.

are they thinking to Khamenei's proposal !!!

anyhow criticising Israel does not mean criticising Judaism ! and Judaism is a religion not a race ! moreover Israel itself is convicted of racism !
Israel can not do anything without USA ! and I am sure no EU country would support that for a war that will lead to many international problems.
Iran is not a threat to EU or US but it is a threat to Israel ! why !? because it says Israel is an occupier and it is spreading like a cancer tumor !!!
moreover there are many countries in this world (NAM) that think so but they can not say that individually !

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 10:11 AM
reply to post by iSHRED

you could have posted Harry potter or something interesting to read
atleast those fairy tales have some truth to them

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 04:42 PM

posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 12:41 AM
It really is absolutely pathetic that the thread starter - TheOneElectric - has to remind us that hes "not antisemitic" yet, being an antisemite in fact - with trails of acerbic hatred as proof in each of his posts - it is clear he only wrote that to create the impression - and popularize further the idea of - the "absurdity" of everyone being accused of antisemitism. This is the new trick for those who want to promulgate antisemitic concepts - such as unmitigated criticism of Israel.

Instead of antisemitism being seen as the root of the problem - that antisemitism has been a historical issue for Jews as Jews, who have been calumniated by Gentiles for things they didn't do (such as the blood libel) which blew the lid in it's irrationality, but also for more believable things, which nonetheless are blown completely out of proportion in it's generalizations of Jewish thinking and living.

Ignored, in the racism of past antisemites, is the many attributes of Jewish tradition - it's altruism, its compassion, it's mandated charity for the poor and unfortunate, and its uncompromising belief in the sanctity of man, not to forget about it's legendary discipline and meritorious moral positions.

All christians - or gentiles - can ever seem to speak of when they engage in generalized dislike of Jews i.e. antisemitism, are things which all people are guilty of; furthermore, those things - and traits - which people impugn Jews of - of being insular and hateful towards non- Jews: that is the CREATION OF GENTILE OPPRESSION.

What would you expect from someone who is completely reasonable i.e sane - who understands that his or her abuser treats him with malice and aversion: do you expect for that person to hold rosy feelings towards his abuser? Or rather, would he be contemptuous of his humanity - of his moral sensibility in treating others and different human beings with such callous severity.

Jewish insularity is nothing more than religious in it's scope: it is THEOLOGICAL and SOCIAL in it's origins. It became ethnic because the Romans and Greeks wouldn't tolerate difference. The Christians perpetuated this bigotry by teaching and making a central part of their theology the inferiority of the Jews and the Christian need to convert them. All I see here is INTOLERANCE; INTOLERANCE, which continues to go on unchecked and unrecognized because in each generation the nature of the propaganda changes, but the essence of the gentile dislike for Jews remains intact: the hatred of Judaism - metaphysically, culturally, morally etc, embodied in the "Jew".

When Judaism is understood in it's metaphysical dimensions, it can be seen why whether as Greek, Roman, Christian, Muslim, Tzarist, Communist or Nazi persecution, the problem was the metaphysics of the Jews: and it's their metaphysics, which conditions mans concept of God, of man, and in mans relationship with God and with other man, that gentile philosophers - and elite - have no toleration of.

That's what it is, thats why antisemites exist. Of course, there are also crass and ignorant anti-semites, but the real intelligent and philosophically educated ones engineer antisemitism with diabolical cunning, for the sake of pushing the public against them. Even right now - theOnelectric is bamboozling you all with his feigned cynicism of being targeted of being antisemitic "just because" he condemns Israel's "oppression" of the Palestinians, and of 'genocide' - things blown completely out of proportion, out of reality, in fact, that even to dispute this myth which has been given a life of it's own - thanks to the occult maneuverings of people like theonelectric - is almost impossible to refute. The weight and force of the 'belief' of the 'movement' carries the same spirit of Nazi antisemitism and christian antisemitism, but this time it is much more cleverly and clandestinely hidden behind geo-politics and a world too far away and remote to be fully understood.

Anyone who sees what Palestinians are taught - who sees their hauntingly familiar antisemitic propaganda - which attacks JEWS as JEWS, Judaism - the stereotypes and popular slander whipped against Jews - is all there. No good guy would stoop to such despicable depths without being at heart, evil.

Israeli society is liberal. It would never tolerate anything that approximated outright racism. Simply look at it's legal record; the rights accorded to Arab muslims, Arab being a co-official language of the state etc.

Now look at Gaza, at Judea and Samaria (AKA westbank) and the nonstop hatred of Jews that is preached. Of course, it is much worse in Hamas controlled Gaza, where even kiddy TV shows extoll Shahada in their war against Israel.

It's Islamist nonsense. The REAL threat is Islamism. Another real threat, the threat behind the threat, if you will, is this moral relativistic far left socialism that seems to be colluding with them - or using them.

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posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 01:26 AM

Originally posted by Wide-Eyes

Originally posted by mideast
It is very good that I see American people do not want another baseless war.

I tell the people in Iran about this fact

Spread the word friend. How do the Iranian people feel about war with Israel? And potentially the US?

You wouldn't believe me.

Iranian people are being threatened for years.

They know the sanctions are not friendly signs , but they believe in themselves. Specially the college students.

They don't think about the possibility of war or they should have stopped all their efforts for years.


posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 01:56 AM
reply to post by TheOneElectric

I'm really sorry to rain on your parade here but there are some things I just can't let slide with your thread. I think a perfect place to start would be this statement.

I have to give it to the Obama admin and the current pentagon staff. They are looking out for the US before anyone else.

There sure have! They have looked after us accumulating the largest national debt in the countries history and growing. They have ensured we will owe trillions of more dollars over the next ten years as a result of a rushed and ill thought out healthcare program that was snuck through Congress in the dead of night and under the nose of the American people in the name of being a good neighbor. They have turned the economy into one big entitlement orgy where the more you are dysfunctional and refuse to contribute to society, the more government money you get and the kicker is, that money comes from the rest of us, not the federal government.

GO GO Eric Holder, great job bud, keep it up!

Hey, Obama and administration...... Good lookin out for the U.S.!!! As you put it, before anyone else? Well, you got me there, we are now assassinating American citizens without due process, invading foreign countries without congress approval and violating civil rights on a fevered pace, I guess if you mean the U.S. as a dictatorship lording all those who choose to not follow the path of radical dictators....... GO OBAMA GO! He's breaking all the records!

Things are looking up for the US day by day. Maybe we actually may break away from a staunch support of Israel sometime soon.

Yeah they are, there looking up to straight up, too 5.00 gas prices even though we control a large percentage of the oil in the middle east already and we refuse to drill native wells even though there is oil there. I wonder why that is and I wonder who is making alot of money because of it. Perhaps we should ask Obama but then again, I doubt he would have an answer would he? He is too busy saving the world and planting red and blue seeds of hope for us all.

I'd like to think that Israel will surrender to the idea of peace instead of an instigation of further conflict. Key words: "I'd like to think"

I have no love for Israel, trust me. That said, they will not surrender to the idea of peace and neither will Iran. A conflict is a forgone conclusion and it will be what it will be, Israel shouldn't have nukes but they do. Iran SHOULD NOT HAVE nukes and whatever it is, this can't be disputed as they pose a serious risk to the entire world should they accomplish this.

I hope Israel gets what is coming to it: Rationality and Peace. I'd hate to see war just because Zionists and Hawks couldn't keep it in their pants. The people of the region deserve peace. The leaders and generals should think about their people first.

Finally, the people of that region will never have peace because there every day lives and what they have been taught since birth and live and die for is religion, a religion that subjugates there very being and tells them what to think, feel and do. Fanatics of that type are not forward thinking and as such can not be expected to act rationally because behavior derived from pure emotion and feeling that is perceived to be a right action as defined by your deity of choice is a lifes goal for these people.

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posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 06:44 AM

Originally posted by bigyin
Just read this on twitter No Israeli MPs have signed Iran war letter, newspaper says

They must be antisemites

posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 09:23 AM

Originally posted by dontreally
It really is absolutely pathetic that the thread starter - TheOneElectric - has to remind us that hes "not antisemitic" yet, being an antisemite in fact - with trails of acerbic hatred as proof in each of his posts - it is clear he only wrote that to create the impression - and popularize further the idea of - the "absurdity" of everyone being accused of antisemitism. This is the new trick for those who want to promulgate antisemitic concepts - such as unmitigated criticism of Israel.

The only pathetic thing that here, is the observation that anyone who voices their mind is an anti-semite.

The OP's notion here, is childish and naive ... but has no real antisemitic issue to it.

You assumption, to stamp everyone who doesn't agree with Israel as anti-semite, is beyond pathetic. You are the racist, not the OP. To take it up a notch, there is only one race in the world ... the human race. So, it's a question about ethnicity and not about race. Trying to make the people of Israel, as some sort of a different race from the Human race, is therefore an utterly pathetic and dispicable idea.

The people of Israel, like Netanyahu ...are Caucasoid. They are not necroid, or mongoloid ... but caucasoid ... so your assertion of racism, is utterly dispicable.

Jewism, is a religion ...

Stating that all jews are sons of sam, and therefore semites. Is an academic question, it is not automatically true, that because you are jewish by religion you are son of sam. And if we stick to the bible, as some proof source ... then I too, am son of sam. And therefore, you opposing me, are being an anti-semite. You see, according to religion, we're all survivors of the flood. We're all descended from Abraham. And the two nations of the Jews, Judea and Israel ... well, the people of Isreal are the lost tribes.

Well, according to religion ... that's me. What? My nose is small? hey, dude ... I broke my nose, it used to be pretty big. What? I'm blonde? There are no blondes in Israel? What, my eyes are blue? There are no blue eyed people in Israel?

The real racist here ... aint me ... well, at least not on this issue.

Your assertion, that being against Israel, makes one anti-semite ... is utterly pathetic.

The thing is, that you like so many like you. Label everyone who is a political foe, as an anti-semite. In Europe, people are usually labelled Nazis. Or today, they're labelled "right wingers". It's just a label, that you use to put on others, to have people hate them ...

In nazi germany, they used to label people with a yellow star ... you just put another mark on people, you call them "anti-semites" or some other name, that you stick to them. So that you can have the public hate them ... it makes you a nazi, excuse me for using the term blatantly ... of course, my use of it is wrong ... but it is correct, if I limit my assertion of nazis, being people who use labels to have people hate others and bash them and abuse them in society.

And who is doing that today? bashing 14 year old kids? having these kids run over, humiliated and bashed ... for what? For being brave enough to stand up against those who wage war on muslims?

What is it, that made the nazis nazis. Was it wrong, just because they were Germans? Or was it wrong, because of what they did? Was it wrong, because they did it to the Jews ... or was it wrong, because the action is wrong.

You see, you assertion here ... is that these crimes against humanity, are only crimes if they're done against Jews. Well, jewish is a religion ... it's not even an ethnic group. They deserve the same respect, as any other religion deserves.

But it also applies, the other way around ... you bashing Muslims, for being muslims ... and labelleng them, or me or anyone else ... is also a crime against humanity. Such actions are not crimes, only if it's done against Jews ... nor is it only a crime, if it's done by Germans.

The act itself, is a crime ... and nobody is using the word Jew as a downgrading term today. But YOU, SIR, are using the word anti-semitist, to downgrade and ridicule people. To have others hate them, and ignore their views, merely because they're against jewism.

Well, there are people who hate Muslims, Buddists, and there are people who hate Christians. Is it the action that is wrong, or is it who you hate that is wrong?

That is the question here ...

Sorry for bashing you on this issue, when people continuously make the "who" and "by who" to be the issue, and not the actual "act".

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