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Hope; In An Unlikely Source. [2014WC]

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posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 11:17 AM
It’s been almost two years now since the ships arrived. No one can forget that stark December day when our world was turned upside down. At their first appearance the whole world thought ‘ALIENS!!’. Now we know just how far from the truth that was. No one ever guessed that it was us; for the people who came from the ships were just like us. They knew our planet, and our civilization like it was their own.

After much confusion the world knew the truth; they were the survivors of our future, and they had come to save us from ourselves. They knew the path we were on and where to change it. They were dying out one by one and had lost the ability to continue the species. Time travel was their only hope. They had come from the year 2067; it had taken that long to restore the technology in order to complete their mission.

They had brought and delivered us hope. The despair in their eyes was enough to make a grown man cry. They were mutated and diseased, and plagued with sorrow. They had no pep, and only the will to bring us our solution. It was not easy, but it has been done. We knew we were successful when the ships disappeared. By breaking the cycle and changing our destiny we purged their existence from the universe. The information they gave to us not only saved our civilization, but it also saved the planet. No longer are we poisoning and polluting our mother. No longer do we wage war upon one another. Nuclear weapons have all but disappeared along with the will to use them.

Evil has worn out its welcome the good is beginning to shine through. Many of the dark cabal have been rounded up and hanged. The rest have just simply disappeared. We now have the technologies free to the world that we never had before. We no longer need fossil fuels and energy is now free. Our food is natural and healthy. Human health is far above what it ever was before. They say people will live to be 150 years old now and babies rarely die. We have no more disease or famine being aided by the evil. Africa is thriving and many nations once considered poor are now the leaders of the free world. The free world has consumed the globe. Oppression and tyranny no longer control masses and peace has been the greatest relief of all.

So one sits and wonders. Was it our future civilization who helped us or was it really us? That question ponders in the minds of many souls. Maybe it was human adaptability that allowed us to change so rapidly. After all when the knowledge was conveyed the changes began right away. We must say though; without our brothers and sisters from the ships, we may have never known to change before it was too late. Either way, we are alive and well, and our civilization is stronger than ever. Mother Earth is happy and is slowly becoming the sanctuary that we seek. With each step forward we make our mother becomes more of a paradise to live on.

posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 05:02 PM
reply to post by usmc0311

My favourite work so far.


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