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Goodness and Mercy, All the Days of My Life

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posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 09:03 AM
Who stays the winners ? They will not negate themselves .
Who are sheep like my sheep ? Wandering far away ..
Shall the dogs bring them in ? Faster than sheep are they ?
But verily they run very well

Is goodness and mercy morality ? Forgiveness and charity ?
Where is there hope for the needy ?
Like one in desperate need ...

Shall futures be made of strong stuff ? The best of things ? Were the best things free ?
They came without negation - and morality is the conqueror .
The conqueror ? But now they beleive it .
Don't they just .

Truth be told , you dig a pit - will you be the one who falls in it - if it's for bad ends , and even, Julian , of any kind ?
Then make no bad ends anywhere - what on earth were your arrangements before ?

Beautyous things are of the future - bounties untold - did we take them ? The hidden fruit ?
The peaceful walks upon fighting and peace ensues - is Jesus now done with his sword ?
But goodness and mercy, righteousness and truth - you know my lists by now .
All a man needs is morality - does he ride a happy train ?

-_Learn thou


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