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Thoughts on Occupy Charlotte and the DNC

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posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 08:55 AM
Hello everybody, this is my first time, so please be gentle. I lurk daily, but decided to weight in on my $0.02.
I've been seen a lot of things lately where I live (hint the DNC is happening here) about the so called "occupy" movement. now I don't really understand what all this hooplah is about, but I would like to point a few things out about their "leader"-- Michael Jan Zytkow.
First off, on every source I can find on him (most of it is liberal-hippie bull#), He is portrayed as the savior of piedmont NC. that alone is enough to raise red flags but wait theres more.
NOWHERE is his credibility taken in to question, but he's trying to restart the Occupy Movement so close to the DNC. Now, it's a well known fact (at least in my area) that there's several groups targeting the DNC with the president being in town and whatnot. Whose to say that he's not doing this on purpose?

My theory?... Somethign bad will happen this month and the poor misled folk at Occupy will be blamed. There's rumors of an assassination attempt/bombing. If that happens, Occupy will be blamed.
cite: er/

But wait! Don't protestors naturally distrust police and government officials? And don't the government agencies try their hardest to infiltrate groups that can easily be blamed for covert operations? Think about it. Kennedy assassination? MLK and Malcolm X shooting? 9/11?

Please heed my warning: IF your thinking about joining occupy Charlotte, DONT!!!! with all the press thats already out this is most likely a setup.

Whose seting it up? The one person (ZYTKOW) that can readily talk to every single soul that is standing up for what they at least believe to be right. Its a trap people.

Also somethings to concider:

posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 09:11 AM
reply to post by PortgasDAce

Well, there are those that tried to goad the Tea Party into doing something, but they policed themselves pretty well. Old folk can be emotional but are not prone to rioting.

But OWS is made up of younger and more gullible folk and are more easily infiltrated by someone who wants something bad to happen.

Yep, I can see something happening, especially if the weather holds up. No Hurricane this time around to keep people indoors.

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