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I am perfect because...

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posted on Sep, 2 2012 @ 11:27 PM

Originally posted by jiggerj

I'm just shootin' the breeze here, IAm. And, maybe I am missing the point. Are you saying that you would defend your family if someone threatened to hurt them, but you would still feel love for this attacker? Do people still get under your skin sometimes? Do you work to earn as much money as you can?

I am saying that I do defend my family from attacks whether emotional, deadly or just well annoying, but yes from a point of love for the attacker. Meaning I would rather cause no or little harm or educate the person during my 'attack' not much different from the way you would want to if the person attacking your family was your own child.

People do get under my skin including my child which actually turns out to be the master of that ;P no less love felt just frustration, and a wish to finding ways of dealing with that from a point of love i.e to educate and correct where possible and applicable.

Yes I work to make life as comfortable as possible and to build a base for me and my family like most, but I personally do not dream of having more than my neighbor just because, just enough that I can rest when I need to and travel places is enough. I guess that is just like anyone else. right?

posted on Sep, 2 2012 @ 11:34 PM

Originally posted by Aliensun
reply to post by IAmD1

A nice humanist position, I suppose.

I just hope you don't run into somebody that wants to pull your eye out or worse, or maybe even a little less worse.

I fear that you would be hard pressed to follow through on what you are sure are your undisturbal feelings toward your undying feelings toward them. Perhaps I should amend to say (only) "your dying feelings."

I have run into many persons who wish me less than well in my life, that changes nothing as to my position and actually is also how I know that I do love people both family and strangers regardless.
I will live life as life is required but from a point of recognition of love that is all.... it makes me how I am. And it is not only about humanist I recognize love for all beings, which is kind of painful since some especially insects are less than desireable indoors for instance.

But the point of the writing was that I and you depend on one another and the who the I or the you is is interchangeable. I does not have my first name attached too it.
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posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 02:32 AM
reply to post by kinglizard

Thank you Kinglizard - I think that is all anyone can do. Aspire to learn and grow with each new learning. Recognizing love is just one foundation to stand on whilst doing so. Ultimately I believe it is the closest to what the reality is that I have found. But that may or may not just be my reality and I recognize this also.

I struggle every day with consolidating very real human conundrums with the recognition that I ultimately love unconditionally. I think some mistake knowing and recognizing that love with somehow being able to bypass being human or magically not having to partake in worldly issues anymore. I don't believe it is so. But I do believe that by being in recognition of this basic state it will ultimately give an understanding to any problem which helps avoid unnecessary pain and struggles both on our own and on 'others' part.

I also believe that the world suffers a lack of real expression of love. We withhold so much of ourselves out of fear for the emotional repercussions that we miss the point that in withholding our love, we are contributing to the sense of lack in others and ourselves. Lack of love or a sense of lack of love is in my understanding what causes most pain and suffering in this world.

So this writing really was my way of saying in the end we all love and we love one another because life without others, no matter how much we might believe others just cause us pain, would be nothing. And to the I life without you is unfathomable.

Everyone has the potential to recognize they are love and that they are loved and given a chance most will take it - even if it takes some time, patience, practice and alot of affirmation from others in getting there.

much love

posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 05:12 AM
Just an Additional note to everyone - the original post can be read from different points o view - if you read the post as a personal letter to you from me one understanding might be experienced. If you on the other hand read it as a letter from you to me maybe another? Both are true as far as the message I wanted to convey which is simply that I and you are interchangeable sometimes we are the I and sometimes the you which is also the understandig this all stems from in me. And sometimes we need a reminder that our existence matter not only
because of what we did but simply because we are... What we do with that is up to each.

But if that understanding makes but one person feel more empowered, willing to explore the possibilities, have another go at life or less afraid to share their love and recognition with a stranger it was all worth the effort. Now Imagine if that someone was you...

Much love
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