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Ghosts At Boot Camp! Do You Have a Story?

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posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 03:42 PM

Also while I was there, I have no idea when it happened in relation to the other events, but I do know it was during my second stay, I saw a ghost doctor and female nurse.

I essentially woke up in the middle of the night extremely dehydrated and felt that if I did not drink something soon I would die. I have never felt like I was going to die, not even when I was stabbed in the heart and bleeding everywhere a few years after this towards the end of my enlistment. Anyway, I reached over to grab the blue pitcher that was sitting on the nightstand to pour myself a glass. It was empty. I was so dehydrated I could not even speak or make the slightest noise to call for help.

I started to cry (I never do this) as I realize how screwed I am when all of the sudden the ghost doctor and nurse come into my room. They were both wearing old uniforms, the nurse's was candy stripped. The doctor came straight to me and told me not to worry, everything is going to be okay. He then tells the nurse to go fill up the pitcher with water.

I kid you not, the instant she left room and I saw her heel leave the doorway she was walking back in with the pitcher. I was thinking, "Oh no, something is wrong! Why didn't you go? Please hurry up."
So she walks straight up to the nightstand while the doctor is holding my hand, fills up the glass, and hands it to me. I was astonished that it actually had water in it, but I was more concerned with drinking the water. When I tasted that water, I tell you it was the coldest, best glass of water I have ever had.
After a few refills the doctor tells me that he is going to get the other nurse, and for the female nurse with him to come with while he gets the nurse.

A few minutes pass by. I am happy, and then in walks the male nurse. He looks at me confused asking where did I get the pitcher and glass from, as the floor does not have either one of those. The pitchers they do have are of a light green color, and they only have plastic cups, no glass.
I told him the other nurse and doctor brought it in, and he tells me that this is impossible because he is the only staff member on the floor. I tell him they brought it again and again, and he just keeps saying the same thing, he is the only staff on the floor. We just looked at each other in a moment of silence, and then he says something spiritual related as I drift off to sleep.

My last few days at the hospital, I asked the female doctor (the same one from my first visit) about the male nurse and told her what he said. She then tells me that there are no male nurses on my floor. This was the biggest blow to my mind! First he told me he was the only one on the floor, now the doctor tells me he does not exist. But, then how did I get the access code to the storage room? Although I certainly blacked/passed out several times, every aspect of these "ghosts" were clear as a day. There was no fog or haze surrounding anyone that was supposedly a ghost. I never saw the male nurse interact with any of the other nurses during the day, but I occasionally passed him by while making my rounds. I do remember a female nurse asking me what I was doing walking around, and so I told her that other nurse told me to, so she just shrugged and left it at that.

(to be continued...)

posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 04:33 PM
Does anyone have any thoughts on Timical's story, so far?

Who are these ghostly spirits coming to his aid in the hospital?

Were the angels real that took the women away that tried to attack him?

Was it a timeline shift he experienced on two different REAL planes, or was this just an hallucination on his part?

Was the military using these recruits as guinea pigs for some type of medical experiment with drugs, as they did in earlier years in the military?

What is your opinion?

posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 09:50 PM

Originally posted by sled735

Was the military using these recruits as guinea pigs for some type of medical experiment with drugs, as they did in earlier years in the military?

What is your opinion?

The stories were cool, Though I would like to know more about that red pill he took because it seems after he took that pill everything started to happen.

posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 06:30 AM

Originally posted by sandman441

Originally posted by sled735

Was the military using these recruits as guinea pigs for some type of medical experiment with drugs, as they did in earlier years in the military?

What is your opinion?

The stories were cool, Though I would like to know more about that red pill he took because it seems after he took that pill everything started to happen.

I agree. Could the military still be using recruits for these types of experiments? I swear, I don't put anything past the government! I doubt we will ever know what that red pill was, though.

Anyone else have an opinion about the questions I posted?
I'll share more of Timical's experiences after we discuss this.
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posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 06:37 AM
reply to post by sandman441

I think that was ibuprofen, the military hands out to pretty much cure everything lol
We called it 'Ranger Candy'

posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 05:23 PM

Originally posted by HomerinNC
reply to post by sandman441

I think that was ibuprofen, the military hands out to pretty much cure everything lol
We called it 'Ranger Candy'

To Timical,
If you come on the thread, please tell us if you ever found out more about this pill.
I think you were going to investigate this further when someone else wanted to know about it on my other thread, right? Find out anything?

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 05:58 AM

I was in this platoon for about three months until I fully healed. After that much time in the platoon I became pretty close with a lot of the other recruits. To pass the time in that place, we decided to start playing games to kill the boredom. We played a lot of different games but one stood above the rest, we called it "Splinter Cell". The point of this game was to get out after lights out and play a type of "tag" game in the dark. You had to sneak around without being seen by the firewatch. One point deduction if caught, while trying to come up behind someone and imitate that you were slitting their throat with your thumb, 5 points, if successful. The next morning we somehow get together and share our scores, whoever won did not get fire watch for the following night.

As the weeks went on, some of the recruits became very good at this game. We did not play every night, as sometimes it was just impossible due to whichever drill instructor was on duty. Typically, we would either agree throughout the day that we would play, or someone would just come by and wake everyone up after they got off firewatch. No words were spoken, you were simply woke up and nodded yes or no, and the game began. The funniest part was having no idea how many people are already playing, and you jump in the middle of the game, only to be bombarded by five people. Tons of fun.

As time passed, more and more "odd" recruits joined the platoon, so many funny stories. These were the paranormal sensitive type of people that I am speaking of. The more paranormal inclined people that joined, the more things began heat up.

While waking up in the middle of the night to make a head call, recruits would tell about a firewatch on duty that was very odd. Trust me, after a few weeks in the same platoon, you can tell who is who by looking at the back of their head from 30 feet away. It is very easy to identify one another even though we all wore the same clothes and had the same haircuts.

Anyways, several times the firewatch would be someone that nobody knew. Often times we would not even bother playing the game, and instead, all sit from our racks and try to figure out who was walking around. The back hatch (back door of the squad bay) was a very active spot.

For clarification, there have been times when there were nine firewatch standing post and walking around the squad bay. The extra firewatch were often added after either someone tried to commit suicide, or tried to run away. Each person that tries either of these would have two firewatch guarding at all times, through out the day and all through the night.

At one point there were three of these people which made for six firewatch, and also a firewatch at the front and back hatch, and a roaming firewatch ( these three were pretty much there every night making a minimum of three firewatch on duty every single night).

Pay attention here... There were at times NINE people on duty. In addition to this, every one to two hours each fire watch has to be releaved by another recruit. With this many recruits having to stand duty at one time, it was not uncommon to have to serve two duties of firewatch in one night. This meant that everyone in the platoon was on firewatch at one point through the night.

(The story continues from the excerpt in the OP at this point. More to come later.)

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 06:16 AM
From Timical:

Copied from opening post.... this is where this story comes in.

I cannot count the number of times there have been up to three roaming fire watch, and a firewatch at the back hatch that nobody knew. It got so bad that on some nights, almost the entire platoon was awake watching these "ghosts" firewatch stand duty.
Several times we woke up the drill instrutor on duty as everyone in the platoon yelled back forth to find out who the firewatch was suppose to be after noticing one of the "ghost" firewatch walking about.

Now, back to the game. The activity became so common that people did not want to play "Splinter Cell" anymore. After about week of no games, I was bored and wanted to play but no one else wanted too. I went to sleep after a long day of trying to convince people to play. In the middle of the night someone ran past my rack and smacked into it which woke me up. I was so excited that everyone was finally playing, so I instantly jumped out of my rack and chased after the person that woke me up.

Try to understand how hard this game is, there are foot lockers and rifles on the front of the racks and large backpacks and laundry bags on the back. The racks are very close together and this in addition to everything hanging on them makes moving around quickly and quetly very difficult. The person that bumped my rack also ran into the backpacks that hung on the back of the racks making it very easy for me to figure out in what direction to give chase.

The person I was following moved very fast down the backside of the racks and then turned sharply, without slowing down in between two racks and out into the middle of the squad bay passing right behind the roaming firewatch. I ran up to the firewatch and asked who just ran past him to which he replied, "Trust me, go back to sleep."

I did not heed his warning and went behind the racks on the other side of the squad bay across from my rack. I moved down a couple of racks looking for anybody running around.

At this point, I saw several shadow people running behind the racks on the side where my rack is( thereby being the opposite side of the squad bay I was currently on). I was dumbfounded as I watched these shadow people run at full speed THROUGH one another. That is when I realized I was not playing with recruits.

I then sense that someone is off to my left so I quickly glance over so that I do not get "killed" by standard of the game. I saw a shadow person run from the second or so last rack on my side straight at me. I was very... as this person was dead silent, running at me, and no features whatsoever. I was completely frozen. As it came closer to me, it tripped over me( I was crouched down)/ through me.

As time passed, more and more "odd" recruits joined the platoon, so many funny stories. These were the paranormal sensitive type of people that I am speaking of. The more paranormal inclined people that joined, the more things would heat up.

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 06:32 AM

Huzzah! If you have never been touched by a shadow person, trust me, you do not understand. I very rarely say stuff like this, as in when someone claims, " Oh, you have never done so and so or been to so and so, you have no idea what its like!" Believe me, I do not use these words lightly. There was the contact, the emotions, the force, just.. man! It was something that I can not relate to anything else. I am not saying you should try it, just that, well it is unique and I suspect not too many have touched one. Sorry, I have gone off track.

So then, as it basically ran me over I never took my eyes off it. As I was "forced" to the ground, I watched it go over me and then turn a few racks down heading out into the middle of the squad bay where it just vanished as it ran into the light.

While looking around the squad bay, no other shadow people were out and the roaming firewatch at this point, was at the doorway going into the head. I simply sat there for a few moments trying to process what had happened. I eventually got up and headed to my rack where I was passed by the roaming fire watch. I paused and thought, what the fudge... I just saw the roaming firewatch go to the head. I then quickly glanced over to see who it was and there was no one there. Then several key points flooded my head while I just stood there in the middle of the squad bay completly bewildered.

I had no idea who just past me even though I saw his face, he did not make a sound (trust me, in full firewatch gear while wearing boots, everyone makes a sound), he could only have had two seconds max before I turned to for a second look to which no one was there, and the other two hatch firewatches were both in their respected places. Someone/something just pasted me in full gear moving silently and vanished in a instant.

At this point the roaming firewatch comes out of the head and passes me by. As he passes he says, "I told to go back to sleep." I then take into consideration his mood the few times I saw him; trust me, he was afraid. Needless to say, you know I went straight to my rack and did not move an inch until morning.
(To Be Continued....)

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 06:40 AM

The next day I share I my story with the guys, they then share theirs. There was not a single person that did not see something that made them question what the crap was going on.

The next few days as I had time, I talked to everyone to hear their stories. One stood out, and it was the stories from the recruit whose rack is on the bottom to the left of mine. This recruit then tells me how wakes up in the middle of the night and sees someone sitting on my bed all the time. He emaphized, "all the time".

One night he woke up, and saw someone sitting on my rack( with me sleeping in it), and was going to wake me up. Before he was about to do this he looked around for the firewatch so that someone else could verify what he was seeing. This is when he notices the shadow person standing at the back hatch (the back hatch firewatchs often left their post, including myself, due to feeling very uncomfortable standing there, and often times the roaming firewatch would refuse to take that post for the same reason).

Now as the recruit was staring at the shadow person, it walked from the back hatch directly to his rack, bent down and was only a few inches from his face. The recruit told me it had red eyes, and filled him with fear. He was so afraid he just closed his eyes and rolled over no longer concerned about waking me up.

While we talked he apologized for not waking me but explained how he was too scared. We then sat there for a few minutes in complete silence.

(To Be Continued... Yep, There's More!)

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posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 05:41 PM
I'm actually really caught up in this. Even if its a fake story, its still good!

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 05:43 PM

Originally posted by c_sautter
I'm actually really caught up in this. Even if its a fake story, its still good!

No, this is all REAL! That makes it even scarier, right?!

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 05:47 PM

That night I woke up while someone was sitting on my rack. I could feel the pull on the mattress towards them as you would if someone sat next to you in the bed. I sat up and looked to see who it was. All I saw was a butt imprint on the mattress which suddenly popped up the same time I heard someone land on the ground and then walk behind the rack to which they bumped into the backpack that hangs on the end of the rack. I heard, felt, and saw all the signs that a person was there but no person was visible. After this, there were only a couple of other instances where several people saw the "ghost" firewatch but everyone tried to ignore it as much as possible.

Everything I have posted is to the best of my ability to tell the truth. I have now shared the bulk of what took place in that platoon however, there is one more short story to go along with this in regards to what was referred to as the "overflow".

Basically, as more and more people joined the platoon, and the others that share the building, there was not enough space for them to sleep. The solution was to have the extra recruits sleep in the overflow squad bay. Not TOO much happened there, however the atmosphere of that particular squad bay was extremely different.

NOBODY WANTED TO SLEEP THERE AND EVERYBODY KNEW WHY. This was the scariest room I have ever been in, and often times even the drill instructors who were suppose to be keeping watch over the overflow squad bay would leave for night. They could lose their careers for leaving potentially suicidal/ runaway recruits on there own all throughout the night. This however did not stop them from leaving.

here was not a single night I spent in that squad bay that I or anyone else did not see a shadow person. I only have one story to share about this place as almost nobody shared their experiences. When the new recruits would come back in the morning after spending the night there they were always pale. Everyone that went there, saw something.

Still more to come tomorrow morning.... stay tuned.

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 06:51 PM
Could you remove the "Do You Have a Story?" off my title? I think it is keeping some from reading it because they think I'm asking for stories, and they don't have any. Sorry 'bout that.

Thank you.

posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 05:46 AM

I mentioned in an earlier post of a medical battalion at boot camp that housed all those with medical related injuries. One of the barracks was the overflow barracks that was used for when too many people where in the battalion but did not have enough space in their own platoon barracks to house them. The following is when I served as a fire watch while spending the night in the overflow barracks.

It was relatively early in the night, no later than 1 a.m., when I was woken up for my shift. After about twenty minutes into the shift the other fire watch and I are standing close to the drill instructor's office being extremely bored. We start passing the time by telling each other the stories we have heard from others that have stayed the night here. The only one worth mentioning is that recruits would often see someone sitting in the back of the squad bay in a chair( there was a cluster of chairs and desk thrown in a pile blocking the back hatch). After we finish our "story time" the other fire watch decides to go the head.

After a few minutes of standing there, in the dark, by myself, I decide to go into the head to see what was keeping him. In the head, looking from the door way into the head, I see the other fire watch standing silently. I manage to mutter one syllable before his arms starting flailing frantically for me to be quiet. Dumbfounded, I walked over to him to "express myself". As I get closer to him I get the "someone is here" feelling and just stop in my tracks while starring at the other fire watch not willing to look around. At this point he has been starring into the area that leads to the showers and has not taken his eyes off of that spot. He then looks at me with eyes wide open and points at the benches that lead into the showers.

We both stand there in awe at we see. It was a shadow person in full gear, sitting on the bench with its head angled towards the floor. Just imagine a person wearing full clothing, i.e. boots, uniform, "war gear", and is completely void of any distinctions other than there was no skin or face. It was just a black mass in the shape of a person AND in full gear. I will never forget seeing these types of "ghosts", they are so... unique.

After a few minutes of standing in the darkness of the head, with only the light from the moon shinning through the windows to illuminate the area I told the other fire watch that nobody is ever going to believe what we are seeing. That jerk of a fire watch did not even acknowledge my comment, probably because he was in shock, but still, he could said something in return.

Anyways, I stare for a few more seconds before I actually need to use the head. So I notify the other fire watch and make my way over to the pissers. While conducting my "business" I hear some footsteps in the back of the head, and then the other fire watch comes around the corner to join me at the urinals. I glanced at him while he came around the corner and then basically ignored him as he came up the urinal to my left. I just remember thinking how nobody would ever believe what we saw, and then wanting to discuss it with the other fire watch. I decide to make a few jokes about how even dead people need a shower now and then and let a little chuckle.

After the other fire watch did not comment, AGAIN (that bastard), I looked at him to tell him basically, "You know what GUY....", but that is all I got out of my mouth before I realized who was standing next to me. Then like a flood, everything was rushing through my head of all of the inconsistencies that just took place.

I heard the footsteps in the back of the head right when this "person" came around the corner. This "person" never made a sound (not when walking, and not even when undoing his pants to piss), and the fact that when I glanced over at "it" coming around the corner I did not see a face (I thought it was due to the poor lighting at first).

So here I am, standing less than a foot next to this shadow person. By the way, I stopped peeing when I realized what was standing next to me! While literally starring at this shadow person, looking it up and down, I hear the other fire watch making his way to the front of the head. Right before he comes around the corner he begins saying how the shadow person walked into the showers (no lighting in there), and he followed in after it with his flash light, but it disappeared into thin air... this is the moment when we make eye contact, with me still standing at the pisser.

We could tell by looking into each others eyes that we were both screaming on the inside even though everything was "dead" silent. At end of this short moment of realizing what was happening, the shadow person looks directly at me, while at the same time, the other fire watch bolts out of the head. (I know you will probably never see this who ever that other fire watch was, but just know, I will never forget that you abandoned your brother in such a WTF moment, thanks a lot you turd.)

After witnessing the "bravery" of the other fire watch and then gazing into the "head" of the shadow person, I promptly, and as calmly as possible, turn my head to the front and proceed to "holster my weapon".
Truth be told, I was walking away from the urinal with everything still out, as I could not manage to perform such a complicated task under such stressful conditions.

While standing at the door about to go out into the squad bay I stop and try to gather my composer. I start fastening my buttons, and probably only got two of them done before I just had to look back. Stupid me! I look up from my pants and back at the urinal to see the shadow person start walking towards me. I freaking lost it! I literally ran out of the head, and was so shaken up that I ran towards, and into the the other fire watch. Apparently I forgot how to stop running for a moment as we collided and fell on the floor.

I was trying to tell the other fire watch, sorry, but before I could say anything he was telling me don't worry about it and to get up in case it comes out of the head. We both stood starring at the door waiting for something to happen, luckily that was the end of it.

I honestly do not know how long until we were suppose to wake up the next shift but we did right then and there. We told them the clock was off and it was there shift, thankfully they did not think twice about it.
I remember I could not fall asleep until the next fire watch took over their shift, man what a night!

posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 05:51 AM

The next morning all of the recruits are escorted back to their platoons to begin the day. At this point, it was a tradition to come back to your platoon and tell everyone what happened. I tried to get the other fire watch to help me tell the story to the others but he refused to talk about it. He said something like, "I want to forget that night as quickly as possible".

As luck would have it though, a few nights later I was once again selected to spend the night in the overflow barracks. Imagine my excitement if you can. Luckily, I did not have fire watch that time.

A few minutes after lights out the recruit next me, Tex, starts asking me about what happened a few nights earlier. I told him to ask me another time as I did not feel like talking about it, given my current location. He laughed and then begins to share some of the stories of the other recruits he has heard. Mind you, this was his first night in the overflow so he was actually eager to see something strange.

After a few stories we notice that the current fire watch are acting very confused, so we shut up and start watching them. We counted five fire watch on duty, even though there were only suppose to be two. We had a good laugh as they tried to figure out who the others were. Three went into the head, and then the real fire watch would go in after them to sort it out, only to discover that nobody was in the head. Good times!

After the two real fire watch came out of the head arguing about whether or not they should go alert somebody that three people just disappeared, Tex decides to get up and go talk to them. While talking to the two fire watch they notice someone sitting in one of the chairs in the back of the squad bay. Tex returns to his rack unwilling to go into the head and tells me that he would rather pee in his bed than go in the head. The two fire watch just stand there in silence starring at the unknown person in the back. I tell Tex good night and happily fall asleep. I wonder if Tex ever did fall asleep that night.

posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 06:00 AM
This concludes Timicals stories about boot camp. I hope you enjoyed reading his experiences.

You can read other encounters he shared on my other paranormal thread (the link in my signature) about seeing a grim reaper on page 36, and a conversation with the devil on page 38. Very Scary encounters!
He also shared many symbolic dreams, which I interpreted for him. They are posted after page 38 somewhere.

Let me know how you all liked the thread, and what your thoughts are about Parris Island, or any other military base that is haunted.

Thank you for visiting my thread!

posted on Sep, 7 2012 @ 03:51 PM
Feedback, please.

What do you all think about Timical's experiences? Do you know anyone that was stationed at Parris Island? I would love to know if others there have experienced anything like this, or at any other military base.


posted on Sep, 7 2012 @ 04:15 PM
reply to post by sled735

I don't know anyone who was stationed at parris island. However I am wondering there seems to be three phenomena going on with the ghost story.

1. The ghost nightwatch.

2. the evil Shadow Man

3. and the male nurse ghost along with the Drill Instructor ghost at the hospital.

The Ghost nightwatch could just be a ghost of a soldier who maybe committed suicide or died somehow while serving at the base. He's interesting but seems sorta benign.

The Shadow man is more interesting. he seems to like impersonating the ghost watchman (maybe they are one and the same) And he likes to hang out by the rear hatch for some reason. Does your friend have any idea as to why he likes to hang near the real hatch of the barrack? I think it's even scarier that he likes to hang out on your bed and watch you. When you said about the other recruit seeing the shadow man by the rear hatch that marched right up to him to stare him down. That sounds a lot like what drill instructors do. Maybe the shadow man has watched the drill instructors and is imitating them. Maybe he's a dead drill instructor who loves his job too much.

One thing though. I love the idea of that game splinter cell they were all playing. Too bad the ghost ruined it for them.

The ghost in the hospital makes sense as it's probably a nurse who died in the hospital. The Drill Instructor could have died while staying at the hospital too.

I would imagine that military bases are frequently haunted places and that it's going to get worse with all the recent suicides that have been going on at bases across the US.

posted on Sep, 7 2012 @ 07:25 PM
I work with Marines that went to Parris Island for boot camp, I'll ask them if they have heard any stories.

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