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When Darkness Falls....

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posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 08:05 PM
Frank set the flashlight on the top of the hood, " Jack ! get over here with the batteries man, this light is fading."
Jack tripped on a piece of wood as he ran forward from the back of the car. " Here, it's the last ones I got."
" They'll do," Frank said taking them and putting them in the flashlight and screwing the cap back on. He tossed the old ones on the side of the road to which Jack watched in horror.
" Hey man, you get a fine for that you know ! "
Frank stopped what he was doing and looked at Jack with a half twisted grin. The dim light from the flashlight gave him an even more scary appearance. " Jack, in case you haven't noticed, we're on a back road, and the car's dead."
Jack looked at his shoes, " Oh.." He rubbed his scruffy chin. You could here the sound of the hairs in the night silence. " So how long ? "
" Long"
" Long, really ? "
" Yes, the whole thing is fried to a crisp, I just don't understand it.
" Frank ? "
" Yes, what is it ? " He paused for a moment to look up at him from the car engine.
" What was that light, do you know ? The flash I mean, what was it ? "
" It beats me Jack. "
" Do you hear that Frank ? "
" Hear what, I don't hear a thing ?"
" That's what I mean. "
Frank stood up. Jack was right, no crickets, no night owls, no scurrying of little things in the woods. Nothing, It was eerily quiet. He was about to stick his head back under the hood when a faint red glow caught his eye and he stopped to look at it. Jack turned to watch it as well.
" What is it Frank, a plane ? "
" No, that's no plane Jack. " He threw the flashlight and the screwdriver he had in his hands on the ground and began to back away a few steps. " Run Jack ! "
" What ? "
" Run Jack ! Just run ! " Frank turned and started to run, and Jack followed his lead. Suddenly there was a low buzz that seemed to be all around them and static electricity filled the air.
" Jack, I can't move ! "
" Me either Frank."
" Look man, I forgive you for sleeping with Tina ! "
Frank tried to look a him but couldn't move, not even to turn his head. " It's ok, man, doesn't much matter anymore anyways"
The car sat motionless in the dark of night on the side of the road, and the silence returned except for the occasional wind that rustled the leaves on a nearby tree. In the distance a small ed glow faded out of sight and disappeared.

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