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Australians all let us rejoice

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posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 07:11 PM

Advance Australia Fair

Australians all let us rejoice
For we are young and free
With golden soil and wealth for toil
Our home is girt by sea
Our land abounds in Nature's gifts
Of beauty rich and rare
In history's page, let every stage Advance Australia fair
In joyful strains then let us sing Advance Australia fair

Beneath our radiant Southern Cross
We'll toil with hearts and hands
To make this Commonwealth of ours
Renowned of all the lands
For those who've come across the seas
We've boundless plains to share
With courage let us all combine To advance Australia fair

In joyful strains then let us sing Advance Australia fair

Two decades of mandatory detention in Australia under Liberal and Labor governments has led to many thousands of children being locked up for long and legally unlimited lengths of time. And now we are basically shipping them off to Naru, to a country that is not a signatory of the Human Rights Convention.

The Australian Govt insists on imposing these draconian conditions on adults and children because it is afraid of voter backlash. The children & many others have been, & will be, very badly affected for years to come. Shame on all of us for allowing it to continue. :bnghd:

Whatever happened to finding the real cause of the problem instead of a billion dollar band-aid solution? C'mon Chris Bowen, Where's your head at?

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posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 07:22 PM
The only solution to the problem is for the countries they are from to be better. China is a hell of a lot easier for them to get too than Australia, even other Arab states, but they choose to come here, so they must deal with our system.

posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 08:07 PM
Try being an illegal entrant into America, or China and see how you get dealt with. Why should Australia be any different ?

The people getting on boats are the wealthy who can afford to pay the hefty fee from the Traffickers.

The last boat "we" went to help was still in Indonesian waters, only 40 or so nautical miles from the starting point, and they called Australia for help. What's wrong with that picture ?

Australia is not like America where all the different peoples joined in the melting pot. Here there are separated enclaves for various people of various nations, and heaven help any Australian man who walks in those districts on his own at night... been there in the 70's, just survived.

There are no quick solutions to this issue. I do know Australians.. those born here.. do not want to become a minority in their own country, do not want to be racially attacked for being Australian, and do not want our country filled with people who are provided for by our own Government far better than any unemployed/pensioned Australian.

Perhaps we should do as America does with illegal aliens, and keep sending them back to where they came from (?)

I do not know the answers, yet I see all the problems.


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