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So Arrogant...

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posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 06:18 PM
LOL they are falling like flies tonight - you just counldnt credit it i cant beleive it .

Aha... all day long .

Its a funny thing the future it makes me laugh out loud - i love life because of the future - i am a in wonderful place every day . All day ..
I sleep just great at night , peaceful and fully relaxed . Nothing I want isnt there when I turn around , all the best things come my way when I am ready for them . So lucky am I .
An arrogant person is not thankful - he takes without gratitude in an inevitably grinding way .

What do I owe to YOU in life ? Anything in particular ?
Nope , and I have thought about that . Because you belong to me . Not vice versa. It does nt matter who you think you are - I own you .

Do you know why ?
The reason is becasue THIS IS LIFE , my friend . And you sonny Jim , better beleive it .
I said , Obama beleives it . There's 'two pipes' for him , and 'two choices' for me . One being funnier than the other , given the odds. Did David take a slingshot ? Who gave him his odds ?

Because this is life - a coincidence eh ? ALOL , or I'll just smile as I write .

Did we forget that ? Well we werent living in the moment then - we took no morals with us to ongoing times .
And the moral of the story is , dont be so arrogant , lest we forget.

Why am I arrogant ? Its something I recognise if others do too - and I should apologise for it .
Because I am not holier than thou - well actually I am in a way but ho dear thats another wrong move from arrogant man .

Its whether I care that counts, and I dont know if I do . If you know more , you do take the pi$$ a bit , and especially if people arent willing to go a pace or two with you in life .
A bit of a double bind then. When you make excuses for people you get yourself a whole dose of disrespect further down the line - you suffer them too long they'll take your last beers before they go.
So respect or disrespect, difficult question for me. I'll tell you what if you are not a respectable person you dont even get on any list of mine - I met a respectable maggot once - did you know that ?
The world is absolute - an indivisible - no separations possible .
So a storm is coincidence - a whirl of the winds of time and gravity , a speciality of magnetisms .
Who can say or not ? Who has been given those keys / who the hell does this or that person think he is ?
Well, like we say - it s not up to me - if I cant beleive what you say - and that's life , you know - sorry about that .

posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 06:21 PM
Here take my medications I think you might need them more than I.


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