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Who will be the losers? Who took the most chances ?

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posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 04:19 PM
Speculate to accumulate - you dont want to lose .

How many people throw their arms and say , "well , if the world take me away , i'll just hope for the best .." ?

How much are they the losers ?

They might not wake up with 20 alarm clocks - oh dear stubborn losers .

Calamity upon calamity - have we heard these words ?

Lets be sensible on our own then . Time honoured and the best cuss words are

1. Thou fool
2 Thou idiot

These will be the losers - always were the losers . Along with the ignorant - or was that them described /?

The glutton ? Does he have other 'sins' or other 'wins' ?

Shall he take advantage of coincidence when life, innocently offered him it up ?

Yes he shall ? Oh dear - he took a chance on that then . Did he fancy his chances ?
I'll bet you a oner he did .

He has sent forward his black marks . Now he lives with his future - might he resent it ?

The coward - is he an atheist ? Does he lust after losses ? Wallow in life's unfairness?
Have to 'make amends' for when he is not sorry again?

Oh dear - he knows nothing of life , he would pass up a lucky coincidence , he would toss off a coin.

The losers took chances - the winners dealt with the indivisble . Trust me on that one , its a sure bet .

Whats the difference with a gambler ?

What's absolute is a larger richness than any wealth - the certain certain things - the best .

And there was sin everyday against moral honesty . Who were the lazy losers? Who curses for nothing , or brings one up for cursings sake ?

Did he send on a curse - and for himself ? But he took his chances - the lazy , another time honoured , ignorant fool.

Who is the iniquitous - shall he live ? What inequality did he unbalance life with ? Did he force the future to put life in his hands - because he would have had to take it from the giver - the future - his own and that of others.

Did he tip himself out of the boat ?

Who is the King ? His subjects or lowly serfs? No . Who is the loser to the King 's Armies ? Will he govern in righteousness ? Shall he take a rod of iron to battle ? Will he be who guards his guards - his sent on ?

What of the wicked King ? How has he sent forward his dignification ? Will he find honour with his countrymen ?
Or shall the bludgeon have come from behind ? Where then did he send forward his ignominy ?
Is he a loser now ?

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