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Talk Radio Systematically throwing Romney under the Bus to get new Contracts

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posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 10:58 AM
Talk Show Host Mike Savage and Rush Limbaugh among others are throwing the GOP nominee under the bus because historically they have made a lot more money with the higher ratings from bashing Dem presidents like Clinton and Obama. With the election of Obama,. Limbaugh Beck and Hannity all signed new contracts, with Beck banking enough to start his own $50M multi-media organization.

Why do we trust these guys? How can we let someone in this "our rights as citizens" generation, tell us who we should vote for, and what we ought to think... With the tools that we have available, can't we find out for ourselves? Do we really need a bloviated college drop-out drug addict and failed music dj (Beck and Limbaugh would both fit this category) telling us they are smarter than we are?

I would submit that the average conservative or average liberal doesn't exist... It's made up so that radio hosts can have an "us" or "them" campaign.. But America is not "us " or "them" . The Dems gave us civil rights and womens suffrage, ((after the dems first opposed them both, but they were the ones that gave us that) The GOP gave us the emancipation proclaimation, and a host of laws focused on Christian morality (which is great in my opinion) We need both sides. No one side should run it all... THAT was the vision of the framers... They would puke at the notion of Sean Hannity that we "need to take our country back.." Who exactly is "our"?

Why is it not a dems country or green , or libertarian persons country too...? This crap comes mainly from the talk show hosts and pundits on the right though I must admit. Most liberal hosts agree with inclusion of all parties.. GOP pundits say that they should have COMPLETE CONTROL...

Sounds NAZI to me... Why are only GOP folks supposed to be patriots? Why are they the " great Americans" as Hannity puts it? Why doesn't he call Dems "great Americans too..?" He's entitled to his opinion, but in my own, if only one side are good Americans and patriots, every totalitarian regime in the world started that way.... thats what the hitler youth were all about...
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