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A look at self

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posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 06:49 AM
Many of us today do not realize how un-conscious we walk and live each day. Everyday becomes the same mind set and physical routine as yesterday, for months and years consecutively. Is this the definition of being "Alive"? I belive if people do see themselves as something more then a body stuck in a box (society) and start to see the bigger picture, Life becomes more fulfilling and meaningful to those individuals. One then becomes truly awaken, which just means living consciously all day, everyday. Life will be more enjoyable and peaceful to the inner self, the deeper you that yearns for joy and happiness

Like I use to be; many people here on this site and those living un-consciously in society today, do not understand or care for the spiritual nature of the Self. The lack of understanding via the lack of experencing is enough for any human being to knock off other beings spiritual experiences. Your higher self, and Nature, do not care what you perceive because they will always be higher then your lower conscious awareness. But it would be much more fulflling and beneficial to your short life to open your eyes to your true nature and live each day more consciously, making each day you get out of bed just as exciting as the last.

There is so much negativity in this world, for those who are stuck in the un-conscious rat wheel, life is plain black and white.. it doesnt seem fulfilling, we think we have everything figured out, we are all about being smarter and better then the next guy... this is not living and percieving with a conscious mind. When one realizes just how short this lifetime is, one should come to agreement with Self not to throw away another day, before you know it, it could all be over. How do you want to remember yourself when you seperate from the body vessel? As a smart ass know-it-all, who thinks everyone else lives in a fantasy realm?

I'd rather remember a life full of excitment, happiness, and embracement of the Life that surrounded me
I would rather have memories of a conscious life rather a black-and-white daily routine in the physical, mental and spirritual aspect of Self.

Life is too short to worry about who is getting the most votes for next leader of America...what is the news talking about today..who is controlling the ... Life is too short to focus and give energy and attention to things that do nothing but harm us. Be thankful for what is in front of you, for it could be gone tomorrow. Live more consciously, make better decisions and less judgment of others and the World you perceive around you. Maybe less focus on the computer and arguing with people you havent met over topics which only serve negative aspects.. and MORE TIME GETTING TO KNOW YOURSELF, before YOU are gone.

What is really important to you? If conspiracy sites, pointless arguments, being the one who knows the most, Mitt Romney or Obama... if those things are most important for you, you just are not getting the message

A simple look in the mirror, along with a simple question.."who am I, and what am I doing".. could change your perspective and course in your life. ITs sad that too many people wont even look at themselves, or cant, because they dont TRUELY know themselves. <
Most people walk around beliving they are a personality with an appearance (body/face).. I walk around knowing Im a higher consciousness living in a dense realm of existence. Put that into perspective.


This was the very first video I watched that changed my view on myself as a human being, a soul and my perspective on the very society and reality I live in. I have had countless spiritual synchronicities when it comes to information via movies, books, libraries, meditation, people etc.. I have had many spiritual experiences since the change in my perspective and living everyday much more consciously.

I highly recommend not excusing this film, try and perceive yourself as something more beautiful and advanced then societies image of human beings and reality.. we are so much more then skin, blood, muscle and bones. That is such a dense perspective on yourself. If you truely try and perceive reality and your very being (not body or personality, but BEING) in a postiive and fulfillng way, you too will start to have experiences which are spiritual in nature.

I have been looking for this film on the internet since I watched it 3 years ago, havent been able to find it until last week.. its not the best quality, but its good enough to watch, listen and understand the message being conveyed. The videos are not youtube, and I dont know if I can display them in the OP in video format, so Ill just link up 9 parts.
Quantum Communication - David Seretta prt1

Quantum Communication prt2

Quauntum Communication prt3

Quantum Communication prt4

Quantum Communications 5

Quantum Communication prt6

Quantum Communication prt7

Quantum Communication prt8

Quantum Communication prt9

Enjoy the film for those who havent seen it, I hope the message gets across and not lost amongst the mountains of negative and pointless threads on Ats. Benefit your being, not someones consctruction of society, we are not ment to live like robots, we are ment to live consciously and fulfillingly.


Love is an art

posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 08:14 AM
That is some really deep stuff and I need to get back to work, but those videos are easier to follow when the moderator isn't talking. He gets very technical about it all and the other speakers put everything in a way that's easier for the average person to understand.

It's interesting, but hard to follow. What I know is this. The power of love is more powerful then I ever imagined. Whether it's quantum physics at work or not, I don't know. All I know is it makes me feel good and wants me to be more productive with my life.

That's a positive for me. It could be a positive for the one I love if they just get on board physically. Speaking from this experience, I know that nerves can big a big obstacle to overcome, but that's where mind over matter comes into play. Love does outweigh nerves over time. It breaks down those walls in a very natural way.

Yes OP, love IS art.

posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 10:02 AM
reply to post by 4DuecesWild

Yes Love is all powerful, it is the driving force of all creation, those who lack love, suffer from sickness, confusion, barbaric-mentality.. not good stuff

When one is in a vibrational state of love, joy, appreciation, gratitude.. any of these nice things, it fulfills their life with more meaning, and brings a force within them to do good outside of them (physical-5 sensory realm).

If one quarter of the World held love in their hearts, it would change everything today.. sadly those "in control" know this and constructed a society to do the opposite. But that is nothing to focus on, focus on what brings vibration to from within you, so you can be a positive force on the outside. Thus, balancing the planet (and humanity) again in harmony

With media, work, school, driving, schedules, money, family, animals blah blah... humans focus way to much on negative aspects within their reality, and they feel there isnt room to focus on the positive and bring bliss from within.

I belive the most important thing in one's incarnation (coming into the body vessel and being born); is to get to remember and know the true Self rather the part of you that society and false perception created.

Thank you for responding, I know threads like this aren't popular on ats.. people care too much about political madness, killing sprees and "UFOs"

Peace to you

@OP - I apologize for the plain title lol.. I had to rush to the stable before I could finish the OP. Its just a title anyways.. the message is within the post

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