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The Men In Black(OPs) The Aviary & UFOs

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 11:13 AM

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 11:13 AM

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 11:13 AM

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 11:13 AM

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 11:13 AM

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 11:13 AM

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 11:14 AM

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 11:14 AM

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 11:14 AM

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 12:03 PM
What in the hell is going on here GUT

I've been away from this thread since my last post and seems I have some serious catching up to do!

I'll have to check myATS more often!!

Wow - those last 2+ pages have just blown me away.

Me thinks you are on to something (understatement).

Hope all is OK at your end mate

posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by Sublimecraft
Good to see you again, sublimecraft. That's a good question. Maybe you can help me figure it out.

Springer is of the opinion that it's just a matter of me having picked up the attention of a "serial troller" that plies his sickness far and wide across the internet and that it has nothing to do with the subject matter of this thread.

I've tangled with said troll before and that is certainly a possibility, however, this particular troll has distinct ties to the Remote Viewing community and the remote viewing community has some rather direct & notable ties to The Aviary and the intelligence community. Said troll also has ties to the intelligence apparatus.

So, I have to wonder about his motivations. Some might argue that his most recent use of names would show that he's not related to the Aviary, but since a number of posters here have suspected ties between the troll and the Aviary, it could also be argued that it's an attempt--as intelligence folk are so well-renowned to do--to detach and obfuscate. So I keep both possibilities open.

For the last couple of days, I've been pushing myself and challenging my line of reasoning in this thread. My general premise has held up:

Whatever Dr. Christopher "Kit" Green has been up to, in my opinion, it's certainly in the capacity of perceived "national security" and as such would be top secret.

He enjoys a continued respect and place within the intelligence apparatus that would NOT be extended to someone who was either involved in, or hoodwinked by, scams such as MJ-12 and Serpo unless they were somehow"okayed".

If that's true, does that make Kit Green a hero? In one sense, indubitably I'm sure. Then again, we know--from MK-Ultra/Iran-Contra/Watergate/Pentagon Papers etc that what some in the apparatus deem to be okay, the citizen sometimes feels to be questionable.

Some here have agreed that what Dr. Green was up to involved national security, but only in the sense of looking for security leaks and pathways. That was a part of it, I'm pretty sure.

But that theory alone doesn't explain all the variables involved. I've addressed that here, but I will continue to post my feelings and evidentiary items in coming posts that may elucidate that aspect further.

Springer knows Dr. Green well he tells us and vouches for his character. So that says something for Dr. Green. Springer also tells us, in the following thread/announcement that Dr. Christopher "Kit" Green is a friend--and advisor--to our community here at ATS:

HUGE NEWS and Moves To the Next Level!

In which he states:

It is with GREAT PLEASURE and PRIDE that we announce the addition of Dr Christopher "Kit" Green to the Team.

Dr. Green is not only one of the most congenial, genuine and PLEASANT gentlemen I've ever spoken with he is without question one of the TOP Forensic Medicine, Radiology, and Psychiatry & Behavioral Neurosciences and fMRI geniuses alive on this planet.

In the following video from ATS on the topic of the swine flu hoopla, we do get a sense of Dr. Christopher Green, and I must say he's extremely impressive and comes across very well.

Whatever Dr. Christopher "Kit" Green is, he's certainly not a man who I would presume to be anything other than a man loyal to our government and the intelligence communities that he has faithfully and very impressively served.

So, Sublimecraft, I admit it's all confusing and as I've stated here before: Mebbe me tinfoil's a bit tight, and mebbe it ain't.

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 05:03 PM
reply to post by The GUT

Mebbe me tinfoil's a bit tight, and mebbe it ain't.

Hi TG , this has turned out to be a fascinating thread with a taste of John le Carré about it ... I think your tinfoil hat is just about right ..... is that the sound of ruffled feathers I hear

Keep up the good work

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 05:06 PM

Originally posted by gortex
reply to post by The GUT

Mebbe me tinfoil's a bit tight, and mebbe it ain't.

High TG , this has turned out to be a fascinating thread with a taste of John le Carré about it ... I think your tinfoil hat is just about right ..... is that the sound of ruffled feathers I hear

Keep up the good work

Coming from you, Gortex...that is a very fine vote of confidence indeed. Thank you, and with much respect, sir.

posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 05:33 PM
Before we move forward, here are some of the logic points identified along the way:

Dr. Christopher "Kit" Green would never embarrass his service record or his long-proven allegiance.

Kit doesn't appear to be the type to obfuscate for petty purposes or some monetary or malicious scam. He's obviously a man of honor, even if we might perceive--and rightly so--that the experiment contained some psychological cruelty.

A Top Secret obligation from Kit is not only Occam's, it fits ALL the evidence squeaky tight in why he was disingenuous at times.

At the time of Serpo, Dr. Green was well aware of Rick Doty's involvement with MJ-12.

The Memes were powerful, they penetrated to a fair depth in our society. Even after they were largely debunked, they had some staying power. That was unlikely to be by chance and strongly suggested structuring by psychological adepts of great understanding and education.

All the key players were intelligence pros. No one got into any real trouble as a result of the scams. Doty had to take some heat, but that's what junior operatives do in a compromised operation.

Digging into the exact types of sciences that Dr. Green was involved in paints the picture in vivid colors.

Dr. Green was the chair of the commission which produced the following TIGER study for use, mainly, by the intelligence community. So I ask you: When world-class scientists are working on intelligence-rated projects seeking ways to determine, influence, and manipulate the "the behaviors of individuals and groups," how do you suppose they go about that?

In developing the methodology, the committee considered the end user (analysts and predictors of the behaviors of individuals and groups), the data available to them, the desired output, and the unique aspects (if relevant) of neuroscience research. Intelligence analysts were available for consultation throughout the project in order to ensure that the methodology was realistically applied, given the limitations of the data sets.

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 06:30 PM
This is worth a read Mind scanner

As is is this.. Mind link to Robot

One of the reasons I post these links is to add some context to what we are talking about here. No-one should ever forget that, in part, one of the Israelis' strongest forms of their own defence has been that. Since the late 50s they have in effect, "owned" the KGB, CIA and MI5/6. They send agents in , during the 50s and early 60s who played both sides against the middle and it is they , the Israelis, who probably have the actual "dirt" on just about everyone from every side. They did it, to try and guarantee their own survival as a state and that is perfectly understandable. MOSSAD know more and hides more than any other Intelligence network and second to them are probably the French, who have always maintained a "stand off" attitude towards all other interests and have, at times, acted both totally out of self interest and without any care for political borders you can ask Bruce Cathie about that, if you want confirmation.

Now Bruce Cathie, there's a name and a very interesting guy, the only single name do with UFOs that all intelligence services seem to like to keep a tab on, when people within certain fields read his books .

Seems the first link is dead so here it is fort hose interested...

As part of stringent measures to increase airport security, US authorities may use an Israeli-made mind-reading scanner that allegedly predicts whether a passenger is a potential threat or not. The Transportation and Safety Administration (TSA) and the Homeland Security are considering the installment of a controversial mind-reading system that was recently developed by the Israeli-based WeCU Technologies, in all American airports. The device, which functions by blending high computer technology and behavioral psychology, is essentially designed to "get inside the evildoers head" without the subject's knowledge and prevent him or her from placing the lives of fellow travelers in jeopardy. According to WeCU Technologies CEO, Ehud Givon, people cannot help reacting mechanically to recognizable images which suddenly appear in unfamiliar places. With that in mind, the system aims to project images onto airport screens, such as symbols affiliated with a terrorist group or signs only a terrorist would recognize. Givon said while the WeCU system would use humans to do some of the observing, it would rely largely on concealed cameras or covert biometric sensors that can distinguish a rise in body temperature and heart rate, however slight it may be. "One by one, you can screen out from the flow of people those with specific malicious intent," Givon claimed. The controversial device has sparked an outcry among civil rights groups, who argue that a system that combs through your brain to look for evil intentions is "Orwellian" and akin to "brain fingerprinting." The groups note that the US should not follow in Israeli footsteps with regards to Airport security. The US is already subjected to widespread controversy over the appliance of full body scanners, which according to critics, are in violation of child protection laws as well as the right of travelers to privacy.

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 06:35 PM
reply to post by FireMoon
Thanks, FireMoon! First link is dead, however and I'm sure many, like me, will want to look at it.

EDIT: I see you caught it, thanks for embedding.

Brings to mind Col. John B. Alexander's and Dr. Green's involvement in various technologies that find unique uses in intelligence and Homeland Security.

Homeland Security, Defense and Human Effects Experts Appointed to Harrington Advisory Board

Date : Tuesday, March 22, 2005

SANTA CLARA, CA -- (Market Wire - Mar 22, 2005) -- MDM Group, Inc. (OTC: MDDM) advises that MDM Group subsidiary, Harrington Group Limited (HGR.AX) earlier today advised the Australian Stock Exchange of the appointment of an additional three world-renowned homeland security experts as founding members of the Harrington Group Advisory Board.

Joining Colonel John Alexander, a global authority on non-lethal weapons and defense, will be Dr. Christopher Green, a forensic medicine and electrophysiology specialist, Dr. Edward Stephen, a specialist in pharmacology and bioterrorism defense, and Dr. Allen Bain, a leading pharmacologist focused on specialised drug development including new treatments for disorders of electrically active tissue.

The combined expertise of the Advisory Board will provide Harrington with outstanding guidance in strategic product development and commercialisation, and grow the Company's profile in the law enforcement, defense and homeland security sectors.

Harrington Group CEO Marshall Couper said: "All four Advisory Board members have extensive knowledge of Harrington's ShockRounds(TM) electric ammunition technology, as well as outstanding expertise in less-than-lethal weapons, Homeland Security issues and human effects.

"Harrington is focused on accelerating its product development, formalising strategic and commercial relationships and securing the expertise of leaders in the field. The formation of a world class Advisory Board is an important step forward in this strategy."

Joining Colonel Alexander are:

Christopher C. Green, MD, PhD, FAAFS

Dr. Green is in the practice of forensic medicine (American Academy of Forensic Sciences) and neuroimaging (Detroit Medical Center/Harper University Hospital/Wayne School of Medicine). His work clinically relates to his expertise as a neurophysiologist with a specialty in electrophysiology. A special research interest involves the way cognition in "making decisions under stress" are modulated by brain systems and neuromuscular control. He is both a faculty member at the Medical School and Fellow in Diagnostic Radiology, and Executive Director for Emergent Technologies.

Dr. Green serves on numerous Department of Defense, Intelligence and National Academy of Sciences Commissions. He Chairs the Science Board for the Undersecretary of the Army for Operations Research and has served as Chair of the Board on Army Science and Technology. He holds the National Intelligence Medal for investigations in forensic intelligence and served as an Officer and continues as a consultant with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Intelligence operations and intelligence pros seems to be the commonality in our discussion and the never-ending path that returns again & again & again to it's own beginning.
That was my MIB(OPs) impression, notice the conflicting & confusing hand signals, how'd I do?

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 07:42 PM
We've previously made note that Dr. Green is the Chair of the DIA TIGER study that has been mentioned here previously.

We'll now search for deeper clues about why he--and the intelligence apparatus--might have an interest in ufological topics and memes.

We've also noted this particular study has a natural interest in, "the behaviors of individuals and groups), the data available to them, the desired output."

In developing the methodology, the committee considered the end user (analysts and predictors of the behaviors of individuals and groups), the data available to them, the desired output, and the unique aspects (if relevant) of neuroscience research. Intelligence analysts were available for consultation throughout the project in order to ensure that the methodology was realistically applied, given the limitations of the data sets.

An important issue for cognitive neuroscientists concerns efforts to determine whether a person is reporting a true experience or one that is false but believed. In the last decade, there have been innumerable research efforts designed to distinguish true from false memories.

Earlier work examining behavioral differences between true and false memories revealed that group differences were sometimes found (for example, more sensory details in true-memory reports) (Schooler et al., 1986). However, the statistical group differences did not enable reliable classification of any particular memory report as to its authenticity.

Some work with neuroimaging has attempted to locate differences in the brain that might reveal something about true and false memories. The goal of much of the work has been to demonstrate that true and false memories have different neural signatures...

The allure of such research has been so great that considerable effort is likely to be devoted in the future to the neurophysiology of false memory. Despite some progress, we are far from being able to use neuroimaging techniques to tell us about the veracity of particular memories…

"The allure of such research has been so great...," is a very telling statement and the word "allure" is a word of exceptional emphasis.

Now, here's where we start--and it's but a beginning really--to tie the thesis proposed in this thread to Ufology: First Stop ALIEN ABDUCTIONS!

Note the very first paragraph that finishes,"[m]isinformation studies show how readily memory can become skewed when people are fed misinformation…"

…A notable exception can be found in the work of Okado and Stark (2005), who examined true and false memories in the context of a misinformation experiment and thus studied richer false memories. Misinformation studies show how readily memory can become skewed when people are fed misinformation…

Richard McNally and his collaborators (McNally, 2003) studied people who had very rich, although likely false, memories of alien abduction have been studied. One study explored whether people who believe they have been abducted exhibit heightened physiological reactivity (heart rate and skin conductance) that occurs commonly in patients who have posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) when they think about their traumas.

The “abductees” studied had experienced apparent sleep paralysis and hypnopompic hallucinations, which are vivid dreamlike hallucinations that occur as one is waking up, such as seeing figures hovering near their beds. Most had recovered memories with such techniques as guided imagery and hypnosis. Some of the recovered memories involved sexual intercourse with aliens or having sperm extracted for breeding purposes. Their physiological reactions were similar to those seen in PTSD patients who listen to audiotaped scripts of their traumas. Thus, expressed emotion is no guarantee that a memory is true.

One important part of this study is clearly defined as assessing an opponents breakthroughs & potential threats. It is also imperative, I would imagine, that not too much is given away to said oponents in a publicly available report such as this. But clues abound in reference to our search here.

Appendix F
True and False Memories as an Illustrative Case of the Difficulty of Developing Accurate and Practical Neurophysiological Indexes of Psychological States

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 07:47 PM
Whew. Finally had a chance to give some quality time to what's happened this last week. If my post has some extraneous characters in it it is because I have two one-pound kitties who think the keyboard is a play toy: Joshua and Jericho, who think the Aviary would be pretty cool to catch, play with, and eat. Now, I'm just a simple lad and some of this advanced stuff is quite beyond me, but as I see it, in summary:

1. We have an "Aviary" so designated by Moore, etc., not originally a spook-oriented term, which would have had have to have been an acronym anyway. Said Aviary may not be related to each other. After all, crows harass eagles and eagles kill seagulls. (I saw it happen. He shoulda left that fish alone.)

2. OK, but why? Either a) for experimentation on how memes float about and spread, i.e.: Strictly for academic interest, the UFO "Community" (really?) being, choose one or many: cohesive, clinically insane, or fun to mess with or b) In need of being messed with because (a-1) they are a threat to security or (a-2) there's something to hide.

3. OK, either way, how does one mess with said group? c) simply via sociological methods, including disinfo, and/or d) technical means.

4. So we get to high tech. One the one hand we have the tin foil hat approach, circuits to the brain with off the shelf hardware that can make you think you are talking to your own God and you would pass a lie detector test to that effect since the experience is so real. It's individualized or group think. Just dial it in.

Seriously? Well, let me neither confirm nor deny the following claim nor the presence of nuclear weapons aboard this vessel. BUT, in a good-sized van, white, unmarked, parked on the flight deck of a CVN at sea, there are enough electronics so that the advanced sophisticated radar of, hopefully, your enemy, though your own will do, will pick up an entire battle fleet over the horizon. It's not there, mind you, but radar says it's there.

Just think about that for a minute. You have this little dispute over a couple of otherwise meaningless islands, but a Carrier Strike Group just happens to be cruising around on "exercises." You decide to "tickle the dragon's tail" of this formidable force. But suddenly your recon spots two more Battle Groups not that far away. Now your little plan doesn't look like such a hot idea, so you slink away to play again another day. It's psyops by radar. Technical psyops.

If you are going to spoof 'wetware,' i.e.: the human brain, you'll have to be competent to spoof hardware as well, which is nothing more that a tech extension of the human brain anyway. I submit to you that the hardware version described above exists. Can the wetware version be far behind?

It kind of begs the question if there is a reality beneath all this because there doesn’t really have to be. It's not a requirement. It could be all for testing on some really clinically weird folks like UFO "buffs."

Or there could be a reality behind it? What would lead us to such a conclusion? Do you know Dr. John Alexander's nickname? It’s “Dr. Death. Ominous. Why? Apparently he worked with Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and did his PhD on “thanatology,” the study of death. So here we have a scientifically trained man, interested in the study of death, who worked for the CIA, has an interest in UFOs, an interest in mind-control techniques, and is said to have been involved with the Aviary.

An now come the abductees with their horrific experiences of being taken against their will, floated through walls, given memories they can’t quite recall, and seeking, quite understandably, to explain their experiences.

I had a funny experience on my road trip, up and down several mountain passes at usually 65mph, fighting 85,000 pound trucks for the same space, twisting and turning while macho men with six inch lifts in their powerful pickups nosed behind me at a foot or two, intimidating me to move over so they could get somewhere ten minutes faster than me. And after several hundred miles of this (I drove over 800 miles yesterday.) I had this feeling that I was sitting perfectly still in space, and that all this motion, all this noise and maneuvering, the tall mountains and curving roads, was a movie played out in front of me on a 360 degree screen. I wasn’t really moving at all.

So I’m wondering what Dr. Death and his buddies have figured out about Reality that we only guess at, and what their intent is in manipulating us so. In other words, what’s the point?

P.S. I would submit the same to our resident stunted-growth 12 year old disrupter. What's the point? You are being completely ineffective.

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 08:31 PM
On a previous page, we looked at the allegations & evidence that the Villa Boas Abduction might have been a part of MK-ULTRA, and however far out THAT might sound, well...we are dealing with a far-out subject when we're talking abductions.

One of the remote viewers relates an abduction while in the program--it's mentioned in the linked article below--and we are talking about Ft. Meade after all--which has been associated and implicated with MK-ULTRA.

Our Aviarian Col. John B. Alexander doesn't seem to like the subject, in this context, very much. Further, we are also talking about some of our Birds in the context of experiments and mind-weaponry and, as we've seen above, the study of alien abductions.

I was disappointed Colonel Alexander did not provide me an opportunity to discuss Martin Cannon with him. I would very much like to hear his current thoughts on Cannon-related events.

Cannon published The Controllers: A New Hypothesis of Alien Abduction, circa 1990, in which he explored the possibility some reported abductions might actually be the results of Manchurian Candidate type covert research projects such as MKULTRA. While it is readily apparent the colonel would publicly assign no more value to such a publication than to use it as kindling to light the coals of the grill on which to hoist Martin, I am more interested in how Alexander might comment on his relationship with Cannon than what he would obviously say about the man's work.

For example... Alexander's wife, Victoria, reportedly telephoned Cannon in 1993. She allegedly informed Cannon that Alexander and Hal Puthoff were very angry at Cannon, for whatever reasons, and that Gordon Novel had been called on to handle the situation, whatever the situation and details of its handling specifically may have been considered to be.

Writer/researcher George P. Hansen explained he personally heard the recording left by Alexander's wife on Cannon's answering machine. Hansen wrote:

Alexander has spent some time with Novel and has flaunted the affiliation, perhaps in an attempt to intimidate others. Martin Cannon, an investigator who has written on government mind-control projects, received a call from Alexander’s wife on May 30, 1993. She left a message on his answering machine saying: “Martin, as an ex-friend I have to warn you. John and Hal [Puthoff] are really pissed off at you. And they’ve given the matter over to Gordon [Novel] to handle. Watch out.” ...Cannon was well aware of Alexander’s interest in UFO abductions and of Novel’s background. He was quite alarmed, and the day he received the message, he called and played me the tape. I suggested that he alert a number of people in the media, and he also notified the FBI.

John Alexander, Gordon Novel and Victoria Alexander
I would find it interesting to ask the colonel about the matter. Was he actually pissed? If so, why?

Col. John B. Alexander, Gordon Novel, Victoria Alexander

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 08:58 PM
reply to post by The GUT

So did Cannon get a visit from the MIB?

What happened!

I just was perusing Cannon's book -- I mean it's more like an essay I think.

Anyway then there's Project Beta -- Greg Bishop's book. Has that been discussed in this thread in detail?

Personally I don't see how anyone could think that the CIA are somehow good players on the topic of UFOs -- not to mention the CIA promoting and practicing genocide around the world in order to prop up fascist regimes.

But then a lot of people in the U.S. don't even think we live in an empire. haha.

Glad to see Prince and Picknett got some credit at the end of that blogpost.

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