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The Men In Black(OPs) The Aviary & UFOs

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posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 11:10 AM

Originally posted by FireMoon
Ahh they use that at Bus Stops in Britain where it transmits a tone that most people, over he age of 15-18 can't hear as it's too works because you ears can hear it It is not transmitted direct to the brain that's is just moonshine.

Are you sure it's the the same technology because, besides the microwave aspect, it states in section 2 that it's:

(2) a silent sound device which can transmit sound into the skull of person or animals.

That diagram is utter hooey though, scientifically, That's a classic example of someone seeing 2 and 2 and reaching 6

I'm not as technically inclined as you, and I can't comment on the picture, but I do usually find Wired to be pretty accurate and up on technology.

I'll take your most excellent word for it that the pic is hooey, however.

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 11:28 AM
While I have enjoyed this thread and believe some very good research has been done here it seems as though it has reached a faulty conclusion based on an incorrect assumption. While I know I am considered "tainted" and possibly under mind control

Originally posted by The GUT
Well, I find neither MJ-12 nor Serpo funny, and I certainly don't find Dr. Green naive enough to have bought them either.

Your statement above, is the problem with your theory that Kit was in anyway behind SERPO, you make an assumption about him personally when you don't know the man and you weren't communicating with him while SERPO was happening (to the extent SERPO "happened"). For what it's worth, I absolutely believe he was "naive" (not the word I would use but it works) enough to have believed a friend of many, many years (Doty) when he told him he came across something wild and wanted Kit's help in analyzing it. Why would he actually believe a trusted friend would lie to him just because a bunch of people on the internet said he was?

I had long conversations with Kit about SERPO when SERPO was happening. If Kit was "behind it" and wanted it to spread you'd think he would have asked us to not shut it down on ATS, it had not yet begun to get real traction ( the few hundred UFO enthusiasts who had ever heard of it at that point is not meaningful reach) when SkepticOverlord and I decided to kill it on ATS because it was a pure and OBVIOUS hoax of terrible quality.

Kit was all for it's removal here to keep it from spreading, never once did he ask the biggest site it was covered on to keep it around. That doesn't work with what you've arrived at, he should have been manipulating us to keep it going and stoke the fires to get maximum reach.

If you dig around enough you'll find many of the same conclusions have been reached about S.O. and I, that WE were behind SERPO to build traffic for ATS, in my mind that's as ludicrous as thinking Kit was behind it. The facts, not speculation based on scientific writings that many have taken out of context (believing they were plans of action rather than speculative dialogs hoping to initiate research) or sheer rumors that have no basis in anything, don't support either conclusion.

Finally, I would say that if SERPO was an intel operation, or, if it was crafted by brilliant minds it would not have been so transparently stupid and ridiculous. The "alien symbols" alone were discovered to be architectural templates within minutes of the "release" by astute ATS members. It was pitifully done and not the work of geniuses, it was the work of sloppy amateurs. It is far more likely it was exactly what it appears to have been, an attempt at spreading a wild story in the hope of boosting sales for a book that covered the very same topic (Governments covering up Alien contact) that just happened to be published later the same year.


posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 11:59 AM
Thanks for what you did like about the thread
and your encouragement.

Originally posted by Springer
Your statement above, is the problem with your theory that Kit was in anyway behind SERPO, you make an assumption about him personally when you don't know the man and you weren't communicating with him while SERPO was happening (to the extent SERPO "happened"). For what it's worth, I absolutely believe he was "naive" (not the word I would use but it works) enough to have believed a friend of many, many years (Doty) when he told him he came across something wild and wanted Kit's help in analyzing it. Why would he actually believe a trusted friend would lie to him just because a bunch of people on the internet said he was?

Surely he was aware of Doty's involvement with MJ-12, correct? Maybe Serpo wasn't a part of the psychological testing, or maybe it was, and maybe it wasn't wanted on ATS because it was getting busted by some of our very intelligent members before it had a chance to seep in.

Maybe it was for reverse psychological assessment. So, I ask again: Was Kit aware of Richard Doty's involvement with MJ-!2? The answer to that is, Yes, correct?

Finally, I would say that if SERPO was an intel operation, or, if it was crafted by brilliant minds it would not have been so transparently stupid and ridiculous. The "alien symbols" alone were discovered to be architectural templates within minutes of the "release" by astute ATS members. It was pitifully done and not the work of geniuses, it was the work of sloppy amateurs.

Why then was it allowed to continue for as long as it did?

It's hard to get around the fact that Kit has numerable ties to MJ-12 & Serpo. Now, in Mirage Men, he gives a lengthy and detailed hypothesis that Serpo was one of the precursors to official disclosure.

You kid yourself, or me, Springer if you think Christoper Green walked into a set-up by Richard Doty and was blinded by friendship. You said above that Serpo was "transparently stupid and ridiculous" and the work born of "sloppy amateurs."

Nope, I personally can't buy it and I'll reiterate a prior statement here:

How could a brilliant man, not only a master of the neurosciences, but an Intelligence professional, the recipient of the the President's National Intelligence Medal, a man who helped solve the Georgi Merkov conundrum, who once held the position of Senior Division Analyst of the Office of Scientific and Weapons Intelligence--reporting directly to the CIA director himself--NOT, allegedly, see Rick Doty for what he was…especially after MJ-12?
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posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 02:33 PM
When world-class scientists are working on intelligence-rated projects seeking ways to determine, influence, and manipulate the "the behaviors of individuals and groups," how do you suppose they go about that?

in developing the methodology, the committee considered the end user (analysts and predictors of the behaviors of individuals and groups), the data available to them, the desired output, and the unique aspects (if relevant) of neuroscience research. Intelligence analysts were available for consultation throughout the project in order to ensure that the methodology was realistically applied, given the limitations of the data sets.

Do they get some volunteers and set them down at tables and try various ways to get folk to believe the red pill is blue, and the blue pill is red?

No, it requires a complex project that requires a community. Thusly, and noting all we have about MJ-12 and such, as well as the intelligence connections of it's main figures, and the fact that there is indeed a ready-made ufological community…well, I think it's a thesis that can't be easily dismissed.

Dr. Green is a current member of the National Research Council’s Standing Committee on Technology Insight—Gauge, Evaluate, and Review (TIGER).

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posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by chrisb9

Thank you Druscilla for the information on how we could use regular glass to help protect ourselves from microwaves.

Could not one understand this principle from owning a kitchen microwave oven?

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 06:44 PM
reply to post by Springer

Hello Springer,

I have enjoyed this thread as well, not a lot comes along these days that gets my attention back on UFO stuff. I certainly do not mean to be contentious, but it is this sort of thing that I tend to notice, these days, when reading anything UFO related...

...he should have been manipulating us to keep it going and stoke the fires to get maximum reach.

Like those other guys?

It sounds like you have experience with that sort of thing. Those are the stories that I would like to hear.

Based on that little snip, one could begin to believe that there is a whole industry behind all of this, government and commercial, that is trying to progress its agendas.

Anyhow, I realize I'm calling you out on a tiny silly thing that is probably meaningless, but that sort of thing makes my antennae go 'pop'.

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 07:02 PM
reply to post by FireMoon

Oh actually it's now proven that the brain resonates ultrasound frequencies and even the consciousness research at Arizona University is considering this since the quantum -- Stuart Hameroff -- the microtubules are activated at ultrasound.

So basically the highest sound heard externally is also how ultrasound is heard - so if you hear ultrasound it is perceived as the highest pitch ringing in the ears. The collagen has piezoelectric transduction which is activated by and creates ultrasound. There is also "acoustic cavitation" of ultrasound that then creates sonoluminescence and sonofusion alchemy.

I have all the references on this -- in this book scribd here

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 07:06 PM

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 07:13 PM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 07:18 PM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

No- one is disputing that what you're failing to understand is a simple thing. You can't hide a message in a 15 khz signal that would be intelligible once the brain decoded it. I've already given you a practical example of where ultrasound is used, they use the same thing, at a different frequency to try and scare moles away . Human speech is a finite in terms of what we can decode and you can't somehow remove all those frequencies and then re-assemble them inside the human brain.

Let give you an analogy that makes it plainer. If someone was to tell you they could take photo, break the photo down into one shade, say royal blue with no shadows, no detail, save everything being exactly the same shade of blue and then transmit just the blue picture directly into your brain where you would see the original picture would you believe them?

if you could, somehow, hide a full range of frequencies within a single frequency and your brain could re-arrange them as coherent sound, then we wouldn't be using MP3s or Flac or Ogg Vorbis we'd all be using that.
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posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 07:19 PM
reply to post by Eidolon23

The ultimate goal is to create a 21st century battlesuit that combines high-tech capabilities with light weight and comfort. Bioengineering, robotics, and nanotechnology converge to develop an exoskeleton. Like a second layer of armored skin, it supports the body’s metabolic exchange with the environment while adding muscular strength and protection against incoming bullets. Researchers at the ISN are encouraged to explore civilian applications.

Here's an EU Converging Technology 2004 pdf -- looks to be inspired by the NRC earlier report

So "invasive" and "guinea pigs" are definitely par for the course now. Another good book on this is Nanotechnology and Homeland Security - -the goal is microchip implants with satellite connections to change people's blood chemistry after a biowarfare terrorist attack.

Sandia Labs has more on this stuff too -- nano Matrix stuff. I have more details.

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 07:47 PM
reply to post by FireMoon

Yeah good point unless it's a holograph -- so that the waveform can be broken down into parts yet still contain the whole.

We have to think of signals as being transduced from different frequencies into different types of energy. So how Dr. Puharich describes it in his ELF magnetic model of mind and matter pdf is that ultrasound then activates the electromagnetic frequencies of the neurons and then there is an ELF subharmonic as the ratio of the proton precession to electron harmonic. So then this creates an alchemical change that is holographic based on phonons and sonoluminescence as photons.

So in that case the signal could be sound but then would itself be transduced into a higher frequency signal -- not "hidden."

I think the signals are hidden in microwaves supposedly for mind control but then the neurophone by Flanagan is based on direct ultrasound proprioception. The idea is that the brain itself can resonate ultrasound and then this is picked up by the auditory nerve as a subharmonic high pitch ringing tone.

Basically the signal could be any frequency but it needs to resonate through the other frequencies as transduction. So this works through a nonlinear feedback like chaos synchronization and so it appears as "noise" on a linear level.

This is how sound activates memories and also sound healing works by activating the vagus nerve through the inner ear proprioception. This is called the -- Brain Port technology tested by U.S. special forces -- so that by using the proprioception there is 360 degree vision.

Essentially you put a camera on that transduces the images to signals that activate the tongue as proprioception of the inner ear. The brain can then train itself to translate the direct nerve activation into a visual signal.

There are many variations on this process.

An equidistant frequency distribution is not a good match to the human hearing system, but more appropriate distributions such an exponential frequency scaleare subject to the same considerations on spectral leakage, as is illustrated by the spectrographic reconstructions in the figure below.So there can be an effective localization in both time and frequency under thelimitations imposed by the frequency-time uncertainty relation: the product of the uncertainty-in-frequency times the uncertainty-in-time will always be at least one over two pi (i.e., about 0.15915). This same relation lies at the heart of quantum mechanics, where the Heisenberg uncertainty principle applies to energy and time, because energy is, via Planck's constant, proportional to the frequency of probability waves.

Peter B.L. Meijer,
The vOICe Learning Edition

O.K. so for example tinnitus is a high ringing in the ear but actually it is a neuron feedback problem so that it's created by the subconscious images that need to be emotionally processed and this then fixes the hearing process.

Schlee’s results suggest that the higher regions of the brain send their own feedback to the auditory cortex, amplifying its false signals. Schlee’s model of tinnitus and consciousness could explain some curious observations. Even in bad cases of tinnitus, people can become unaware of the phantom sound if they are distracted. It may be that distractions deprive the errant signals from the auditory cortex of the attention they need to cause real distress. What’s more, some of the most effective treatments for tinnitus appear to work by altering the behavior of the front of the brain. Counseling, for example, can make people better aware of the sounds they experience by explaining the brain process that may underlie the disorder, so they can consciously reduce their distress

Carl Zimmer, “The Brain 'Ringing In the Ears' Actually Goes Much Deeper Than That,”
Discover, October, 2010.

The Tomatis Method verified that listening happens first through the bones which can also perceive ultrasound frequencies – the ear drum reverberates sound waves through the dense bone structure!

And this:

Ker Than, “Superhuman Hearing Possible,Experiments Suggest. Vibrating ear bones could some day boost hearing,” National Geographic News , May 16, 2011: “For instance, divers underwater can detect sounds of up to a hundred kHz, according to Qin's recent experiments. It's unclear why the divers have enhanced hearing underwater, but it may be because the sounds travel directly through the bones to the brain, he said. Vibrating Ear Bones Boost Hearing .....For example, bone conduction occurs when very high-frequency sounds directly stimulate the ear bones, sending signals to the brain without activating the eardrums...."

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 08:14 PM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

I'm with you on all that, tinnitus is one of the main bugbears of the field I work in. However, the opposite holds true as a bloke from the BBC bemoaned that. So many kids come for interviews as sound engineers these days whose hearing is wrecked by16 years of age. They have, in effect, bandwidth limited their hearing by spending countless hours listening to tiny headphones at too loud a volume that they can no longer discern "real bass".

There are tweeters on the market that are flat up to 50khz as it is thought that psycho acoustics causes the frequencies below that where a tweeter shuts down, to be pushed forward hence the speakers sometime seem to exhibit what is called and exposed treble. In layperson's terms, they sound bright and maybe a little harsh.

The holographic thing, I'm down with you on that whole idea save, that's nothing like what the diagram shows That wouldn't have even been under consideration back in 74 as it was mere science fiction back then. Some of the best programmers in the world have just started to manage a handle on non linear systems and that's a whole other field. That's actually about the distortions in a system the human ear likes but are actual inaccuracies caused by all electrical circuits being inherently "different" on a quantum level. In the real world, that translates as engineers having different a favourite channel on a mixing desk for Bass/Vocals etc even though the mixing desk's channels are all exactly the same design.

Colour and sound are one and the same, they are vibrations, and a human voice vibrates in an intelligible manner between 250hz and 8khz... 15 knz is almost twice as high, as to be intelligible as speech. It doesn't matter if the brain itself, without the ear can sense vibrations at 15 khz, it would still sound like a high pitched whine not speech.

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 09:47 PM
reply to post by FireMoon

Yeah so you're talking about ears -- hearing sound in the air. The ultrasound would need to be activated internally somehow:

It has been said that great inventions take 50 years before they are understood. In 1991, Martin Lenhardt of the University of Virginia discovered that human beings have the ability to detect ultrasonic sound when it is transmitted through the skin, bones and liquids of the body. His groundbreaking discovery was published in the prestigious journal Science, Vol. 253, 5, 1991, 82. Lenhardt had duplicated Patrick's original 1958 Neurophone® using sophisticated ultrasonic transducers and discovered that a tiny organ in the inner ear that is normally associated with balance is also a hearing organ for ultrasonic sound. The organ is called the saccule and is about the size of a pea. It contains nerve endings, called macula, and an otolith, a gelatinous cap containing fine sand-like particles of calcium carbonate called otoconia. When the head is tilted in relation to gravity, the macula signals the vestibulocochlear nerve in the nervous system so that balance can be regained. The saccule has nerve endings that are distributed throughout the brain. Some of these nerves go to the area of the brain that computes sound. Other nerves are distributed into areas concerned with long-term memory. The Neurophone® transmits modulated ultrasonic sound at 40,000 cycles per second (40 kHz). When we swim with dolphins or whales, we can hear the ultrasonic energy emitted by these mammals through our saccule. By using the Neurophone®, we can train our brain pathways so that we can "hear" through the saccule pathway. It may be that our ancestors could communicate with whales and dolphins by the use of ultrasonic sound. When the Neurophone® is used as an experimental listening device, these pathways are developed and appear to expand consciousness balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The GPF-1011 DSP Neurophone® has been developed and engineered to provide a means for ultrasonic waves to be interpreted by our brain as "hearing". The technology bypasses the normal audio mechanisms used by the body to hear sound and provides a direct neural stimulation directly to the brain. By bypassing the ears to hear- reading, meditating, studying and learning in general may become easier to comprehend and retain.

1958 Neurophone history

If the Neurophone® transducers are placed on the closed eyes or on the face, the sound can be clearly 'heard' as if it were coming from inside the brain. When the transducers are placed on the face, the sound is perceived through the trigeminal nerve. There was an earlier test performed at Tufts University that was designed by Dr. Dwight Wayne Batteau, one of Dr. Flanagan's partners in the United States Navy Dolphin Communication Project.

So we can't "hear" ultrasound -- but our brain can hear it:

“Through Ingo Steinbach’s research he discovered that the high frequency tones above 15,000 Hz were more therapeutic because they forced the brain to function at a higher level. The ear can only detect frequencies up to 15,000 Hz but frequencies above that can be detected by the brain.
Forrest Lien, M.S.W.-Clinical Director at ACE, “Somanas Sound Therapy,” The Attachment Center at Evergreen.

Dr. John Sloboda says the most common means of creating this spine chilling goose bumps effect is from an enharmonic key change using the same note in the melody. Dr. John Sloboda give an example from Schoenberg – an E flat minor chord switching to D major but keeping the same common note – G flat (in the E flat minor chord) is the enharmonic as F sharp in the D major chord. This again emphasizes the strong overtone beats between the key changes.291 “In Sloboda's study, respondents reported that even after listening to a passage fifty times, the passage continued to be able to evoke a frisson response.”292

291 Elena Mannes, producer, The Music Instinct: Science and Song, PBS Documentary, June 2009.
292 David Huron, Sweet Anticipation: Music and the Psychology of Anticipation (M.I.T. Press, 2006), p. 283.

O.K. so that gets into the nonlinear frequency transduction -- hearing that activates the vagus nerve to increase dopamine, serotonin, etc.

The notion of sound as a generator of the universe seems easier to comprehend in the underwater world than in the dry one. The echolocation click-trains of dolphins, for example, generate sounds that draw pictures of the world around them….Furthermore dolphin sound-pictures are transmissible to others in the school – as if we could instantaneously print a photograph of what we see with our eyes and send it to any person in hearing range, which is to say a long way underwater…"
Julia Whitty, The Fragile Edge: 2008), p. 235

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 09:59 PM
In layperson's terms this is actually what we are talking about.

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 10:09 PM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong
You & FireMoon are both interesting as heck. I'm sincere when I say that. But please let me know when we get back to neuropsycho-sociological testing which in part includes the study of memes in the UFO subculture.

Since it encompasses a range much more broad than memes alone, I came up with a nifty, I think, name: neuropsycho-sociological. I think just the name itself could become a meme.

Awww...ZAAAAP. My neurophysiological processes just had a creative burst of electromagnetic synapse stimulation. To wit: neuropsycho-ufo-sociological research! Pronounced: neuropsycho-"youfo"-sociological. Try it! It's fun to say out loud!

No more will some folk be as excited to say things like, "I'm a Contactee! Nay, the saavy, hip, meme-inculcated ufonaut of today will proudly say, I'm a Test-Tee!" Cool new pick-up line: "What's your Meme, baby?"

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 10:24 PM
reply to post by FireMoon

When the dolphin emits ultrasound at a person it is experienced as a tingling sensation in the body that builds up and the tingling sensation goes into the brain

Then there's the Oz Factor in UFO sightings:

Some witnesses report a strange sensation prior to the encounter -- a sort of mental tingling as if they are aware that something is about to happen. They just have to look up and see what is there, as if it had called to them silently...Then time seems to disappear and lose all meaning."

Tingling from ultrasound and tingling from UFO encounters

Puharich calls it the OHM EFFECT (Order Harmonic Modulation):

Puharich patented his free energy water engine (US Patent # 4,394,230, Method & Apparatus for Splitting Water Molecules, Henry K. Puharich, July 19, 1983) and reportedly drove long distance in it. As Puharich states: “This electronic device has a complex alternating current output consisting of an audio frequency (range 20 to 200 Hz) amplitude modulation of a carrier wave (range: 200 to 100,000 Hz).”

So then Stan Meyer's water electrolysis car also depended on using Puharich's ultrasound resonance.

Dale Pond is reported to have recommended this water sonofusion propulsion to Stan Meyers who attended a John Keely natural resonance energy conference. Keely relied on ultrasound standing wave resonance – 42,800 CPS (Hertz) -- for his water dissociation plasma propulsion. “Verification of Frequency to produce Etheric Force from Water,”, 12/20/97.

See also: “Condition of Multibubble Sonofusion and Proposal of Experimental Setup,” Masanori SATO, Hideo
SUGAI, Tatsuo ISHIJIMA, Hirotaka HOTTA, Masahiro TAKEICHI2, Nagaya OKADA Honda
Electronics Co., Ltd., 20 Oyamazuka, Oiwa-cho, Toyohashi, Aichi 441-3193, Japan E-mail:msato@hondael. Nagoya University, Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 464-8603, Japan

Roger Stringham, “INTRODUCTION TO SONOFUSION”, Sonofusionjets

Also, Transcranial ultrasound effects which turn out to have effects on cognition and consciousness. I’m most interested in this, in the latter, ultrasound. In fact, we have a study going at the University of Arizona on transcranial ultrasound where you take the same....I think the mechanism of the ultrasound, which is vibrations in the 20,000 up to several megahertz, is actually through vibrations of microtubules. Now a lot of people we’re going to feel don’t have a clue as to what the mechanism is that they’re discussing. It turns out that the microtubules have residences in the kilohertz to megahertz range and I think the ultrasound is stimulating these microtubules and having an effect on consciousness. So that’s a research area that we’ll be working in in the next few years, I’m sure.
Alex Tsakiris, 133. Dr. Stuart Hameroff On Quantum Consciousness and Moving Singularity Goal Posts,” Skeptiko Podcast, April 11, 2011.

Also this: Jenny Hogan and Barry Fox, “Sony patent takes first step towards real-life Matrix,” New Scientist, April 7, 2005. Sunny Bains, “Mixed Feelings, See with your tongue. Navigate with your skin. Fly by the seat of your pants (literally). How researchers can tap the plasticity of the brain to hack our 5 senses — and build a few new ones,” WIRED, March 2007. Lisa Zyga, “Soldiers' helmets could control brain activity with ultrasound,”, September 10, 2010.

Sony announced that ultrasound ionization is the key for a new Matrix technology in development.379 The inner ear transduction which also uses ultrasound is now considered a “sixth sense” – proprioception – for new technologies (i.e. the Brain Port) already enabling paranormal realities – 360 degree night vision for Army rangers, seeing with the tongue underwater for Navy seals, and exchanging information directly through the atmosphere from the brain – telepathy.380 As the article states: “There’s a reasonably wellaccepted sixth sense (or fifth and a half, at least) called proprioception. A network of nerves, in conjunction with the inner ear, tells the brain where the body and all its parts are and how they’re oriented.”

The book Mind Control and Coercive Psychological Systems by Kevin J. Cosby (self-published)

“Non-microwave equivalents [for directing voice inside the head] have since been invented that utilize frequency modulation of highly directional ultrasonic sound waves.” Cosby then quotes WIRED Magazine: “Holosonic Research Labs and American Technology Corporation both have versions of directed sound, which can allow a single person to hear a message that others around don't hear. DARPA appears to be working on its own sonic projector.”

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 10:29 PM

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posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 10:30 PM

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posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 10:30 PM

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