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The art of temporal suspension

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posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 04:23 PM
Not being caught in time makes you not a loser .
Simple double negatives will apply.
Negate negatives - remove them.
Kepp nothing - all is in front . The future must be respected while practising this art.
It is art because of mastery - in this thread then you will be taught .

Suspend time . Make futures for yourself that are easy - make it easy on yourself . Relax ..., or you'll not learn .

How are you going to live with nothing ? - can you make that leap ? leave behind material matters for now - some things in life have no form - but are genuine truths . Not everybody learns these truths in life - very few really have - but they will apply to all art - all work - to everyone , to the world at large . They will represent the world, these truths, have and having no form , but being simply true .

The way of systema is to relax into any problem , to turn it over by knowing the bright side the easiest way the shortest option in the long run. It takes practise but trust of intuition , literally , the relaxing. The allowing if you like.

Allow the future and all time to exist in suspension , as in , suspend all action .

Not meditation but a moving closer to the future is the way . The allowance then ..the because of, the coming before of facts. By this way - no intuition, no training , no trust ---- no gain .Negate negatives . You'll be saying , 'sorry about that.' , nearly all the time , while you're taking whats rightfully yours . Practise is a good thing , virtue and manners .Self respect - a sent on phenomenon .

Future being all, past is behind already , and when you are walking away from another happy fate , you'll know , it was half coincidence , and half you . And a tiny % me as the man who upheld the woman who brought up a flint and an iron to him . Thats the stuff of legends - the how did they f do that tales . An ancient beauty prepared for us , welcome to the party .

So you get a 10 ton truck and dont give a # , neither do i it'll come out in the end lol . mr temporal suspension and got the good s in the temporal suspension dept olol. Now co-incidence is the best thing there is - we are the luckiest people alive . i will send it on , you all live in the dream world by now , and welcome to it . There are no lids here , cheers ats , and dont askk me for money btw pfffft

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 04:29 PM
The only thing to say to that is...
more randomness.

Here's my video, hope you enjoy.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 05:12 PM
the future says you will walk in to the win if you deserve it .
you get a win win situation going on...... losers dont - no they dont

they get a lose lose lose

if you respect the future you allow it to give - dont force it

a coin has two sides - only one side you see , unless you see the other afterwards . but both coincide - coin

there is only truth and lies , the same as only light and dark

negate negatives - never tell untruths - leave the dark side dark - go to the quicker pace - move closer to the future by being a moral person - take advantage of the truth - get it on your side , always

the duality - both sides of the coin - winners and losers , heads and tails - the duality also represents the choices
the two choices
only two - one is the easier quicker more reliable , defendable , and honourable in the future . add more to this list.

you suspend time via moral choice - of the two at any time - take the right one . its very very easy indeed , but in the long easier , better , and winners we become lord vader

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 05:34 PM
I am invoking the concept that the supposed religious morality , or , to the atheist , the imaginary sendings on of religious fools to an impossible 'heaven' ,

that good work by good deeds buys you a good judgement , that giving up sins allows you grace and favour , whenever that may be , even if , 'in the long run ..

its a time troubled things - what is the law . the way it is , or shall be .

but now we can fairly convincingly say - moral choice and moral honesty (as in - going to the real truth and not the potential substitute) , IS the way to 'heaven' , if they wanted to call it that , and hereby said its a temporal suspension - see above and any other threads - scientifically and provably speakeing , literally a pure positive option - no loss whatever - the very way itself
and the proof is in speed and potentially the simile- the plughole swirls because two speeds are in effect
quicker=more profit via moral choice , positive action, temporal suspension

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 05:49 PM
When you suspend time you suspend the effects of ongoing time - you use foresight all the time - you meet the future in whatever form it might arrive.
You allow the future its effects as you cannot change them - no alteration of the actual environment you live in is allowed at all, though you may make temporal changes.
Work with time - you;re working with the counterpart of money.
Man is set up by coincidence and wil profit by it too - its no coincidence this is true . Good use is made of co-incidence , as if it waqs just left there for us to use - a man who profits from chicken sales would know this - good coincidences are to his advantage.
Where has the choice been swayed - by non-beleif ? Away from a moral choice , between only 2 (two)
A sneaky taking too ? Another 'useful' coincidence ?
Where does it say - be sure your sins will find you out ? Its no coincidence you know . Its the future , be sure of it
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