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Something happened to me last night...

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posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 12:38 PM
Most of the users in this section know me for my Melatonin and the Master Gland thread, which can be found here ->

So some should be aware of certain stances I take in life. I am a lover of occult and metaphysical knowledge. I practice meditation, and I am an advocator of Melatonin.

Yesterday was a pretty normal day for me mostly. I woke up at like 8-9 am, after coming in at 3 am in the morning, ate breakfast, etc. I killed time reading and expanding as always until I had to leave for work at 4. I went to work and busted my ass to get stuff done. I got out of there on time, and began my walk home. I often listen to the band Tool while walking. They help me to think while I am walking and ponder. My sister passed me and asked if I wanted to ride with her for a bit, because she doesn't live with us anymore.. So I got in the car and we cruised around until eventually settling in the general vicinity of my house.

She takes 'Melatonin' with me a lot, so I hung out with her and her friends for about an hour and a half until finally making my way home to walk the dog. It was about 10:30 or so..I sat online talking with a new friend I had met on Facebook, and one of my project partners. I was giving him links to reading about how certain vegetables that resemble areas and parts of your body are actually beneficial to them.

I mentioned some stuff about my stance as a Theosophist, because Spirituality is the truth and all religions were made as counterfeits. Individually, they only contain seeds of the whole, but together they make up the whole fruit and flower of the tree of life.

He loved the stance on "There is no religion higher than truth."

It was roughly about this time that I heard some loud vibrating noises outside my house that had no seemingly valid source. It wasn't like a car or a truck going by. It was continuously shifting, it would rise and crescendo to fall back and then rise again.

I thought it was highly odd and had never heard anything like it before in my area, which I mentioned to him. I showed him some articles concerning false flag warnings all over the place on ATS here connecting dots, and I shared with him this thread I created last night.

We carried on for another couple of hours or so before eventually bidding good night. I changed clothes and then put my dog and computer to sleep with the light out.

I lay in bed for a bit meditating on what I had done for the day and visualizing myself becoming part of the whole I seek to unite so much. Usually when I meditate like this I get a pronounced ringing in my ears, which I say is bull crap that, the establishment is trying to 'minimize' things by calling it 'tinnitus'. I have also noticed that since I started cutting back on soda's and began my spiritual process, I have lost over 100 lbs without ever really breaking a sweat in two years. I started drinking water, and using boron solution to leech out fluoride. I began my meditation, practiced sun-gazing off reflections of reflections that were filtered through windows while under the effects of Melatonin. The whole way through imagining myself getting better, as I took vitamins and supplements that would benefit me.

Now at some point along this way, I started feeling and hearing popping sensations where my Ajna Chakra, or Pineal gland would be. I have looked into this and heard similar stories. Just the previous night it had popped more times in rapid succession than it ever had before. This time I felt a POP, and then a sensation that some kind of fluid was gurgling in that area. At this point I either, lost consciousness or I blacked out. I would say that I fell asleep but I have no idea why I would have fallen asleep when that happened or in that kind of manner. That pronounced POP and fluid sensation was the last thing I can remember, besides having extremely vivid dreams, one was about pulling a huge chunk of glass out of my food, but for the most part that I can not recall...

Does anybody know what might have happened to me last night or have similar incidences or stories? I am interested in hearing what others have to say about possible experiences or thoughts.

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posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 01:15 PM
I'm not discrediting you at all. I fully believe that you believe what you believe and it's alright with me whether both of us are right or wrong.

One thing that I wanted to say was that you should think about getting checked out. Hearing pops and feeling fluid "leaking" around your brain is historically not a very good thing.

Best of luck to you.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 01:18 PM
Maybe you're taking too much melatonin

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 02:07 PM
reply to post by stonedogdiary

I do not think that the cases are related. Let me explain...The area where all of this happens at is the same as my Ajna Chakra, or Pineal gland. None of this happened before until I started meditating which is when I started hearing the ringing noise. Meditation effects the Pineal gland by causing it to release melatonin which is what helps to promote the relaxation and alpha-brain wave activity needed. I think all of this is a sign of some kind of spirituality quickening taking place, mainly because today I have had 3 extremely weird precognitive episodes.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 03:17 PM
(i love tool, toolhead...)

on topic...

while i can't fully relate to what you shared here i can kinda relate. i'm really big into crystals, spheres to be exact.

well, i ordered a pietersite sphere from my sphere guy. i knew from the pictures that it was gonna rock my world. just looking at pics over the internet gave me chills. well...pietersite works with the solar plexus and third eye...

the day my sphere was supposed to come...i could tell when it was near. i was sitting on my couch and my third eye started vibrating ok...i stand up, run to the window and look outside and don't see anything. waited a few seconds and all of the sudden the mail truck enters my field of vision. my third eye could feel the pietersite before i had any idea that it was anywhere near me...and when i first saw it, it was still a quarter of a mile away.

so that means my third eye "woke up" when my pietersite sphere was over half a mile away. as the mail truck got closer, my third eye started pulsing and then started throbbing and the center of my forehead got warm to the touch. by the time the mail truck made it all the way around to my house, my third eye was wiggling inside of my forehead. seriously. felt like there was a mexican jumping bean in my forehead or something.

never felt anything like it in my life. by the time i got out to the mailbox and had the box in my hands, i got goosebumps all over. opened the box, took my sphere outta the bubble wrap and completely lost it. tears filled my eyes and i felt like i was holding my long lost i just found my dog that had run away or something. never had this powerful of a reaction to a crystal before. felt like i had finally found home. still now...pietersite is my favorite mineral. hands down. every time i hold it, i am soothed and feel like i'm finally's comforting to me. pietersite is very high energy is called the "tempest stone" because it's energy is very intense and it manifests the storm element and cleanses your energy field. so i'm not quite sure why it soothes me...but it does.

so there's my third eye coming alive and moving story.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 03:22 PM
Never had the ringing thing so I do not know. But I had a amagydala fear overload so my way was very sudden. Are you feeling increased feeling from root or any other chakras? Ever felt the caress over the head? Any heavyness in the middle of the forehead? Or the annoying pinch above the nose? That one really gets on my nerves when you cant reach the pinching behind the skin but it gives up after 5 minutes
. Any increased sense of touch or taste?

Any out of body experiances? I myself have not had one (or my mind do not know it) but I am normaly not a visual kinda person but I am more triggered on sounds.

You can try listening to frequency youtube video if you find it pleasant. Or some Snatam Kaur if that is for you.

Have fun

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by ICEKOHLD

Would you mind directing me to where I would be able to find one of these?

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 04:16 PM
Here is a video from David Wilcock. He discusses the pineal gland in depth, the ringing in the ears, etc. Very informative information, along with other great topics good to know.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 08:57 PM
reply to post by sled735

I watched a piece or two of this before; but I was unaware that he touched on the subject of the ringing in the ears.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 11:14 PM
David Wilcock explains the Pineal Gland and he explains that same feeling and sound associated with it.
Watch this. May help you a lot.

posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 06:51 AM

Originally posted by Nicole101
David Wilcock explains the Pineal Gland and he explains that same feeling and sound associated with it.
Watch this. May help you a lot.

I embedded it for you. Thanks for this video. This is the same information taken from the video I posted, but he only discusses the pineal gland here. He mentions the tone people hear in their ears. This goes in my files.

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posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 02:03 PM
David Wilcock puts forth a lot of good information on the pineal, studies into psi, Russian studies and people usually put down his knowledge base, you really have to learn how to filter. Take what resonates.

I've got his book The Source Field Investigations and its just incredible, the amount of research that has been done and the amount of information on what the mystery school's and elite have kept from the public.

In fact if you combine some of this hidden knowledge with Michael Tsarion's work, they go together nicely.

777 is their code for their so called dark god's number, and its blackjack 21, we just had an example with Colorado shooter. But, its really a code for eating the right foods, 7.77 PH, alkaline. Fruits and vegetables, organic and heritage, fish and chicken, no red meat, which has worms and things you don't want. But nutrients you need so lots of vitamins and vegetables/fruits to replace is important. Organic eggs have all the nutrients in red meat, for teeth and bones, including this factor X and K2 and the fatty soluables and iron which also prevent cancer.

And iodide. The crystal skull. The bible code for sodom and gomera and the woman turning into a pillar of salt.

50 mgs a day (not their little mcg drops) is required pretty much for health but for detoxing, 1/32 tsp, and going up to 1/16 or for the daring with no side effects other than the detox, 1/8th for a couple months. I detox on the 1/32, which is my tiny spoons, what is called the smidgen, and that is roughly 125 mgs. My kids are on the 1/64 drop spoon, so half that, and I pulse it right now, every other day. Adding C, 3 grams, D, magnesium, and also calcium or ortho bone vitamins, and K2, because it does some bone loss.

Yes Fukushima, but this is for detoxing your entire system of all heavy metals including and most especially, your pineal.

And its coded. From the beverly hillbillies and their cyrstal chandelier, to the crystal skulls in south america, to Starship enterprise, and the right hemisphere Kirk and Spock, the left. Then suddenly Uhura is all sparkly in a red shiny bright uniform and she is the communicatons officer. The pineal.

And what does the starship run on? Crystals!

The skull and crossbones, a den of thieves and murders to me, symbolize with the skull, iodide, and with the cross Christ, and they are saying, Im Jesus. That is their code, all over the place.

But, I say, know it was never an elite club of those who harm and enslave others. For Christ served on bended knees and washed the feet of his apostles and He said to shine your light without a bowl/shade/filter on the truth.

They who have everything coded in the 7 seals, the Chakra's and try to code that to Saturns rings, have really missed their heart and throat/ministry to others with your talents, Chakra's and hence Uhura has patched them up to the wrong parties, or the right ones for them, hence they are not helping others.

Melatonin is part of the answers for detoxing the pineal, we've taken it off and on, but it tends to make me sleep even deeper with less memories of night time/dream time.

Iodide is kind of different, within 2 days I was feeling light fill me. And can't explain it, but felt light within.

posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 02:15 PM
And this 7.77 ph code is also something to see in the skull and crossbones and in David Wilcock, Steven Greer, and many others that are ridiculed, which is why you have to use discretion and take what resonates.

They put all the information out in plain site, but in ways that will drive many away from seeking. Demons, Serpents, KGB agents, the Fool, the Charletan, the Discredited ones, are all gatekeepers for how they put the knowledge out, also in tv shows that few watch. Then they feel they have permission to do all they do. Its called cheating, having scarey doors hiding truth.

Someone told me, They believe only the brave can enter heaven. So, they weed out the pack for those who can see through or filter, and seek.

Its complete used car sales man rules and called CHEATING. But cheaters do not prosper and their only reason for doing so is a certain interactive mechanism that the Universe is created as, and to go into it really stirs a big pot, so many have their own theories, Law of One, and a Living Universe, so don't want to get into this too much, it doesnt matter if one is strivnig to be positive and live with integrity.

But, they only get away in the short run really, for they are not correct in thinking its all AI and automated so they can cheat the system by putting in some twisted low key and revealed but still hidden efforts. Family is actually viewing it all on a Higher Level and can reach right in, so NOPE they're not off the hook.

But truth is behind the S or Godd ess or Snake, its really a progression spiral for infinity, and their distorted nonsense is put out to hide truth. And of course alot of their own minions also turned it into a real ritualistic cult and they don't understand the train wrecks they're making with their lives.

But on a higher level of management here on earth, they do know, and just understand what it means, and think they can create all this trauma, but if they don't kill personally, but only give the orders, and someone follows, then its there karma.

What is hidden is pineal. But its more than pineal. Its tests, lessons, improving, following Christ's footsteps and STO, integrity. Overcoming our darker squares of harm and anger, retaliation and just plain getting riled up and arguing. Overcoming all arguments and serving others. Its an honor to be here.

That is the way to open your third eye on the right frequency.

And that very simple message is the whole thing (minus their entity and et contact they got through greed and harm frequencies), this simplicity is what is hidden in all their bibles and journals and esoteric information and cults.

You have to run in past the door with the fool, or snake or whatever on it, and grab some information, and run out. And do everything with Love and Integrity.

Pineal opens to the right channel and you can draw in Help, Love, Light and Miracles.

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