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A lonely road?

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posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 06:10 AM
For you who trusted leaders
Followed blindly
Faith in your heart
Ending up sad and feeling all wrong

For you who used magic
Fought for the light
Ended up blinded
With no clue at all

For you who choose darkness
A safe place to hide
Forgetting the reason
Of why there is a heart

For you who are standing
Always with turned back
So sad and so lonely
You still hear our call

For you who are reaching
In vain from the pain
With the love all broken
In pieces by life

For you who have no clue
And no hope at all
That stopping your heartbeat
Seem like only relief

For you who have wandered
So long on that road
That takes you to nowhere
One step of the time

Perhaps there is reason, perhaps there is love, perhaps there are somewhere we all might be safe
Stranger than strange, seems love in this place
Yet still our hearts beating
Still we breathe air
Can't lead you to somewhere, beyond all the lies
Can't take you to that place, where you'll see yourself
The only voice calling, that knows who you are
Are talking from inside
Remember it now



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