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'Borrowed, Spent, and Wasted': Rock Star Ryan Hammers Obama's Record

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posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 02:28 AM
'Borrowed, Spent, and Wasted': Rock Star Ryan Hammers Obama's Record

Paul Ryan, the now official V.P. Candidate started right out by nailing the Obama economy.

This is the official start of the "expose Obama's economy".

We will be hearing many many details coming up.

Voters will forget all the other crap. It is all secondary now.

The voters will be concerned about ...... Money and not much else.

Voters are sick and tired of all the Leftist BeeEss and it will show Nov 6th.

The voters have *Had it up to Here*

Beware of the Saul Alinsky / Leftist "debate" tactics. Call those tactics out by number each time you see them used from now on.

They will really be stepping up the onslaught because there is nothing left for Obama to campaign on.

Only the weaklings will fall for the garbage.

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s running mate, was treated as a rock star tonight at the Republican National Convention – and for good reason. His soft-spoken manner played intimately, even in an arena of 22,000. When protesters began chanting against Ryan, the crowd drowned them out with thunderous applause. Ryan brought fire to a campaign lacking in it – and he also brought credibility on serious issues.
'Borrowed, Spent, and Wasted': Rock Star Ryan Hammers Obama's Record

The article has the transcript of Ryan's speech....

very powerful

Some background about the Saul Alinsky Marxist tactics:
Rules for Radicals

Watch for the Tactics !!

Do NOT be intimidated by their deflections !!

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 02:35 AM
S & F
The Voters Wants Jobs and Government Out Of Their Lives!
The People are tired of being Ignored and treated like Serfs looking to the King and Queen for a Nod and a Smile and hands outs.

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posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 02:53 AM

Beware of the Saul Alinsky / Leftist "debate" tactics. Call those tactics out by number each time you see them used from now on.

You mean the same tactics the Tea Party used? Saul Alinsky was their idol.....I've told you this a million times, but no, you don't care.

Adam Brandon, a spokesman for the conservative non-profit organization FreedomWorks, which is one of several groups involved in organizing Tea Party protests, says the group gives Alinsky's Rules for Radicals to its top leadership members. A shortened guide called Rules for Patriots is distributed to its entire network[

In a January 2012 story that appeared in The Wall Street Journal, citing the organization's tactic of sending activists to town-hall meetings, Brandon explained, "his tactics when it comes to grass-roots organizing are incredibly effective." Former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey also gives copies of Alinsky's book Rules for Radicals to Tea Party leaders.

And Ryans speech was full of complete lies.

His most brazen lie accused President Obama of “raiding” Medicare by taking the exact same $716 billion that Ryan and the House GOP notoriously voted to slash. It was stunning.

Not to mention Obama didn't steal from Medicare

But that’s not all. He attacked Obama for failing to keep open a Janesville GM plant that closed under Bush in 2008.


He hit him for a credit-rating downgrade that S&P essentially blamed on GOP intransigence.

Republicans caused the downgrade.......ridiculous to play stupid.

He blamed Obama for a deficit mostly created by

programs he himself voted for – from two wars,

taxcuts, new Medicare benefits and TARP.

Ryan got off a few good zingers: “College grads shouldn’t have to live out their 20s in childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters.” He didn’t mention that he opposed legislation to keep student loan rates from doubling.

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posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 02:54 AM
reply to post by xuenchen

Leftist debate tactics? I just read the source article and it seems the only thing you really pulled from it was the words "rock star". Wasn't Breitbart partisan enough on its own?


Regarding the article itself:

The first troubling sign came with the stimulus. It was President Obama’s first and best shot at fixing the economy, at a time when he got everything he wanted under one-party rule. It cost $831 billion – the largest one-time expenditure ever by our federal government.

From your source

Not even the Huffpo is touching this one... In fact they've already jumped ship and pointed out that Ryan supported the BUSH stimulus...

But that's when President Obama is pushing for the spending. When it was President George W. Bush arguing for more stimulus to boost a slow economy in the early 2000s, Ryan's economic analysis was entirely different.

"What we're trying to accomplish today with the passage of this third stimulus package is to create jobs and help the unemployed," Ryan said, in comments unearthed by MSNBC's "Up with Chris Hayes" and provided to HuffPost. "What we're trying to accomplish is to pass the kinds of legislation that when they've passed in the past have grown the economy and gotten people back to work."


And from another source, only 31 minutes old...

RYAN: "And the biggest, coldest power play of all in Obamacare came at the expense of the elderly. ... So they just took it all away from Medicare. Seven hundred and sixteen billion dollars, funneled out of Medicare by President Obama."
THE FACTS: Ryan's claim ignores the fact that Ryan himself incorporated the same cuts into budgets he steered through the House in the past two years as chairman of its Budget Committee, using the money for deficit reduction. And the cuts do not affect Medicare recipients directly, but rather reduce payments to hospitals, health insurance plans and other service providers.
In addition, Ryan's own plan to remake Medicare would squeeze the program's spending even more than the changes Obama made, shifting future retirees into a system in which they would get a fixed payment to shop for coverage among private insurance plans. Critics charge that would expose the elderly to more out-of-pocket costs.

And that's just ONE hole in the boat spotted by this fact checking reporter.

So, if by "rock star" you mean out of touch, a bit megalomaniac, and possibly under the influence of something... then, yes, I agree with your assessment.

The guys as big a crook as anybody else in the game. Boy wonder he ain't.


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posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 08:53 AM

On the other hand, to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to facts, Ryan’s speech was an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech. Read more:

A Well Known Liberal Media Outlet

Says it all really.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 10:24 AM
reply to post by xuenchen

Yes xuenchen, this election will boil down to one thing and one thing!

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