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What's a good program that you can use with Python?

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posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 01:49 PM
Don't really have much time to be on the computer today but I wanted to get an idea what some people use.

I need Python, and the python interpreter.

I downloaded Python 3.2 but it doesn't look like the the python Idle from school and I was trying to find a link to that.

If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

Also when I was trying to program the tab in Python it wouldn't work, it kept giving me what I typed. /t

print("1", end="/t")

Isn't that suppose to be a tab in Python?

Thanks, talk to you after work.
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posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 01:52 PM
reply to post by Manhater

(Monty)... sorry had to get that pun in.

posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 01:55 PM
try the other slash so \t instead of /t

posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 03:34 PM
reply to post by Maxatoria

Okay, Thank you.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 12:17 AM
I found an easier way, take the end and the useless equal sign and the useless quotations out and just put this line to tab stuff.

print("1" end =" /t") instead of making 20 million lines with t, just create one line and make it more presentable without the useless junk taking up space and giving so called syntax errors.


and done

Hope my teacher isn't picky.

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