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"Two-headed woman"...Abigail and Brittany Hensel

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posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 01:17 PM
I didn't know about this, and find it absolutly awesome

This girl, or these girls are completly amazing, with what appear to be a single body with two heads, but they are actually two joined body's with double up on some vital organ's like hearts, stomach and spine, and each girl control thier side of the body.

Truely amazing


Each twin controls her half of their body, operating one of the arms and one of the legs. This means that as infants, the initial learning of physical processes that required bodily coordination, such as clapping, crawling, and walking required the cooperation of both children.
While each is able to eat and write separately and simultaneously, activities such as running and swimming must be coordinated and alternate symmetrically. Other activities as diverse as brushing hair and driving a car require that each twin perform a sequence of quite separate actions that coordinate with the other.

Talk about being close

posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 01:30 PM
WOW go girls!

so inspiring!

posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 01:44 PM
here are some other girls in similar circumstances.

posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 01:49 PM
Awesome story. It's heart wrenching to see anybody or people is such a predicament. I'm soo glad those girls have such a great support system around them, that speaks volumes of their friends characters.

posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 02:22 PM
These girls have been seen on television a few years ago.

I am looking thru my files for a link to an old video of them. I will share it when found.
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posted on Aug, 17 2013 @ 09:53 PM
They need to meet a guy (guys) with two heads... Then they will live happily ever after.

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