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Donald Trump's Latest Rage On Vaccinations!

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posted on Aug, 28 2012 @ 10:14 AM
I was checking my Facebook account this morning and as a loyal Donald Trump follower, I noticed his rage on children receiving massive one-shot vaccines which lead to higher autism disorders. I took a couple screen shots of his post on FB (see below):

A few months ago, Donald Trump was interviewed by FOX News on this subject. He mentioned that children are becoming worse in health after multiple doses of vaccinations. And for Trump to speak out for this, shows you that the Elite are conspiring to kill off the population. WAKE UP people:

Very recently though, in a headline titles "Donald Trump Plays Doctor on Twitter", ABC News documents his Tweeting about this topic on vaccines causing autism:

Mostly quiet since his last birther spasm, Donald Trump today went on Twitter to peddle a junk science theory that claims vaccinations cause autism in young children.

“Massive combined inoculations to small children is the cause for big increase in autism,” Trump wrote.
“Spread shots over long period and watch positive result.”

The Romney campaign, for whom Trump has raised millions this campaign season, would not comment on his latest offering.

Doctors and medical research findings, however, are less circumspect.

Dr. Richard Besser, ABC News’ chief health and medical editor, called Trump’s remarks “shameful.”

“The autism-vaccine link has been disproven. Spreading shots out over a long period of time will not reduce the number of children who develop autism but it will leave more children vulnerable to infectious diseases for a longer period of time than necessary,” he said. “That can kill children.”

While it’s true that autism diagnosis rates have risen over the years, there is an ongoing debate over whether or not the numbers can be taken at face value. Many doctors believe a broadening of diagnostic criteria has led to more confirmed cases.

What is unquestioned, though, and confirmed by serious medical studies, is that there is no known connection between the condition and having received childhood vaccinations.

“As we know from political campaigns, stating a claim repeatedly can lead to a public belief in the concept since these conclusions are not always based on rational thought processes but also on emotional thinking and preconceived notions,” Dr. Max Wiznitzer, associate professor of pediatric neurology at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, told ABC News in March.
The scientific paper that once served as a the driving force behind the theory has long since been discredited and rejected by its original publisher, The Lancet, which wrote in 2010 that “it has become clear that several elements of the 1998 paper by [Andrew] Wakefield et al are incorrect.

“In particular, the claims in the original paper that children were ‘consecutively referred’ and that investigations were ‘approved’ by the local ethics committee have been proven to be false.”

The British Medical Journal published an editorial in January 2011, calling the Wakefield report “fraudulent,” adding that “clear evidence of falsification of data should now close the door on this damaging vaccine scare.”

Now if you want to watch the conspiracy behind this, I would highly recommend watching the video below:

Following the increase in cases of autism and other immune disorders among some particularly vulnerable people, several recognized specialists are questioning the safety of large-scale vaccination.

Despite the serious side effects, pharmaceutical companies, the medical profession and government authorities continue to bury their heads in the sand, refusing to see a serious problem. In Quebec, the United States and France, as in most industrialized countries, victims are almost without recourse despite the high toxicity of substances such as mercury and aluminum contained in vaccines. With this hard-hitting documentary, Lina B. Moreco highlights a very worrying public health problem.

Since they were introduced in the early 20th century, vaccines have been a tremendous medical and scientific success. Today perceived as a necessity, they are so familiar to us that their potential risks are rarely mentioned.

However, the stakes are significant. Based on recommendations of health agencies, North American children receive about 48 doses of 14 different vaccines before the age of 6 -- double the amount prescribed 25 years earlier.

Despite this extraordinary increase, few studies independent of the pharmaceutical industry have been conducted into their long-term side effects. This is a disturbing situation given the numerous toxins, including mercury and aluminum, contained in some commonly administered vaccines.

Several worried pediatricians and scientists are sounding the alarm. Some of the research underway indicates that vaccination is directly responsible for immune or neurological disorders among certain people genetically or neurologically predisposed to react badly to vaccine components. Cases of autism, multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barré syndrome, macrophagic myofasciitis, encephalitis, paralysis and neuropathies indicate the seriousness of the situation.

Despite these findings, the pharmaceutical industry and government authorities deny there is a serious problem. Relying on perfunctory studies, some of which date back to the late 1920s, they reject out of hand any cause-and-effect relationship.

Given the known fact that adding preservatives such as thimerosal (mercury) helps reduce production costs, the reaction of the pharmaceutical industry is at the very least puzzling. Preferring not to question a system that has proved its worth, a majority of the medical profession's members reject any potential toxicity in vaccines.

What are your thoughts ATS members? Donald Trump is at it again, and I am sure you followed his comments a few months ago. Why isn't anyone listening to him in the medical field?!

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posted on Aug, 28 2012 @ 02:59 PM
There is no viable reason to give a massive dose of several vaccines at one time.
I am totally against this procedure. It is unnecessary and a danger to the child.
This should have been stopped a long time ago.
I don't trust "their"drugs anyway!

As far as a conspiracy goes... I doubt it.
I think it's just a "herd 'em in and herd 'em out" and rake in the dough scenario.
Just my opinion though.

posted on Aug, 28 2012 @ 03:18 PM
Theirs a few of us on ATS that don't like the vaccines being given to children these days.
Donald has young children and I'm sure this is a concern like any other parent....
I have a grandchild and I tell my daughter to make sure if she's going to get him vaccinated to make sure he's not sick at the time and to not let them give him more than one at a time.

I have given my daughter all the info but she lives in her own world where everything is okay and I'm just talking

So far my grandchild is fine and may grown up with no issues...It's the chance you take....some do okay and others not so good....So if your child is fine then you tend to think all is good...but if your child starts developing health issues it's something that you think about....until more evidence becomes available.

I tend to go with my gut which tells me me, my husband and my son and my daughter don't go for the flu vaccines. But my daughter takes her son for his vaccines I believe so he can go to school. She's too embarrsed to file an exemption....She's werid

Here's a Thread I found interesting and you might too if your looking for what others

posted on Aug, 28 2012 @ 03:30 PM
You can call Donald Trump whatever you want...but the man is far from stupid. The medical field will not listen to him just as they have not listened to the thousands upon thousands of parents that have expressed the very same worries/views. They see dollar signs where they should see babies.

I am another one that has their children vaccinated. If I had it to do over again, I would spread them out a lot further than what they suggest. I would be happy if they would make more information available to the parents before they get the shots and allow the parents to know that they DO have a choice in how it is done, and when it is done.

14 years ago, I was not aware I had a choice in the matter. I also ASSumed that it was safe since "everybody" was doing it. I would have liked more information at the time so I could have made an intelligent decision instead of just hoping luck would make it alright.

I am glad The Donald has spoken out because more people will see it now even if many others just ignore it.

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