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one drop or one ocean, forms of consciousness.

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posted on Aug, 28 2012 @ 08:11 AM
The individual is a dying form. It is he that must surrender to the endless progression of life. In the end, there is no end. That concept it the bridge for the consciousness to transcend this world.

Where is the mind, where is the soul that brings to the table of human thought emotion, and feeling. I am not speaking of emotion and feeling from a corporeal shell. I am referring to the human condition as perceived by another. When we see another being in suffering and know his mind to be true in pain, and by that truth our own minds connect, for but a moment and exchange a single emotion we had not in our being before.

What is the nature of this union? Is it a separate thing communicating to another? No, it is the one being coming to terms with itself. God as the witness to itself. When the one being takes form and its design becomes self evident only for a moment, but long enough to appreciate its purpose. It is not that man is to serve each other for the selfish pleasure of being "good" or "worthy" of praise or reward. It is rather the natural state of the one being. That as in flesh, blood flows and give life to its flesh that directs its current within its veins and arteries. That as a mouth opens to draw breath to give to the body, our minds open and draw forth consciousness so as for our body to breath. That our will to help each other is like that of our own blood flowing to supply our bodies with the life force necessary to live. That we are t live and find greater forms of life. That is the purpose of the one. To live and grow.

The one being. The one. The universal flesh. When we in our selves see the importance of finger to our hand. When we know the importance of a cell to the brain, to the womb. Then we can appreciate the size of all and the purpose of our beings. That as a river flows, our consciousness is merging with the many forms of water it encounters, forming always a greater oneness with all. Not for some obscure altruistic end, or some noble self praising entitlement to the "good". We are a force of nature. We are a law of the universe. That our truth is not absolute by us, or for us. We are absolutely all we are. Our choice to be as we are is a conscientious one. We are as we please.

Death and disease then are our choice. We see them as a necessary part of our condition. We sacrifice them as things of worth for this cause or another, always in an attempt to make our size more important in our minds, judging from a misconception of size. The finger thinking it is a hand unto itself. The cell thinking it is the entirety of the body. We are as one. We are not one.

See with all sight as a single vision of existence and move past the single blind eye that sees only what it can or is allowed to. The eye that blinds the other out of jealousy, rather than share its vision in love of all, in unity of all. The eyes that see, rather than the eye that can see.

Think of the first moment of the universe. The moment when time, space, and all thought took form and existence. How is anything that happens after "more important"?. Only if looking for worth or importance will you always fall prey to the minds misconception of it. The infinite is infinitely small, large, in-between, and all about. It is the most important and the most insignificant. It is all and nothingness. Do not seek to find your place like an drop in an ocean. You will always be removing from the one a small part of it so as to define that one part. Rather be as a mighty ocean of infinite drops. A storm of rain, a wave of titanic proportions. Be as the oceans not as the drop you might be. Return to your natural formlessness and be as the one being. Be as one, not one.

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