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An explanation of deltas (also called 3rd dimensioners)

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posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 04:21 PM
This is to the best of my knowledge and I do not mean to insult anyone. This is just as its been explained to me and I will have all deltas backs that dont burn me ever. They need help and no one wants to give it to them because they end up getting hurt when trying to help them. So onto it:

Delta is a triangle, the 3 order, and is represented by the recycle symbol. Im told that deltas or 3's are recycled as in killed and reborn to do more soul work. God save the deltas.

As far as its been explained to me, Deltas are those tested by God, that have failed multiple times. He frequently tests the delta with situations that would compromise the 10 commandments: temptations to steal, another mans wife may try to "come onto" them to lead them into that sin, there may be temptations for them to take possessions from friends without asking (a nice way of saying stealing), God may make the delta homeless and encouraged to steal food and other things, and many more "modern day tests" that match the current world. If the subject/Delta fails repeatedly, he doesnt always kill them. He puts the "veil of ignorance" upon them (also called putting them to sleep). It doesnt really kill them per say, but he gives them to the dark one, who can possess their body and take over. Then they can be led to death and other unwanted avenues. Its also called God "taking his light off of" them.

This is why you see seemingly hopeless people that suddenly 180 and end up good. (The Harry Potter author, friends you had growing up that were druggies that you never said would make it and now they run a company, etc). This is also why you see people like Jared Loughner or James Holmes almost in a possessed state when committing those mass shootings. Chances are those 2 as well as others like them had been past arsonists or something and were never caught-by public eye at least. It opened them up too far to the RED and it was able to take them over (RED hair on Holmes). Its almost a good thing because some people are animals or "beasts" and need to be under control so they dont kill people or commit major crimes that affect others. I ponder if thats what the Mark of the Beast is-possession by RED3? So these "drones" are used by 3 to call it to targets. If they are possessed they might be near a targeted individual (possibly even unbeknownst to the drone-although some intentionally do it and disguise themselves as a drone for the point of hurting people
) and RED will make them be loud or bang around or make some sort of noise-and that noise calls 3 to the areaso that she can prey on the TI (targeted individual). The drone goes ignorantly about their day-totally oblivious to the situation. The other side is drones get steered into death situations like becoming gangbangers and stuff like that. God save the deltas.

They throw pieces of trash in peoples yards and it calls her to the yard (on a low level, need more than that to overbalance it and call her out). They may throw a piece of trash that may be of a different polarity than the property owner (RED coke can in a BLUE yard for example) and that homeowner cannot pick up the trash or it will call the RED to that person when they touch the RED can. They need to wait until a GREEN or BLUE day so they can clean up the yard (people have freedoms on certain days-it blows my mind because this is SO contrary to the frickin CONSTITUTION and the principals of freedom that our country is built on), and it could be several days. So all that time the refuse sits in their yard, and it will do things like attract more people throwing trash in that yard (guess what happens if 3 different people throw 3 different red coke cans in your yard on 3 different days and you cant get to it-you guessed it! its now open to her!), or attract other mindless drones that will add to it or do worse things to the house.

So like I said it opens the homeowner and their family up to RED without their consent basically. Kid gets beat up at school and theres nothing you can do about it. Its frustrating. The way our society currently deals with the delta drones is to get them to a Dr and get them on anti depressants (depending on level of severity) so it "softens" their mind from the RED so BLUE can push in and try to save the persons life. Its 2 fold-as making the drone more controlled with drugs can open them up to REDs influence as well, so it essentially becomes a chess game of RED making moves and BLUE countering those moves while the drone is pushed and pulled. Its sad, BUT theres hope-once the drones RED level is reduced-through action and prayer (old schoolers that didnt need the drugs did this for millenia), RED cannot as easily get to the drone, and they can have their life and freewill back. Only problem with this is that the US has a very strong shet of RED cast over it currently, thats been building over the past 2 decades-brought on by obesity (gluttony), polygamous sex (lust), corporations ripping people off as well as people doing it to others (greed), failure to take action against it (sloth), and other examples of the 7 deadly sins. The reason there is such a crisis (mass shootings, murder suicides, people killing their kids, etc) now as opposed to in the 80s is that RED has crept up silently, with Americans taking no notice of it, because of interest in their own lives (service to self).

Its not a new concept, the US has had the "Red Scare" before too during the cold war. It usually ends in war we were very lucky then. Hopefully lucky again. Someone "in the know" may insult you or take a negative action against you in order to "anonymize" themselves as a RED drone so that 3 will stay off them/pass on-but God has said that that doesnt work as the action generates more RED, and they are unknowingly marked each time they side step it, as a test to see if they would help their fellow man. Id imagine that the penalty is less (I mean who wants to help someone that you risk getting hurt by if you do?), as they are just trying to survive, but it does point to service-to-self, which the Lord hates. Its a faith test on another level I guess you could say. Also to note, service to self is not good things like going to school for self and things like that. This is also one of the reasons you have "designated quiet areas" usually denoted by a BLUE colored sign in towns across the US. Its an increased effort to keep RED off of people its naturally pulled to. Its why certain children are outcasted and isolated and theres nothing society chooses to do about it-because its too dangerous for them to be around the person its focued on. Again, God doesnt like that. Also there are people that know even more about the "focusing process" and will actually do RED activities in ritual patterns to try to "summon her" to intended targets through various practiced rituals, to get "justice" for things they do not see themselves getting from the natural order of things. These people are marked for death, depending on what they have done and dont even know it.


posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 04:29 PM
You might find the book - "The Law Of One" very insightful, I began yesterday, after reading the Hidden_Hand Material, he was either of very similar ilk, or ripped of that book, Alternatively, watch the and hear the manuscript on Youtube, I'll link here, I'm currently on session 13, Just alter the title to say session one:

This stuff will blow your mind if your not already familiar with it

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 05:04 PM
reply to post by strangedays

I personally think it is because too few people wear hats.

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 05:09 PM
DO NOT EVER attempt to mingle with it or be tempted by its BLACK power. They will engage in sex, drugs, or other things near an organic portal and focus its energy on the target. I will repeat that: DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS, EVER. IT IS TO SERVE AS AN EDUCATIONAL WARNING AS TO HOW IT WORKS, SO THAT YOU CAN AVOID IT. IT WILL KILL YOU IF YOU START TO USE IT.

Example of how it works. an organic portal (if you dont know what that is, look it up here on the site) and his friend are doing yard work. The friend in question is a drone. 2 red influencers come over who are friends of and have influence over the drone (if they "bond" by spending time together, they can more easily get the drone to do things for them without questioning it). They have a short conversation with the organic portal (there are currently 4 in the conversation) that seems like a meeting or "saying hello" but really its spelling out what they want done, unbeknownst to both the organic portal and the drone as well. They may say something like "so and so owes me money im gonna call my mom and tell her and shes going to kill that rat" (the influencers are totally aware of how the summoning works, and the person is not talking about their paternal mother, but the OP and drone have no idea). They then speak out some of the details of what they want done to him (because she is listening now, since they carry her with them) again in code, but somethign like "yea I hope my mom shoots him" or something. 3 will see this and arrange for a totally unrelated drone to rob and shoot the intended target they are trying to hex (hexagon = 6 sides). While the organic portal and the first red influencer are speaking, the second influencer and the drone slip out from the room or go inside the house leaving just teh OP and red influencer 1. While they are talking, the second influencer may be doing rituals using the drone such as having anal sex in the room next to them or just behind the door (has to be close to the OP because they are the "cell phone" to the eyes in the sky) totally unbeknownst to the OP. They may do other sacrifices to manifest it as well, such as drinking rats blood or something. A few days later, the intended target may die in a robbery or something like a car accident (maybe ran into by a seperate controlled drone on the road) and the people "casting the spell" walk away unscathed.

Problem is "she" catches up with the both of them WAY worse later. There is more mercy on the drone as they dont know what they are doing, they just think they are getting sex or something. The spellcasters may even throw GREEN/BLACK trash in the intended targets yard as another ritual to help "call her" to the target and greenlight them. This is why you should always keep your yards and walkways clean as well as pick up trash for others, you may end up saving a life by picking up some trash as strange as that seems. Its nasty stuff. Luckily there are WHITE Witches out there practicing WHITE Wiccan to save people. But those witches worship the Lord.

posted on Aug, 28 2012 @ 12:15 PM
More on Deltas. Ok, so as ive explained (as its been explained to me), Deltas are essentially a low light (sometimes called soulless) drone. I mentioned in another thread that there is EM weapons that can change your face essentially. This is mentioned in the Bible. There is a class of people that exist that use veils to cover their faces. Ive also mentioned theories on shapeshifting.

Basically what ive been told is going to happen. Since the Lord is recalling the souls to heaven, there are a lot of these empty bodies walking around. There are going to be 2 types of souls input into these bodies. The good dead and the bad dead. This is moving more off the technology and more into Biblical. Basically you are going to start experiencing visits from people you have lost in your lifetime. Your deceased father, mother, child, friend, etc will have an opportunity to visit you "from the other side". The "bad" dead are going to be put into the drones that are turned off due to murder and such (the ones I told you they were keeping around) and they are going to commit these massive crimes that are starting to happen. The "good" dead are the ones you are going to be visited by if you miss them and were good peeps, id imagine the "bads" will have some opportunity to visit family in a positive setting as well. But dont be suprised if you are talking to your family member or someone you know and you start hearing your fathers voice and mannerisms or a deceased person. Dont freak out. As long as you are practicing the 10 commandments it will protect you and entitle you to dialogue with them. They are also going to start showing up in animals. Youll know its them somehow I havent figured that one out yet. Also, they are going to channel some deceased musicians and politicians. Theres no way IMO that there is a database massive enough to copy every single persons mannerisms from the beginning of time down to the personality, its just not possible IMO. It has to be God. But yea look for this its already happening im told.

Also grafitti art is used to conjure things by the colors when they tag things (small or large). Large GOLD murals or wall paintings can be seen from the sky, so that the eyes can be directed to it. I lost a friend to tagging, its no joke. The different "teams" will not hesitate to kill each others children trust me ive seen it.
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posted on Aug, 28 2012 @ 12:21 PM
My advice to you Comrade is to lay off the Abrahamic jibber-jabber, it was no doubt created by a reptillian from the fourth dimension as a methodology to extract loosh and to control the masses with silly rituals and funny hats. Do you really think that the Creator of all that there is handed down ten laws to some jewish guy on top of a hill?

posted on Aug, 28 2012 @ 12:36 PM
Also the souls are replaced into children that are birthed. They have told me that you may have lost a parent, and that your future child will have the soul composition of that family member. Also people are cluster controlled by the Saints on a higher level. Im still researching explanations on who they are and what they do, but im only going to release it when I have (to the best of my knowledge) full comprehensive, current-tech info. But for instance the Archangel Michael can just take over bodies like a RTS game. Like possess 100 bodies at once and such.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 07:43 PM
I've read all your posts now and I find them fascinating. Can you please describe more about everything you talk about? I'd like to hear more about deltas, gold & gold activities, anything red/blue, how you came to this, etc.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 07:52 PM
Very interesting opening article. I'm not saying it's right, I am just saying it is interesting.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 07:52 PM
Very interesting opening article. I'm not saying it's right, I am just saying it is interesting.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 08:39 PM
it sounds like your scratching the surface and not seeing the real forces behind what you explain. I am a target and experience the effects everyday in some way. People can call me what they want and degrade or belittle me, but i hold some truth in this illusion of a happy world. Lets start with artificial telepathy and psychotronics. Very powerful stuff i dont begin to understand how it works. This is to some degree what the invisible forces utilize. Many factions are able to accomplish this some are new at it, some have been doing things that way for a long time, not all human, some are different beings from other worlds/dimensions. Lets start with strange dissappearences of objects and haunting like situations. This occurs as a trick by other beings that open doorways into our dimension but are not visible unless they dont notice you looking at them, ive seen one, you dont want them around. they use mysterious abilities to move things or even hurt people via a non physical touch. Others have the ability to build technology in our minds or use us to control others without us realizing it. The signal captured from the bosnian pyramid can be evidence that im telling the truth, even though i dont truly see the big picture yet. I know militaries and governments have worked on classified projects relating to interdimensional and other forms of paranormal psychic and telepathic research and that there are people doing things right now and have been for a while. This information needs to be taken into account because these "invisibles" have been manipulating time, minds, thoughts, giving people voices and engaging in the greatest conapiracy ever. And they attack me every day for knowing it.

posted on Sep, 1 2012 @ 10:19 PM
I also found this quite interesting, having trouble understanding it though. I honestly barely understood any of what you were saying, logically, but, for the most part I could feel the truth in it, please keep updating and elaborating.

posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 12:44 PM
Deltas and working-

Deltas that have done bad things and finally "see the light" and want to join the workforce end up getting limited hours of work. Since they are already "trouble prone" companies tend to give them part time hours-usually in non face to face customer jobs/situations, such as unpacking shipments in teh businesses early or late hours. This allows the manager to balance the deltas in (for polarity balance among the work staff), but still keep the businesses customers safe and free of hassle.

posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 01:46 PM
More Delta info:

Ok so like I said deltas are going to have dead people pushing through them basically. Multiple spirits will "possess" them essentially and fight for time on the planet. The bad ones will enter bodies of people who have done poor/heinous acts and will use that body to commit things like murders and really bad stuff. These represent angry spirits that were cut down in war or when trying to kill someone (just for example) and want revenge for their life being ruined or taken. People really wont want to deal with them, pretty much they are there for war and elimination.

So what about the "saveable" deltas? Ones who have done terrible things but dont necissarily deserve to die? They dont "wake up" (removing themselves from the color system and move to white, then they are "unlocked" to God/the ultimate power and knowledge) per say, but are useful and will be "saved" and cared for most likely by their families. This is where you are going to see grandma/grandpa pushing in, your old friend you lost, etc. (also will push through animals, as this has always been the traditional method). It will be joyful and they will be cooperative for the most part. If the delta hasnt "been that bad" but never did anything with their lives, it will be a pleasurable experience with little "bad spirit" influence/interference. If they were "medium bad" (sorry to put it in such basic terms, just easier to understand and illustrate it this way) you will have a balance of both good and bad spirits pushing through them (usually in reference to what the spirit did-if grandad wasnt so great-but not terrible-and was an arsonist, the delta might start fires, for example). So they may be salvagable depending on their actions and also the environment they are in. So I hope this explains the manifestation of the spirits a little more and how a delta works. Defense to the bad spirits obviously comes from prayer to the Lord (if you start seeing their "multiple personalities"-this is where it and the idea generate from) and old possessions from positive spirits. Having grandma's old wooden clock in the house will give her more occupying time of the delta, and that "personality" will help to push the bad ones out (assuming grandma was good heh) and she will help to orient the delta to better and safer activities, as well as (WHITE) the Lord. God save the deltas.

This is why antiquing has become so popular and why thrift stores will thrive in coming years. Save your stuff, its not "crap" lol. (Be warned about keeping too many possessions though, people get overtaken in rememberance or totems and then you develop a "hoarding" disorder like the shows we see on TV) Id imagine you could get help from WHITE spirits as well that just want to come back to experience the world today but have no family left to manifest into, by obtaining their objects and giving them to the delta and telling them to keep it safe and to respect it. On the other hand-and this is very improtant-know the source of the item as this gets into playing with/opening yourself up to the dead and can be dangerous if you dont know what your doing. Also, if the object is stolen (thou shalt not steal) they will probably end up killing the delta and possibly their family (delta might shoot up their family or something because they stole a good spirits possession and gave it to the bad delta that didnt deserve it or something like that) Ill explain as it happens today, everyday in society.

This is why when someone commits a murder or multiple murders and the gun has "bodies on it" they are usually killed off quickly. It allows the people they killed as well as their BLACK polarity dead people theyve met "up there" to return with revenge. Id imagine people that were nice and innocent and killed in crossfire, just for example, would contract out some bad ones to come back and do it since both parties would want revenge for different reasons (innocent WHITE dead spirit wants justice, contracted out BLACK dead spirit has been waiting to get back into a body and do some killing). But this is why no one will ever take a gun "with bodies on it". If you make a mistake and buy a certified preowned firearm and the gunsmith tries to pull one over on you (or some other reason you would get one of these "bodies on it" guns without being aware of it), it will still attract negativity, but if you are one of Gods wood, (BROWN), wheat, etc, you will be protected from it (it will still bring crap to you though). Id imagine it would give great dark power to darker polarity individuals that could harness a "bodies on it" gun.


posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 01:54 PM

Thats why WW1/WW2 and other war memoribilia such as Axis/Allies relics have such value and they dont dispose of the guns. Heck, ive seen pins pulled off of Nazi bodies the size of a dime piece go for over $500 dollars. This is why private collections harness them in protected cases and such (as the history needs to be preserved, just in a safe manner). So thats all I got on this topic for now, ill add more later as I get it.

posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 02:13 PM
meh... I've seen your writing before. Wasn't it you that called me a beta? Maybe it wasn't... who cares.

ANYWAY, deltas are not really as robotic as this.

They are simply people who are easily hypnotized and therefore can be put in a delta state that is similar to sleepwalking.

The alleged deltas in the military are said to be tested for many things, physical endurance, marksmanship, psychological interrogation (most likely to test their devotion to country) etc.... but although some say they are smart, the only intellectual testing that I have read that is done on them is the same enrollment testing they did when they joined and is commonly given to high school students interested in recruitment.

Hence the reason they make good assassins... or were thought to but some still have programming breaks and realize they are being used.

That's not to say the government doesn't use intellectuals for malicious purposes though. They do and some intellectuals happen to be easily corruptible.

It's not unthinkable that the government would study personality traits and see what benefits them the most.

I have no idea what these experience are about because this writing is always hard to follow... and who the hell is "Her"
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posted on Sep, 12 2012 @ 10:50 AM
Delta areas are often marked by a higher than normal concentration of roadkill. Dead raccoons, birds, possums, muskrats, etc found all over the road and not cleaned up. These act as smaller sacrifices to 3 (and RED) and build up after a while. After enough roadkill is made, something bad in teh area eventually happens, to release the buildup. There are usually more RED/GREEN/GOLD/BLACK cars in these areas. Also they are marked by more break-ins and higher incidences of crimes, both severe and petty.

posted on Sep, 17 2012 @ 09:42 AM
More on delta (3)

3 is generally low during the football season, due to a number of factors: on football days, since its a (2/3) sport, most of 3's people are watching football, as well as being loud and cheering in thier homes which draws it to a ton of different places all at one time (more spread out-less influential power)

Football season happens in the fall, when things get colder all over, and cold brings (8) 4, which doesnt like (6) 3, so 4 pushes 3's influence out during these months, and it flees to warmer areas like the USA southwest (as far as US concentrations during this time) or the other parts of the globe that are warmer at the time.

3 is useful, its not all bad. Thats why it has its place in the "game". 3's big thing that helps people and keeps people going back to it, is its ability to facilitate change. 3 can pick someone up who has been beat down, dragged out and has the ability to revive their life (not physically, I mean materially). 3 can also change someones life for the bad as well. It can take someone who is on top, and reduce them to nothing (like how they took everything away from Trump-thankfully he made it back up). Thats why its tricky and people who are PURPLES or BROWNS (more balanced) tend to pay less attention to doing things in 3's and all the 3 tithes, because 3 is a luck number, and the more balanced types just work for what they have. What really aggrivates me is when 3 goes messing with people that are of these polarities, as it has no right to do that IMO.

Also I am starting to see why MD is getting so RED so quickly. Not only is the election about to happen, there are other factors present that are increasing RED here. The sales tax in recent years has been moved from 5 to 6%. Gambling has been legalized here in recent years. Im told marijuana dispenseries are planned for the future here as well (that one is OK I think, because its in teh Bible). But they are making mad RED tithes up in this state.

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