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FCC eyes tax on Internet service

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posted on Aug, 26 2012 @ 04:44 PM
By Brendan Sasso - 08/26/12 06:00 AM ET

The Federal Communications Commission is eyeing a proposal to tax broadband Internet service.

The move would funnel money to the Connect America Fund, a subsidy the agency created last year to expand Internet access.

The FCC issued a request for comments on the proposal in April. Dozens of companies and trade associations have weighed in, but the issue has largely flown under the public's radar.

"If members of Congress understood that the FCC is contemplating a broadband tax, they'd sit up and take notice," said Derek Turner, research director for Free Press, a consumer advocacy group that opposes the tax.

Time to contact your congress man/woman and give them a piece of your mind.

It looks like more taxes are right around the corner.

Companies, including AT&T, Sprint and Google are supporting the consumer based tax.

Consumers already pay a fee on their landline and cellular phone bills to support the FCC's Universal Service Fund. The fund was created to ensure that everyone in the country has access to telephone service, even if they live in remote areas.
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posted on Aug, 26 2012 @ 05:11 PM
Honestly, why should I pay a tax for broadband service. It is a luxury, and not a right. If others can not afford it, then that is unfortunate for them. I could understand a small tax for landlines, because people DO need access to call 911/police, etc. The Socialist Pied Piper is playing, and all the rats are unwittingly following along, oblivious to their fate.

posted on Aug, 26 2012 @ 06:21 PM
Those living in areas that dont have it can get their own damn it. They can pay their own local taxes to get it put in their area. Why should we have to pay even MORE taxes than we already do. We are hurting and are sick of having taxes gouged out of every single orifice. It is sick that the government is never satisfied with the amount they steal from the tax payers. Always need more to pay for their secret wars and endless expansion I suppose


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