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Seeking exact Dr. Jack Kasher quotations re STS-48 zig-zag UFO video

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posted on Aug, 26 2012 @ 02:27 PM
For a larger project of mine on 'space secrets' that I've looked into over the years, I'm preparing a long narrative report on my investigation of the STS-48 'UFO video'. I have been unable to locate exact wordings of two important quotations by Dr. Jack Kasher, who has championed the 'unexplainability' of the video since it first came out.

My presentation on the subject at Purdue in 1999 is readable here:

Unfortunately for easy comprehension, it is a set of viewgraphs with only a few explanatory notes.

The text in preparation will be much better.

The two sought quotations are from a video of a speech he gave to a UFO conference in the mid-1990s, in which he made these statements -- paraphrased, and in need of precise wording.

First, he said that for his research he deliberately did NOT seek NASA records of the event's context, such as telemetry data or control center logbooks, because he intended to show that pure analysis of the video alone was adequate to properly assess it.

Second, in discussing the concept of laminar versus turbulent flow, related to the plume field from a shuttle thruster, he gave an example in which he had a column of smoke rising from a cigarette, and as it swirled in the rising air it became turbulant. He then told the audience to imagine that same column of smoke rising in a vacuum, and it would NOT be turbulent. I saw no indication that anyone in his audience thought that the idea of buoyancy [hot air rising] in a vacuum was at all preposterous.

Thanks for the help -- I'm sure a lot of folks out there have seen these comments.

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