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Australia rejects permanent US military presence - welcomes long term relationship with China.

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posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 01:29 AM

Originally posted by deessell

Originally posted by Sublimecraft
reply to post by Shamatt

You are right - I forgot about Darwin.

How can anyone forget Darwin - would have to be the best city in Australia (I ship out of there or Dampier).

Coldest beer, biggest fish, beautiful wome.....oops I mean wife - God bless Darwin (and Fiddlers Green to be precise
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Yes, but as I said, the new bases will be small. Think of lily pads, and more and more of these small lilly pads will be places in strategic places in the Asia-Pacific regions. Small bases are acceptable to most states, and the people, no?

yeah well you keep telling yourself that, because the feeling DOWN UNDER IS NOT MUTUAL! you have plenty of your own land to build bases on, SO LEAVE OURS ALONE!

posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 02:16 AM

Originally posted by Shadow Herder
When the world war between Russia, China and the U.s begins, it would be prudent for Australia to align themselves with the Super power in their back yard otherwise they will be one of the first countries to be secured by the MEC and Asia coalition.

The war is inevitable and these countries/world has been preparing and positioning themselves for this outcome.

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There is no inevitability that there will be a war between these countries. If anything...because of Game Changing Breakthroughs in U.S. Direct Energy Weaponry....there is a much Smaller Probability that there will be a WAR between these Nations.

As far as Australia aligning itself with China or Russia...THAT is not going to happen. The VAST MAJORITY of Australians would never allow a Military alignment with either China or Russia. That is a FACT.
Split Infinity

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