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The Clock Is Ticking..

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posted on Aug, 25 2012 @ 11:03 AM
I wasn't sure where to write this post but I thought ATS would be a good place for it, not that I can remember my old username, I think it was 'consulate'. Currently just after dust there is 3 objects in orbit of the southern night sky quiet visible from sydney. These triangle stars changes each night from an obtuse triangle, to a right angle triangle to other types of triangles with different perpendicular axis each time.

I have been watching it and know quiet well what it is as I have worked for their government before. It is a clock that is counting down to things you can Google on like 'un alien invasion' and so on. I could say I was abducted a few times, but I would have to say it was under a mutual agreement as I was involved in developing the Internet and they as a species believer communication is partly genetic, my hybrid children & comp.protocol in Usenet from the mid 90s.

All I can say to you is I can't wait for panic shopping and the UFO over head that will be here in say judging by the triangle clock, in a couple of months from now. Make sure you have a store of food for upto 6 months in canned, good, I will not be on the surface, seeming some people would call me a sell out siding with the aliens but they did genetically manufacture use in the first place and have often involved myself and my business group in things like the atlas nanotech grid which is air born and monitors us as it has for the last 120k years here on observation tank earth. Least it was redeployed in 2008 around the place so it conformed to modern standards and made movies and tv series with everyone in there own. IN all of history!

What is my reward, not being a short life span sapient seeming our age is purely just as all things when you make a species limited so in case we are a danger to our creators they can nuke the planet and so on. Like what scattered the H blocks everywhere. I guess being an alien government scientist makes it interesting time of it as I attended university in another layer of space time and would be considered many millions of years old with the multiple historical corridors i have experienced in here.

But that is all i will say at the moment, remember the triangle clock is counting down. Invasion for the USA folly and insults is final. You too russia next time you both want to pretend to the same group of aliens either of you run the planet remember you should respect bury rights with your bottles of alien organs.

posted on Aug, 25 2012 @ 11:07 AM
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