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How can China afford to lose Iran?

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posted on Aug, 26 2012 @ 02:22 AM
How can they afford to lose Iran?

Easy, they lay claim to the south China sea
South China Sea
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posted on Aug, 26 2012 @ 02:45 AM
reply to post by IsThisThingBugged

China has already made a deal with the U.S. which states that China will not interfere with any U.S. Military action as the U.S. has promised that OIL Shipments to China will continue even in the event of such Military action.

Russia has a deal also that states that Russia will not get involved in a U.S./Iranian Military action as the U.S. has promised Russia that Iranian Natural Gas that uses Russia's Gas Pipeline which delivers Natural Gas to many former Soviet States as well as Europe...and Russia makes a great deal of Money for use of Russia's Pipeline...will not be stopped and Natural Gas Flow will continue.

The Reality is that neither Russia and ESPECIALLY CHINA...has any real ability to confront U.S. Military Power. Russia has a military that is in a poor state of battle Readiness and China has ZERO ABILITY to Force Project any Military power. As long as Russian and Chinese interests are maintained...neither country cares much about Iran. And even if the U.S. were to seize Iranian Resources which it does not have a History of doing when invading a Country...there is still very little either Russia or China could do from a Military aspect.

China has made a Strategic MISTAKE in providing Massive Loans to the U.S. as China could not force payment Militarily and if China were to go to war with the U.S....the U.S. would stop making loan payments as well as stop any trade shipments bound from China to the U.S. as well as be able to control World Wide Shipping due to a U.S. Navy that is so Massive and Lethal that China could not send troops even to invade Taiwan as a Few U.S. Carrier Groups and their attack subs could easily maintain a position outside of China's Air Force Attack Radius and these U.S. Carrier Groups would sink any and all Chinese Troop carriers headed to Taiwan. The Chinese Stock Market would dive and China's Economy would collapse within a week. They are far too dependent on U.S. Purchases of their Goods and the U.S. does not buy anything from China that is a Necessity.

This is why the deals were made so easily as there are not many options for either China or Russia. The disparity between the U.S. Military and either or BOTH at the same time China and Russia's Military's is so great that the most we will see is a lot of posturing and Bitching from both China and Russia. Split Infinity

posted on Aug, 26 2012 @ 02:51 AM

Originally posted by Trajan
reply to post by SLAYER69

Iran and Iraq fought to a standstill because Iran didn't want to counter invade Iraq.

I appreciate the zeal and enthusiasm but that is simply not true.
There were numerous battles where Iran took the initiative into Iraq.

Not a single Iranian soldier stepped foot in Iraq because they didn't want to or need to. If they had they would've suffered heavy casualties but would've driven through Saddam's heart.

I hope you don't really believe that?
Operation Karbala-5

Operation Karbala-5 was an offensive carried out by Iran in an effort to capture the Iraqi port city of Basra in early 1987. This battle, known for its extensive casualties and ferocious conditions, was the biggest battle of the war and proved to be the beginning of the end of the Iran-Iraq War. With the Iran-Iraq War in its seventh year, both sides were determined to break the stalemate. Iran’s target was the city of Basra, which was both a key port and vital oil

Operation Kheibar

Operation Kheibar was an Iranian offensive in the Iran-Iraq War. This operation was part of the Battle of the Marshes. After the unsuccessful Operation Dawn V in southern Iraq, Iran opened a new front at the lakes of the Hawizeh Marshes. 250,000 Iranian men swept through the Iraqi desert and were met by a mechanized force that slaughtered them. Iran needed air-support but lacked spare parts for the American-made planes. This became a serious

I could post more but I'll let the following map speak for itself.

Also, the Iraqi army was strangled by economic sanctions before the US launched its invasion in early 2003. The Iraqi Air Force didn't take to the skies and fight, and vast swathes of the Iraqi army didn't even take to the field. It was largely left to the Mujahadeen and paramilitary forces who fought the US.

I was referring to Gulf War-I 1991 which was what I meant by "Soon after"
Nice try though.

Iran has spent the last 20 years arming itself for conflict and instilled a fanatical pride in their people

I'm not advocating a war with Iran but I've heard this line before. Meanwhile the US/West have been sitting with their hands in their pockets.
Just saying is all

Iran isn't some army forced to fight for a dictator but they are a (largely) volunteer force armed with some pretty significant weaponry.

Yes mostly Russian and Chinese made. We've heard this one too. I think the US/West are also mainly all volunteer forces as well.
No offense.

Iran is 12th on the world power rankings.. Iraq is 30th..

Yes Iraq is now ranked 30th. Wonder who got them there? They were ranked 5th. Which is higher than Iran's present 12th place.

But I digress

Iran is more powerful than a large amount of nuclear armed nations and they don't have 'The Bomb' which is pretty impressive.

News Flash I think that's what all those super secret Nuclear bunkers are all about. That, or all those scientist are really just squirreled away down there playing Worlds of Warcraft

If Iran was so easy to walk over, the US would've done it by now. They are bloody fanatical and willing to die for Mahdi..

I'm sorry I've heard this line of Bravado before.

Let's run it down by the numbers. If the US/West really wanted to take Iran out they would have done so decades ago or even somehow blamed 9/11 on them or even after they were done with Saddam when they still had over 275,000 troops stationed right next door which they could have done something then but didn't.

Good luck trying to walk over them like you did Iraq (who still kept you bogged down for nearly a decade).

That's the problem with some posters.
The definition of the word Hypothetical is beyond them.
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posted on Aug, 26 2012 @ 04:16 AM
reply to post by Soshh

what do you mean by overthrowing ! governments do not get overthrown they change every four or eight years in Iran.

posted on Aug, 26 2012 @ 04:21 AM
reply to post by maes2

I have been in the middle of that discussion before; and my friend it is heated one. Because my friends disagree on who is pulling the ultimate strings in Iran. When the discussion really ramps up, my Farsi is not good enough to keep up ; it starts going into my friends native language, for better communication of that point I sit back sip my tea and puff the galyan.

They agree there is a dictator calling the ultimate shots, but whom is lost on both them and myself. Spiritually they would say Allah is their supreme leader, and worry that man is not following Allah, but have faith that Allah's will, will ultimately prevail.

posted on Aug, 26 2012 @ 04:45 AM
reply to post by BigBrotherDarkness

That is good and all but when you have a Country like Iran where over 70% of the population is Under the age of 30 years old and is computer savvy and use Smart Phones to pierce through Government internet Filters to talk to a Massive Iranian American Population in the U.S....and I know a few Iranian Americans and they are fierce protectors of the United States and registered voters who have many relatives they can talk via Internet to their Youthful relatives still in is just a matter of time before they remove the current old Religious Guard Iranian Leadership.

Most Iranians want good relations with the U.S. and the U.S. has FORBIDDEN ISRAEL to Bomb Iranian Nuclear Sites as this would poison the whole Middle East and the only way to deal with this is the Iranian People take over and trade their Nuclear Program for AID or if the Old Guard does something stupid to attempt to Rally the population against U.S. Military Action by attempting to Close the Strait of Hormuz or worse...declare tey have Nuclear Weapons...true or not...this will FORCE THE U.S. to go in.

Right now the U.S. Military is having secret Talks with the Iranian Military to convince them not to carry out an order that would cause the U.S. to go in. The Iranian Military does not want to be a Sacrificial Lamb to keep some 80 to 90 year old Religious Zealot in Power as they could become the defenders of a New Democratic Iran.
The Iranian Admirals KNOW if they attempted to close the Strait...the U.S. Fifth Fleet would destroy every single Iranian Naval Craft above and below the water as well as destroy the entire Iranian Air Force.

There is no Honor in Killing a Bunch of KIDS who are forced Conscripts just because some old SOB is close to Death and wants to start a WAR to portray the U.S. as a Muslim Hating Zionist Controlled Entity. Plus the Old Religious Guard does not care how many of their own KIDS DIE to portray the U.S. in this light.

Split Infinity

posted on Aug, 26 2012 @ 04:58 AM
reply to post by SplitInfinity

Agreed, I couldn't have said it better myself; thanks for the very succinct post, if I hadn't been awake so long perhaps I could have offered a post similar to yours.

With that my friend, I'm out of here so I can regain some brain function from a good rest, as my cognitive functions are impeded.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 03:26 AM
reply to post by BigBrotherDarkness

I know that some Iranians think differently this is natural, but I see many referandum and elections in Iran, and just elections can specify the ultimate decisions. if it was that all of them think the same then what would republic mean. well the ultimate shot is in hand of the religous leadership or what they call it assembly of experts it is vivid. however leadership is neither the executive part nor the Legislative. it is like they have divided the short range executive government (presidency) and the long range guardian government (leadership). and all of them have their own elections and are supervised by elected parlement and assembly of experts.
for example in USA the president has the ultimate shot. I do not see anything odd towards political system in Iran unless the term religous. and this is why many people say that it is a theocracy dictatorship. while those in europe when one says religous government they remember the Medieval and dictatorship. but this is completely different in middle east and especially Iran. because they see religous government even far better than what an europian may imagine from an Ideal democracy. they think that their Ideology is so advanced that not only they can improve materialistically like many countries but even in spirituality.
so there is completely different viewpoint towards religions. and it is because of difference in Ideologies and historical experiences.
by the way may I ask you why or how you learned persian?

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