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Your choice - Democracy or repressive Authoritarianism for New Worlds?

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posted on Aug, 25 2012 @ 09:40 AM
Just for discussion sake, let's assume mankind builds a space faring vessel one day to take mankind to new discovered worlds in the shortest time with technologies discovered.

The only requirement is that only one model of governance would be allowed, after discussions by the leaders and population for the new worlds, and only those who respects and will work for the success of democracy and responsible democratic values would be allowed to go, or remain on Earth under Authoritarianism rule.

Make a guess - what would be the choice for the rest of humanity?

My personal guess would be that EVERYONE will want to hop onboard - those who truly yean for responsible freedom in society, along with those selfish ones who think they can corrupt the system to do their bidding in the new worlds, as they had done to our planet.

Look around our world, and you see those selfish ones around daily. They care only for themselves, and manipulate naive foolish others to their bidding and will only doom our world.

One example I would like to share is China, more specifically - Chuking/Chongqing city of 30 million people.

After China started market reforms, Chongqing touted what is widely known around the world as 'Chongquing model' - a system of supposed benevolent rule based upon communist ideals of the devil Mao - State Authoritarianism in everyway of life and economics.

Bo Xilia was the party boss of Chongqing. He eradicated supposed 'crime gangs' without any 'due process' given. Criminals were either jailed or executed upon his orders, even including dissenters whom he claimed were 'criminals'. No fair trials.

Using state funds, he offered much, very much welfare for the Chongquing community. But unknown to them, those figures were cooked and absolutely unsustainable for that population of 30 million and with payment of revenues to the central govt, even with foreign investments pouring in.

It ran into deficits quickly just like California, and was given HUGE stimulas funds by the central govt who did not want to lose 'face' on its model. Corruption on the low levels were indeed eradicated along with dissent, but it only flourish now in the higher levels of party govt.

Responsible Socialism do works, but only upon sustainable returns such as what Germany and few other nations on Earth did with total transparency and rule of law. But Chongqing, incapable of self -sustainance, made errors from the start and failed long ago.

Unaware of all these by the masses, the saddest thing to see was the revival of the devil Maoist's idealogies - masses chanting 'red' songs, waving red flags, etc, started by Bo with his biggest lie.

He had the support of the few remaining maoist hardliners with the central govt, but MANY MORE chinese officials, intelligentsia and the common masses outside of Chongqing were AGHAST that the ghost of Mao - the mass murderer of millions - had returned.

My point is not so much as criticism of the politics or economics there, BUT RATHER - the masses loyalties.

How could any human with conscience support the revival of the mass murderer's insane idealogies? Are they so easily manipulated by a few illusionary coins that they would support repression self centredly for all and place collar chains around their neck once again readily?

Isn't this common of ALL humankind? Sometimes, ....I wonder....if mankind is worth saving........

But is not too late to change.....yet....

posted on Aug, 25 2012 @ 09:48 AM
I think you should change the title of your thread from:

Your choice - Democracy or repressive Authoritarianism for New Worlds?


"My diatrible against Maoism and China and my fear that i will one day be forced to eat Kung Pao Chicken without a fork!"

What does a city in china and piss poor management of that city have to do with your question??

posted on Aug, 25 2012 @ 10:01 AM
reply to post by redbarron626

Thanks for your reply.

If you had read my post in entirety, you would have realized I only used the China Chongqing model, which is most relevant of a repressive Authoritarianism model to share here, and nothing to do with China politics or economics even if I disagree with many of its issues there.

There are many more other repressive models around the world, but would only be longwinded and long, but then, I am not writing a thesis here, nor should it even be remotely associated as such, for it is only a mere insignificant expression of my democratic freedom of speech and thought.

My central theme in the OP lays with the questioning of mankind - what kind of world would they wish to live in?

Are there benevolent Authoritarianism, or repressive Democracies based upon responsible democatic values with the capacity to change rulers every 4 years? Which is more realistic in our world today?

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