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Obama? Romney? You Don't Matter to Them, So Why Do They Matter to You?

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posted on Aug, 25 2012 @ 06:18 AM
Obama doesn't give a crap about you, nor does his party of degenerates. If he really cared, he'd end the drug war, bring home the troops, and actually try to pay down the $16 trillion in debt he caused. He'd stop funneling hundreds of billions of dollars to other countries to make sure they're prosperous, and spend that money here in the U.S., where WE have starving people, homeless people, and jobless people.

But before you Romneyheads get all "hellz yeah!", what makes you think he's going to be any different? He's already thrown his lot in with the disgusting Patriot Act, fully supports the war for more oil than we could ever need, and has shuttled so many jobs overseas that he's likely responsible for raising the GDP of several nations. He's going to perpetuate the same policies that Obama has, who perpetuates the same polices that George did.

Your Republocrat party doesn't care; they're only interested in getting elected next term. I won't be so arrogant as to suggest who to vote for, but you really need to take a look at "your man" and see what he really stands for.

Because it sure as crap isn't you.


posted on Aug, 25 2012 @ 06:29 AM
reply to post by The Old American

Personally, I don't give a crap about any of them. I do not vote, and I do not care.

Anyways, I thought that whoever it is, they're just a 'frontman'. Just a face to look at, while never actually seeing the brains behind the face?


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