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Ed Leedskalnin's "A Book In Every Home" and "Sweet SIxteen" newly spun? 1.5 (not near complete)

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posted on Aug, 25 2012 @ 12:29 AM

From Ed Leedskalnins "A Book In Every Home"
Now, I am going to tell you what I mean when I say, “Ed’s SweetSixteen”. I don’t mean a sixteen year old girl; I mean a brand new one. If ithad meant a sixteen year old girl, it would have meant at the same time thatI made money for the sweet sixteen while she was making love with a freshboy.

Ed’s SweetSixteen "Refering to a brand new Fly Wheel & Magnet not used"

A 16 year old gir l"A used Flywheel and Magnet"

it would have meant at the same time thatI made money for the sweet sixteen while she was making love with a freshboy. "He had to save money to buy the FlyWheel or Magnet that takes time now.. to buy one from the same time he had made the money would mean a used one that had already been hand cranked and the Magnets polarity set hense it" ( making love with a freshboy. )

From Ed Leedskalnins "A Book In Every Home"
I will furnish all the love making to my girl. She will never have to seekany from anybody else, for I believe that there is not a boy or a man in thisworld good enough to be around my girl and I believe that the other menalso ought to have enough self-respect so that they would think that I am notgood enough to be around theirs

The love making to my girl. " The use of it hand cranking and him Magnitising the Magnet him self"

Her never needing anyone else , and how there is no boy or man good enough to be around her" Once Magnitised his way and to his liking she is set andno new or old magnet should be around it "

Focus seems to be more on the magnet at the moment theres a possibility the fly wheel is of no matter its all about a special magnet placed at the 16th row one that has to be made a VIRGIN magnet

From Ed Leedskalnins "A Book In Every Home"
Anything that we do leaves its effect, but it leaves more effect upon agirl than it does upon a boy or a man, because the girl’s body, mind and allher constitution is more tender and so it leaves more impressions – and whyshould one want to be around anybody’s else impressions?

Him saying no action goes with an effect, and a girl is more sensitive then boy or man " The Girl now a virgin non perminate magnet meaning other magnets would alter it more then one another siince they are perminate "

From Ed Leedskalnins "A Book In Every Home"
A girl is to a fellow the best thing in this world, but to have the bestone second hand, it is humiliating All girls below sixteen should be brand new. If a girl below sixteencannot be called a brand new any more, it is not the girls’ fault; the mammais to blame! It is the mamma’s duty to supervise the girl to keep those freshboys away

A girl can be the best ever.. A girl a virgin non perminate magnet? Is easily alterable by the fellow magnet. Unlike one already magnetised would take more effort or fail.

Below sixteen should be brand new. If a girl below sixteen is not brand new any more, it is not the girls’ fault"

All Magnets below number 16 should be new if it is not then you are to blame as you allowed them to be influenced."

Mom is to blame " Your duty is to keep them seperated from the perminate magnets."

From Ed Leedskalnins "A Book In Every Home"
In case a girl’s mamma thinks that there is a boy somewhere whoneeds experience, then she, herself, could pose as an experimental stationfor that fresh boy to practice on and save the girl. Nothing can hurt heranymore. She has already gone through all the experiences that can begone through so in her case, it would be all right

A boy somewhere who needs experience" If you feel one of the magnets needs to be charged or reset"

An experimental station for that boy to practice on and save the girl" You can set up events described in "Magnetic Currents" witch would put any magnet inline or diagnose it revealing the polarity or the issue"

From Ed Leedskalnins "A Book In Every Home"
But all the blame does not rest no the mamma alone. The schools and the churches are cheapening the girls! They are arranging picnics—arecoupling up the girls with the fresh boys—and then they send them out tothe woods, parks, beaches and other places so that they can practice in firstdegree love making

"Not only are owners to blame but the supplyers and developers are to blame for poor handeling and shipping the magnets in bulk mixxing them up corrupting them"

From Ed Leedskalnins "A Book In Every Home"
Now I will tell you what the first degree love making is. The firstdegree love making is when the fresh boy begins to soil the girl by patting,rubbing and squeezing her. They start it in that way but soon it begins todull and there is no kick in it, so they have to start in on the second degreeand keep on and then by and by, when the right man comes along and whenhe touches the girl, then he touches her like dead flesh. There is no moreresponse in it because all the response has been worked out with those freshboys. Why should it be that way?

"First degree love making is contact and touching affecting the atoms personally instead of affecting one another from a distance eventually the polarity changes or polarity is lost and the magnets do not kick or draw apart".
The gent right for the girl gets no response out of her" When the magnet you want to use with the girl just touches it theres no attraction or repelling then its dead the fresh boy ruined it more or so drained it polarity"

posted on Aug, 25 2012 @ 12:32 AM
reply to post by CaptChaos

Thank you It kind of clicked i was trying the main stream following his magic number that was on a plaque he owned "7129/6105195" but the 7129 just irked me and it hit me ( The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy (1729) by Isaac Newton ).. That when reading actually could mean his theory on Magnetism is plausible especially since magnets can repel or float one another in the presence of Gravity . If thats the case then i would assume naturally the Magnets are the key.. Defiantly if they work in a double helix like for ex: taking the spiral from two note books pushing them together they repel but if u twist then they spiral and you just flipped the poles if that happens to all in said object it'll be positive or negative so then you can use a positive or negative object to repel it ergo fighting or being anti-gravity... now a fly wheel consisting of half positive and negative would just negate,, But a sweet 16 virgin unaltered by fresh boys or anything of the sort set at half way between positive and negative could possibly allow the flip or spiral... Now the 16th row isn't mid way of 24 until you hear his explanation that depending on witch side of the equator you are since it's neutral will make one pole longer on the magnet..

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 02:37 PM
Who is Ed? What is this sweet sixteen thing?

If we give out stars for clear, well-written and easily understandable posts, does that mean I can take a star away from you, for this one?

Just kidding... but really -- maybe it is just too early in the day and I haven't had enough coffee yet, but I read at least 1/3 - 1/2 through the OP and I remained almost as confused at the start as the beginning. Something about magnets and leaving impressions, and using femininity as an analogy for magnetism?

This looks like the kind of post that no one will understand unless they are already reading the work of this Ed guy. The least you can do (next time) is begin by giving a warning of this. "This post is based on the work of xxx person which you can read about at [links provided.] Those unfamiliar with the work may have trouble following."

The least you could have done is given some links to the material you quote. Your seemingly randomly selected quotes are not revelatory to anyone who is not already familiar with the subject. Please consider this next time. It can help introduce information you find important to a wider audience. Or you can make it cryptic and hard to read, I guess. Up to you....
edit on 27-9-2012 by iwilliam because: (no reason given)

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 02:49 PM
I also can't tell if you're ignoring the author's punctuation, or if you're mis-quoting them, or if you just took odd passages WAY out of the NECESSARY (for understanding) context, or if this guy is just one of the worst writers I have ever read.

Again, maybe I just need way more coffee... but that first quote seems completely incomprehensible to me. The last sentence does not make grammatical sense. If you are not aware of it, you have given us a sliver of irrelevant (to us) information, which will only become relevant with the addition of new information.

I knew one day our joke of an educational system would start to effect my life more and more. The last few years I've REALLY been seeing it. Some days I feel I'm losing patience for constantly explaining this stuff. Maybe I should just quit and allow the stupidity to fester. Most everyone else does.


posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 02:54 PM
Sorry, i didn't mean to come off as harsh. But considering you are the only 2 other posts in the thread, I'm not sure you realize why that is. It is because no one has any idea what you're talking about.

I love seeing new members with new ideas. But please strive for clarity next time.

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by ToccoasMostWanted

You could be on to something here ToccaoasMostWanted. Ed could have written the sweet sixteen book as a "coded" book, in which he tells how he was able to levitate the large stones in code inside the book.

Many people that don't want to tell their secrets, but still wanting to give their secrets out after they have passed away will leave behind a code. Edward could have left his secrets of levitation behind in that book, and all it needs to be is decoded, and it looks like you are on to something. Keep up the good work.
Maybe others will be able to help you decode that book.

I used to think that his other book on magnetism was in code also, now I'm sure that I was right and so are you.

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