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Ron Paul to only get video tribute at the RNC.

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posted on Aug, 26 2012 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by Erongaricuaro

CAN - Ron Paul turn around and now run as an independant ;therefore , running against Romney AND Obama?

What if him and Johnson teamed up? Could that be a successful run towards the Presidency in your opinion?

Is it at all possible according to the rules to do this?

(I will look up the rules myself as well).

IMO- A Paul/Johnson ticket might be worth looking into.

Also- would they have enough time to pull it off?

Edit to add- News article from NY times about

"RON PAUL: The Texas congressman has said repeatedly that he’s unlikely to run as a third-party candidate if he’s unsuccessful in capturing the Republican nomination. But he always leaves himself a little wiggle room — enough to make sure that the talk about the possibility never completely goes away.

He has proven himself to be a prolific fund-raiser and clearly has a base of support, especially among young people, who are very committed to his message, and in an odd way, to him personally. Mr. Paul believes strongly in his message of liberty, fiscal austerity and isolationism. A third-party run would allow him to continue talking about it.

But he also has to consider his son, Rand Paul, who is a Republican senator from Kentucky and may have ambitions to run for president himself someday. If Mr. Paul were to run as an independent and possibly tip the election to Democrats, his son’s future in politics might be tougher.
He said he wouldnt if he failed to Capture the nomination....But heres the thing...He didnt lose- he was cheated out of it.
- He also NEVER said that he WOULDNT. Always said Unlikely to run. So since he was cheated- he might have different feelings this time around.
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