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Killing vs Killing

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posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 04:22 PM
Recently the subject of abortion has been hotly debated here on this site. I am just going to break it into the 2 parties involved: Left and Right.

The Left is slamming the Right regarding their stance on abortion and whether it should be allowed. They are using the ignorant religious nuts that are running off at the mouth regarding this issue as ammunition. I believe that both parties are responsible for killing innocent people. It is just a matter of WHO they are killing.

The left wants to allow abortions for everyone, they even want the government to pick up the tab to have unborn children aborted.

The Right wants to protect the rights of unborn children, but promote the wanton destruction of the people in the Middle East. They are pounding on the war drum now to go and kill thousands of innocent people in Iran. They have already slaughter thousands in other countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and countless other countries.

What is the difference in killing an unborn child or killing a child in another country inadvertently as a casualty of war and labeling them a terrorist because they were in the vicinity of a missile strike?

Both sides support the needless killing of human beings regardless of their stage of development, to me that is wrong.

Am I just looking at this in the wrong light? It seems to me that we all just need to get rid of the need or desire to Kill others.

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 04:32 PM
I'm in favor of killing those who condone the killing of others

Yes I understand that this means I should be killed. I'll gladly take my own life after I finish killing every last damn killer on this planet.

You can thank me in the next life.

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 07:49 PM
Such an annoying topic, abortion. The only arguement for abortion is rape? So silly, that's just one reason for an abortion. What about if the condom breaks? Does a woman have to be forced to keep a baby because of the malfunction of a condom? Also, if your taking birth control it is only 91-93% effective and not at all effective if on antibiotics. But, if you get pregnant this way, by being safe because you don't want a kid, you have to keep it? And the last reason, what if you develop gestational diabetes and it's the choice between loosing your eye sight or child? Shouldn't you have the option?

These circumstances happen everyday, why are we as women allowing people to discuss what's right for our bodies. We need to stand up and keep governments out of our healthcare system and male politicians away from our uterus. Unless, they want to fork over more money for welfare and medcaid for all the unwed mothers and single moms that will be result of taking away our rights of abortion. Also, they can throw in free or affordable and reliable daycare, because we still have to work.

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