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US political intrigue- how the Iran issue is reaching boiling point

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posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 01:53 PM
This is what I see as happening in the next 6-12 months. A lot of my 'views' come from foreign policy analysts, a lot of this info is also not hidden from the public either.

It ties in with American politics and I feel this thread fits into this part of the forum because of the political intrigue that is playing out right before our eyes yet so many fail to see it.

- We've had a build up of propaganda over the years regarding Iran and the 'nuclear threat' (MSM and people like John McCain and Hilary Clinton, more recently Romney- ie, front people)

- Israel has been involved in false flags before to manipulate American and British policy makers.

- Israel and the Israeli lobby want regime change in Iran, the policy makers in the US want a regime that will be more in line with American interests.

- Yet Israel and America cannot just bomb/invade a country, especially Iran which has a lot of international support- the biggest ally being Russia.

- So the policy makers have had a dilemma for a few year now, they need to justify the military option against Iran.

- Obama, for whatever reason, is holding back from the military option. The Israeli lobby and his masters are giving him a lot of criticism over it, yet he still holds back.

- Romney, is more than happy to go to war with Iran (because his foreign policy team is made up of necon and pro Israel war hawks).

So what we have right now, is a 'window of opportunity', in the run up to the elections, we have a period of time where 'something' can happen to justify a military response against Iran.

Obama is under the control of his masters. So when he is going against the Israeli lobby, either he has grown some balls or in fact, he is just playing his part in this political game- the theory being that Obama will be seen as not acting against the Iranian nuclear threat, he leaves it too late, Iran does 'something' and Romney is there to take up arms against Iran, which would be very similar to Bush going into Afghanistan after 9/11.

That to me, is a summary of where we are right now. The politicians in America are just playing their role in a game that has been planned for many years, one that is about to reach boiling point. I have no idea of where are what they have planned to carry out, but something will happen in the run up to the elections to sway the people to go for Romney- that is my theory- because to move into Romney's corner is to support a war vs Iran.

If you happen to disagree with me, as many will
, feel free to post your concerns and I'll try and provide evidence for whatever points arise

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 02:46 PM
really? im thinking the exact opposite

i think its dying down. theres too much going on at the moment, no one has time for another meaningless war

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 03:02 PM
Things are just simmering still for now but I can see the Syrian crisis really ramping up over the next month or so. Iran does have a secret fan base which you will never hear about on the mainstream media. If I remember correctly, Ahmadinejad stated in one of his interviews that 57 Islamic states back the Iranian nuclear program and with that, another 61 across the world do also.

I don't think they would all come to the aid of Iran in a conflict but I'm sure some would disagree with any intervention and somehow assist the best they could. It really does show how devastating any war with Iran could be. Yes military wise the west are far superior, but I don't think it would be easy and that is just fighting aginst Iran on their own.

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