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More GI Files released by Wikileaks and more embarressment for Stratfor

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posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 12:58 PM
Wikileaks has released more the global intelligence files from Stratfor.

They make for interesting reading and are pretty embarressing for some staff of stratfor.

There is a very good summary of recently released material here;

In Stratfor emails soon to be made public by Wikileaks, it appears that Fred Burton adopts an aggressive and contemptuous tone towards Obama and the White House, in instances such as "the dumb asses in the WH" (email ID 1117154) and "Does Oboma think sanctions on Iran are going to work? Dumb asses" (email ID 381530). Note that 'Oboma' nickname for Barack Obama – other Burton nicknames of Obama include 'Barry Hussein' (email ID 1192666) and 'Obamanos' (email ID 1641963).

they really don't seem to like Obama at Stratfor

However, this ideological stance goes further regarding specifically Obama, with more insulting comments such as "Russian covert action toppled [the Kyrgyz] govt [...] Done while Oboma was with the Russians. Putin knows he has no balls" (email ID 397499). In August 2010, more than two years after Obama posted a copy of his birth certificate online following a controversy over his place of birth, Burton sent the following to the Stratfor Tactical mailing list: "Did Barry Hussein provide proof that he is an American Citizen?" (email ID 374601).

thats quite a nasty dig

there seems to be some serious racisim being thrown about too.

Does Burton dislike (or rather hate) Obama not only because he is a Democrat but because he is black? Al-Akhbar has already published a piece on Burton entitled 'Fred Burton, Stratfor VP for Racist Slurs', documenting some of the racist language used by the VP, such as "Pakis", "towel heads", "camel jockies" and "sleezy arsehole ragheads" (the last three when speaking about Saudi potential clients – email ID 1227888). These comments, if true, would leave little room for doubt over Burton's racist tendencies. Although Burton is a highly visible member of the Stratfor firm, he does not hold a monopoly over racism, which seems to pervade the whole organization: in a 2008 email an analyst sends the following comment to the whole Analyst mailing list: "Russia also knows that under Obama, the Frenchies and Nazis (I mean Germans) will have to be consulted on major foreign moves..." (email ID 1819117).

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 01:39 PM
Interesting thread. Will be looking forward to more on this. S&F.

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