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Invite kids to carefully toast marshmallows on homemade lava

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posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 10:49 AM

Lava might not be a fun novelty in places like Hawaii or Iceland, where residents have to occasionally deal with rivers of molten rock. But in the relatively geologically inactive planes of New York, it’s a cool DIY project being used to investigate the properties of lava flows while also getting kids interested in science. A trough of super-hot lava might be among the last things you’d expect to see when strolling around the campus at Syracuse University, but that’s just what you’d find a few times a year. The Lava Project is a collaboration between professor Bob Wysocki (an artist), and professor Jeff Karson (a geologist). The experiments are pitched as a unique blend of science and art, as researchers observe the properties of molten rock while younger onlookers toast marshmallows.

Pretty neat if you ask me.
Even cooler is the fact that SU is 30 miles from me.
Science at work in my own backyard

Follow link for the article and videos.

Lava toasted marshmallows

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