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Where Does That Leave Me?

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posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 07:09 AM
Hey all,

This is my first Grey Area post, and my first "Alternative" personal story.

I originally found ATS in 2010 after after I had my very first sighting of a UFO. Not just a UFO, but a bona fide black flying saucer.

Now in 2010 I was just a regular 18 year old girl, who didn't have a clue about any of this conspiracy stuff, beyond the fact I knew some people abused their positions of power.

I've told the story a thousand times it seems, but to recap for anyone who hasn't read my story:

It was a clear summers day in the summer of 2010 (I always start like that
), when at around 11am, I was having a ciggy out my window, watching the birds fly between gardens and just enjoying the weather, which is rare over here. There wasn't a palne or cloud in sight, and no sounds other than the wildlife.

My cat came to my ankles, so I turned round to greet her, I petted her head, and turned back to my ciggy.. Slap bang in font of me, in line with my sight was a small black saucer sitting just over the garden next to me. it hadn't been there 10 seconds before!

It was completely still, and looked as though it had been there the whole time. After 10 seconds of my mind registering blank, I decided it must be a photo (?), I bobbed my head up and down, the surroundings moved, the object did not, how bizarre.

After 1 minute, my brain woke up, and I remember thinking "No movement, not even a hover, no sound, not even a buzz, no chopper blades, no engines..." I cocked my head to one side and thought "WTF?!".

After a further 2 minutes, the thing tilted slighty to one side, and "reversed" (?), very, very slowly, after maybe 4-5 minutes, it was a speck in the distance.

I remember telling my friends that day, they all thought I was nuts at first (That opinion later changed, but I could write a book on that)..Beyond that, I done some Googling, thinking maybe somebody else saw the same.. I stumbled into the world of the UFO phenomina, and discovered ATS. I didn't join in 2010, so many strange, outlandish stories all over the net!! What lunatics!!.. I thought.

So anyway, 2011 arrived.. and I often joked about UFO's, having seen my own... but then strange things started happening in the little Villiage of Bartley Green. Me and my friends had saw some mighty strange and impressive night time UFO's, and we weren't alone either, many peolple in the Villiage were noticing strange craft... That also prompted me to go online, and it seemed a lot of people around the West Midlands were all seeing the same, these crafts varied greatly, in fact, that much, you probably wouldn't believe us..

So by this time I'd joined ATS, even spoke with the BUFOG group, and began sky watching...

And it certainly paid off! In the sumer of 2011 me and my friend were smoking and sky watching out my bedroom window, to our surprise a smallish silver Orb came darting out of a near by cloud, "buzzed" a bit above my house, and dissapeared in 2 flashes of light! A small thin contrail appeared a few seconds after.

Me and the same friend, one week later, witnessed a great translucent orb being trailed by at least 5 jets, whilst we were gardening, I snapped picks of the chase with her phone. Later on that day, we were veiwing the images, and noticed we had also caught the same silver orb from a week beforehand, sitting above my tree!

So anyway, I didn't really make a big deal out of it, although I don't know why, because, I seem to be making a deal out of it right now!

I'm writing this thead, because, somethings making me feel uneasy, the last few months, I've been unable to sleep peacefully, not knowing what else might be watching me.

Not in an overly paranoid sense either, its hard to explain.

I largely disregarded these exsperiences over the course of 2010/11... I made up my mind, Aliens must be real! No big deal.

Then about 2-3 months ago I had the strangest dream.

It was late at night and me and an unidentified friend were in my bedroom late at night, and my friend left my room to, I dunno, go down stairs? I stayed behind because I forgot to pick something up, I've turned to the direction of my window, to get what ever it was I had to, and HOLY Maccoroni! There were 2 aliens out side my window!!

God knows how, its a floor up! I could see them from there shoulders up. Greys, but slightly different from the franchised ones, I sensed taller? I dunno. I remember seeing back eyes, I was looking at the one one the right, my right.. It blinked.

I # my self. I had one of those little panics like you do when a spider crawls on you, I didnt know what to do! I freaked out in an "Ewwyyy" kind of way and slapped the window twice, before taking a step back, when I took a step back, I realised the alien on the left was now on the other side of the glass, dismounting my window sill!!

I suddenly woke with my heart racing.

Now, I tried to ignore that dream, but every now and then, my thoughts seem to wonder back to it. It gives me the hibie geebies.

Also, I've permantley had a fear of seeing faces in my window since I was a child, completely irrational, as I'm a floor up, but I always have to close my curtains over, so there's not even the slightest gap.

As I say, I really would like to dismiss all these thoughts.

But I'm one to search for answers. I've always wondered, why would a saucer present it's self to me? Which it did, it was strange, but I knew it was watching me watching it. Why have I or my house been observed on AT LEAST 2 occasions by little flying orbs?

Would "Aliens" really take an interest in what I was up to?

Who are they? What are they? Where are they from?

Thats where things get scary, IMO.

Are they friendly visiting, observing space travelors?
Or are they something else? An Ultra-Terrestrial?

The works of Jacques Vallee, Dr. Karla Turner, and many, many more distiguished researchers, and abductees, have said there is something more sinister about some of these beings, and events,

That they are posing as something they are not..

The whole debate of "Aliens" Vs "Dimensional" could be discussed at great length, I know, as with their intentions...

But where does that leave me?
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posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 07:20 AM
i had a ufo hover inthe sky above me once at night. I was out walking my dog and it skimmered under the clouds and stopped right overhead. Was this done by design of just coincidence. Coincidence of course as they have to pause their vehicles sometimes to read the street map.

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 07:25 AM
reply to post by Sinny

Hi Sinny,nice story...long and informative.I have predicted a few career grabbers,and your one of them.

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 07:30 AM
That leaves you sitting by a window of knowledge...
You're just sitting on the inside looking out.

The outside is all the things you see and wish to know.
The window glass is the only thing that stops you from knowing.

The glass could be a metaphor for anything that stands in your way of knowing the truth...
Be it gov't cover-up, conspiracy, or even just people's ridicule.
Sounds to me like you keep your real window open alot.
Which means you don't let anything get in your way of what you believe.
At some point all your hard work will boil down to your personal beliefs.
Which is what happened to me.
...and I am an avid sky-watcher.

That's what I gathered from your post.
Which is very remarkable and detailed, I might add.
Sorry if I over-analyzed it.
Great read and good information.
The pictures definitely added to it.

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 07:38 AM
It leaves you in the same place as myself and many others...
With a lot of questions.

I've experienced very similar through out my life and I learnt to accept it and embrace the experiences.

If something out of the ordinary is going on with a select amount of people on Earth, then I welcome it. No harm has ever come to me and what I don't know cannot hurt me. If we are part of some experiment, then it's being carried out rather effectively as the majority are deeply unaware of anything ever happening.

I am glad you've decided to share this, you'll see you're not alone. No matter what the real, true cause of this is, we are sharing the same boat..

I'm open for and up for more of this sort of event and long for the daywhen the truth will be revealed to me, even if that truth is not presented until i pass over to whatever comes next.. I'm in no rush to understand the goings on of the cosmos

I happily hold your hand and walk with you through this life journey as we try to unwrap this mystery.

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 07:38 AM
reply to post by Sinny

Did you get a chance to see the bottom of it??
I also saw a black saucer before but it was in the air,I got to see the bottom of it and it had a red circular light in the middle.

I spend alot of time alone in the woods and that is one area (where I had my sighting) I am a little uneasy about sleeping alone in after that.

Not sure where it leaves you....befuddled is my guess.
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posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 07:45 AM
reply to post by Sinny

Explanation: S&F!

Personal Disclosure: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news ...

You're with the rest of us ... stuck on this prison planet whilst more people push out more babies when the resources are logistically limited and we in the west are thinking about going to war to just keep the freaking economy from tanking ... when money and finances are just games and values we all play with in our heads.

In the meantime .. please enjoy reading and posting on ATS ok!

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 08:08 AM
reply to post by Sinny

I was about to write exactly what Extralien has written...

It leaves you in the same place as myself and many others...
With a lot of questions.

And indeed you are not alone. Where are they from? Who are they, really? Why me??

The quest is still on but the results are almost non existent. Thank you for coming forward with your story.

An enjoyable read. Apologies for not having any answers...I'm in the same boat.


posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 10:30 AM
It leaves you with:

-The knowledge of the fact that it's a much stranger world, with cover-ups by people who do know what's going on, keeping almost everybody else in the dark.

-The knowledge of the fact that it's a much stranger world than most people would like to think or accept, including the MSM.

-The knowledge of the fact that there's a LOT more going on than meets the eye around us... good and bad.

-Your eyes opened.


p.s. maybe they came because they were attracted to your cigarette fire. Note to self: "I -knew- smoking was bad!"
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posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 11:00 AM
reply to post by DrumsRfun

Thanks for the replies guys,

When I saw this one, it was like holding a coin horizontally in front of you, it was maybe 2 feet thick, and 6-8 foot in length, it was a very deep black (which sounds like an odd comment), as I say, like a coin, but with a slight oval shape, it didn't have a dome on top or anything like that..

The night time UFO's I briefly mentioned also included craft with strange res lights, some yellow and some blue, I clearly remember seeing a craft making huge red spirals, like waving a sparkler in the air and making shapes, we also witnessed a a triangle shaped one, shifting into a diamond shape..

My deaf neighbor actually pointed that one out..

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 11:07 AM
Thanks for sharing. Its nice to hear such a genuine encounter from a member with some intriguing pics. Keep up the sky watching, you're doing great!

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 08:21 PM
S & F

I really appreciated your story. Thanks for sharing it. I think everyone has questions. Yet, one thing that seems to be constant with those who remember abduction experiences - is that there are all kinds of different aliens. Some with better intentions than others.


posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 11:46 PM
reply to post by Sinny

Great post sharing your experiences with us

I will try answering some of your thoughts...

"I bobbed my head up and down, the surroundings moved, the object did not, how bizarre."

I'm sure they have automated tracking systems on-board and used them to lock on to your line of vision and move their craft accordingly. They may have wanted to make absolutely sure they didn't leave your sight until you got used to the feeling of looking at their craft. They must think it is important that you know they are real and "around".

"I cocked my head to one side and thought "WTF?!"."

Funny, it has been said that's the same exact thing they do when confused or in a state of questioning. Oh, they also cock their head back a forth rapidly when they are excited apparently.

One time when it was storming in my local area I saw a strange shadow in the upper corner of my bedroom. It looked like a "grey" head starring down at me. At first I thought it was a shadow from something outside, but after waving my hands around to see where various shadows were from I realized it wasn't a shadow from outside. Immediately after this realization the head began rocking back and forth rapidly. The movement freaked me out a little and now I realize it was excited that I realized it was real.

"God knows how, its a floor up!"

They have technology to help them levitate and there have been multiple cases in which they have been seen doing so.

"Also, I've permantley had a fear of seeing faces in my window since I was a child, completely irrational, as I'm a floor up, but I always have to close my curtains over, so there's not even the slightest gap."

Same here and no it's not irrational, it's your brain subconsciously remembering that they "show their faces" every once and a while even though you don't remember it consciously.

"But I'm one to search for answers. I've always wondered, why would a saucer present it's self to me? "

Obviously because you are someone of significance to them. Perhaps a friend? Perhaps a comrade of some sort? Perhaps... family... ? Irregardless as to what relationship you have with them you are of significance to them without a doubt.

It has been rumored that near the end of the year 2012 an ancient quarantine will be lifted. No longer will those from other worlds be limited in any way by their own kind from visiting humanity. The only thing that will be limiting contact at that point will be the individual human's willingness for contact. Your personal private contact has already commenced in a way. If this is all true your contacts with "them" will increase and escalate the more you get used to them. If they are close to you in some way I am sure they will soon show you their more loving side once you start getting used to them. A likely scenario is that you already have plenty of memories of them stored in your subconscious and they will be helping those to the surface of your consciousness.

This is all just speculation of course, but so far your experience with them doesn't seem to be negative. You just need to get used to them, that's all.

Thanks for the story and remember that you aren't the only one with such experiences.
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posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 10:49 AM
reply to post by Sinny

Sounds like the movie the 4th demension. I believe that aliens are really demons, these types of stories rorce my beliefes

posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 10:58 AM
Thanks for sharing! You know, I believe that people don't need to discount their impressions on stuff like this. I think our instincts are biological protective mechanisms. If you feel that this is sinister, then it is! Why you? I don't know. However, I think these things are like energy vampires and they feed off your fear. I could use the word demonic (which I do think they are) but I know a lot of folks don't accept that- but negative energy I think most will go with.


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