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Who's responsible for potential "Syrian WMD Special Forces Attack" Fallout? Hypocrisy upon hypoc

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posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 09:40 PM
Obama's talking the tuff talk again. The potential for this to go horribly wrong is clearly visible for all to see -

Obama threatens Special Forces troops and precision airstrikes against Syria

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Pentagon intends to send "small teams of special operations troops" into Syria with a view to destroying Syria's Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

These teams would in turn be supported by "precision air strikes", namely air raids:

Securing the sites would probably involve stealthy raids by special operations teams trained to handle such weapons, and precision air strikes to incinerate the chemicals without dispersing them in the air, the officials said. U.S. satellites and drone aircraft already maintain partial surveillance of the sites.

U.S. intelligence agencies believe Syria has over the years produced or acquired hundreds of tons of sarin nerve agent and mustard gas, a blister agent, and has sought to develop VX, another powerful nerve gas. The toxicity of some chemical agents degrades significantly over time, so it is unclear how lethal the stockpiles are.

Experts say the chemical agents are stored in bunkers and other sites around the country. Four production facilities are near the cities of Aleppo, Hama and Homs, all tinderboxes in the 17-month uprising, as well as the coastal city of Latakia, an area considered a stronghold for Assad's Alawite religious sect.

An unclassified report by the director of national intelligence this year said Syria's chemical agents "can be delivered by aerial bombs, ballistic missiles and artillery rockets." But Syrian rockets, including Scud missiles procured from North Korea, are notoriously inaccurate, making them ineffective for delivering a heavy concentration of toxic chemicals to a specific target. . ( U.S. has plans in place to secure Syria chemical arms -, August 22, 2012)

Many of us would have heard of the rumours that Husseins WMD's were shipped to Syria.
Everyone knows that much of this was provided/sponsored by the USA against Iran in the Iran/Iraq war.
Everyone knows Syria had its own advanced chemical weapons program.

Everyone remembers what happened in Somalia in the "Black Hawk Down" incident to those troops caught.

With a "surgical" strike, can you really guarantee no fallout into the atmosphere? I think Not.

You have two major risks here - one is deadly nerve/chemical agents being dispersed across the mideast and possibly further.

You have special forces troops stuck in a quagmire against Syrian and/or rebel fighters.

This can very quickly escalate if goes wrong to the US and others being forced to go in hard to save their troops.

But what is the height of hypocrisy is this:

In an usual twist, the stated purpose of the operation is to ensure that Syria's WMDs, which allegedly "are left unguarded" in military bunkers around the country do not fall in the hands of opposition jihadist rebels who are fighting government forces:

Pentagon planners are more focused on protecting or destroying any Syrian stockpiles that are left unguarded and at risk [of] falling into the hands of rebel fighters or militias aligned with Al Qaeda, Hezbollah or other militant groups. ( U.S. has plans in place to secure Syria chemical arms -, August 22, 2012

But wait a minute. Aren't these the same "pro-democracy" freedom fighters who are recruited and financed by several of America's close allies including Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, in liaison with Washington and NATO headquarters in Brussels.

So the Western Sponsored Rebels, are good enough to receive our backing to overthrow Assad, but not trustworthy enough to secure the WMD's with a small possibility which "may" be linked back to the USA through its sponsorship of Iraq against Iran?

Gee what a mess!

Better watch what I say incase I too get locked up for expressing my thoughts/opinions like that US Marine did.
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posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 09:47 PM
reply to post by Melbourne_Militia

Precision or surgical airstrikes make me laugh all the time. It is a bomb. It explodes. It doesn't know if there are innocents there or enemies, it doesn't care. Aren't the drones supposed to be surgical airstrikes? How many civilians have they killed? Here you go.

Plus, if all the chemical weapons weren't destroyed in the initial explosions, what's to stop a terrorist from getting their hands on them and releasing them in a crowded public place?

I hope they don't do this.

posted on Aug, 23 2012 @ 09:57 PM
I strenuously debated the disposition of Saddams weapons to Syria aided by the Russians several years back here on ATS, more naysayers than anything but it was a political agenda pre 2004 election. Heaven forbid anyone suggested Saddam had any WMD whatsoever.

Ummm here we are 2012 talking of them again, heres the rub, this administration is funding so-called western supported rebels who count amongst their groups Al-Qaida members - got that! U.S taxpayer money is funding Al-Qaida rebels helping to overthrow the Syrian regime. Weapons, planning and logistics is being supplied to groups who count on Al-Qaida support in their fight.

The so-called Arab spring is nothing but overthowing secular governments (however bad and dictatorial) for something IMHO much worse which is unbridaled religious based bigotry much like Iran or others in the region. Certainly not peoples revolutions destined for democracy and individual rights.

This administration is playing with fire, one that will burn us all.

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 08:43 AM
Hasn't Assad promised to burn the Middle East down if Syria is attacked by enemy forces?

I don't know about you, but if I heard that the US are threatening to send their air force and spec ops in to eliminate your WMDs (One of the only reasons they haven't invaded already) then I would make sure to guard it with some of the toughest troops in the Armed Forces with constant (and I mean CONSTANT) communications between the fortresses.

First sign of assault and they are all launched into Israeli and Turkish positions.

Good luck Obama. Hope you don't cause another regional war and have your boys killed.

Actually, go ahead and start a wider conflict with Iran and Syria. I honestly couldn't care less if you lost a couple thousand more soldiers.

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